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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Can you see ... ?

The grasshopper?

... it's one of these -

I took these photos in the Dunlop Grasland (just over the road from where I live) back in Febuary - an insect expert or 2 took a group of us (from a couple of Landcare/etc groups in this area) for an "insect walk" ... and we saw lots of interesting insects etc ...

now ... in that second photo ... did anyone spot the fly?!!

I didn't notice it when i took the photo - I just noticed it there now, 5 months later! - yes - there is a fly in the photo! ... (sneaking into the background while the grasshopper is getting all the attention?) - not only is it in the photo - it's on my finger! (on my ring finger, on the side next to my pinky)

I really should go get some sleep!

(while I still have a little bit of night left, to sleep in!)


"the thing I was going to put here yesterday will probably end up being tomorrow ... or later ... LOL"

I just found this - "the thing I was going to put here yesterday will probably end up being tomorrow ... or later ... LOL" - at the bottom of something I posted here in about March!

... I wonder what the thing (that I was going to put here) actually was?

I don't have a clue what it was now ... so I guess it will probably never end up here now ... unless it already has (I may have found it/thought of the same thing again later or something and posted it here some other time - anything is possible with my disorganised mind!)

... just thought u might like to know that ...

hmmm - this post is probably about as pointless as ...

this photo -

kinda pretty isn't it?

nice round pearly grey/white circles on a nice warm brown background ... could be the beginning of an interesting quilt idea even ...

so u wanna know what it actually is?

are you sure?

if you said "yes" then keep reading (and if you said no - then don't read the next bit of this post!)

well ...

it's not a rusty dish with dots of paint on it,

actually ...

it is -

a top view of a grotty frying pan with blobs of solidified fat floating on the water that was poured in when the pan was still hot!

... well - you DID keep reading!

by the way - the cat thinks it tastes wonderful! (the dog probably would too, but he doesn't jump up onto the kitchen bench and go "hunting" for whatever he can find, like the cats do ... partly because he has been told not to, and mostly because he is too big and he would probably slide right off again if he tried to jump up there)


- in case you are wondering ...

Do I still exist?

... yes - just been busy doing other stuff (taking daughter to a dance thing in Sydney, trying to finish the quilts I have entered in the quilt show, etc.)

... but what I am really posting about is the other thing that someone who has actually READ some of this blog might be wondering about, if they read my last post (on July 1st)
- u might be wondering why I was "rabbiting on" about working out how to upload photos and how easy it was and why I stuck a photo of a bowl of chillis up there ... when there are a whole pile of photos in my earlier posts!? ... well - that is because those other photos are not actually ON the blogger site where by blog is - the way we used to have to do it was to put them elsewhere and link to them (which is what I did) ... but they changed things so now we can put the photos directly into our blog and they are on this same site - which makes things even easier (yippee).

... I guess, now that I have told everyone how easy it is to put photos up here, I will have to put some more up here ... LOL
but first - I have to actually take some more photos, then get around to putting them on the computer, then get around to decideing what photos to put here, and fiddle with them so they look good (like cropping off useless bits of background, resizing them, etc), then I have to actually get around to logging in here and actually putting them here!

... now u can see why I sign my e-mails with ...

disorganised in Dunlop


btw - i used to sign them with ...

yes - you guessed it -

up too late as usual

... and yes - I am ...

up too late, as usual



Friday, July 01, 2005

... too easy

... I just had to "have a quick peek" at how to upload photos here ... it didn't take as long to find out how to do that, and do it, as it did for me to actually decide what photo to put here!
(it also didn't take very long for the dog to totally shred the egg carton that WAS in the bin 15 minutes ago, but is now in little bits all over the floor beside me! ... grrrrr)

In case you are wondering what this picture is - it is some chilli peppers, in a fabric bowl that I made earlier this year (and the bowl actually sort of fits the "too easy" title of this post too - because it was really not that hard to make, and I quite like how it turned out ;-)
... so ... one might ask - "why did I take a photo of chilli peppers in a fabric bowl?" ... well ... I think I was taking photos of the bowl, and a couple other things ... and the chillis looked pretty - so I took some photos of them too ... then my daughter decided to help ... so she arranged the chillis a few different ways for some more photos ... and somewhere, somehow, the chillis ended up in the bowl ... LOL

now ... I really MUST go get some sleep!

Goodnight ...

hmmm ... I wonder why the time on the other post I just sent (about 20 minutes ago) says it is PM when it is actually AM? (it is now the "wee small hours" of the morning, not lunch time!) ... btw ... it says AM now - I had to "edit" the post and fix it, because it made the posts appear in the wrong order! (then I had to come back in and edit this one to add this bit ;-)

Street trees ...

... they're really really tough an' they got knives, and they dance kind of funky ...

er ... ? ... hang on - wrong channel ...

Trees along the sides of streets - that's what I am really posting about :-)

- here in Canberra (and also in many other cities and towns here in Australia) there are a lot of streets that have gum trees (Eucalypts) growing along the sides ... and they look rather nice with the street lights shining on/through them as one drives (or walks) along at night ... and, on my way home tonight, I noticed that they look even more wonderful when it has been raining (which it has ;-)
... imagine driving along the dark (still wet) road, lateish at night - so there are very few other cars - and the air is all misty after the rain ... and the raindrops, still hanging on the shiny wet leaves, are catching the light from the streetlights and shining like a million little fairy lights!

Ah ... what a wonderful way to end an enjoyable evening out!
(A group of us from work went out for a rather nice dinner, then went back to someone's rather nice house for coffee/port/etc and some rather nice supper ... not that any of us had much room left for supper, after what we all ate for tea!)

btw ... I haven't posted that much here lately ... kind of been busy (what's new? ;-) thing that kept me busy was the fact that I had to organise what quilts/etc to enter in the quilt show (which meant I had to make enough of a couple of them to take a photo of and/or measure so I could include picture/measurements/etc on the entry form!) ... one of the 4 items is finished - pity it is only the smallest one ... LOL
I have finished the miniature quilt ... and half finished a small challenge quilt - done all the bits I had to do by machine but now it needs some hand sewing to finish the other half ... but the bigger quilt is still just a few cut out shapes thrown onto what is going to be the background and rolled up so the bits don't get lost - hopefully I can get most of that one done in the next couple of weeks (I have 2 weeks off work because it is school holidays, and I work at a school) ... and the 4th thing is my entry in the bag challenge - I made enough of the bag to pin together for the photo - now I just have to hope it all goes together and works out like I have imagined it will ...
... maybe, once the quilt show is over, I will see if I can stick a photo or 2, of these quilts/etc, up here ...
(in the meantime, I might have to see how quick/easy it is to do the new thingy we are supposed to be able to do with photos on this blog site, and put up some photos of some more of all the other quilty/crochet/etc stuff I have made over the last year or 10)

The other things that have kept me busy are probably all just part of life in general ... work, being a wife and mother (which includes doing family things as well as being "mum's taxi" and stuff like helping at fundrasing bbq's for the kids Scout troop), going to quilting/crochet/etc textile art meetings, going to other stuff that I am interested in ... all the stuff I usually seem to be doing ...
... and one thing that I usually don't do - the school I work at has a fashion parade each year (a class of students do it as an part of an elective subject) ... and, this year, they decided to have a "teachers" item or 3 ... and (in a moment of madness? ... oh - that is all the time with me! ... must be because I don't mind making a fool of myself if I have a good excuse .. LOL) I said I would join in. It was kind of meant to be mostly comical ... and I did hear laughter in the audience ... but I think my daughter probably summed it up best - she came and watched, and afterwards, on the way home, she told me I looked silly, and then she said "you don't know what to do on a catwalk" ... I just hope someone got some good photos that they can e-mail to me ... or, even better - maybe someone took a video (probably not - the teacher who usually does that was away in Sydney with another group of students and I don't think they found anyone else to do it).

hmmm ... methinks I probably shouldn't "just have a quick look at my e-mail" ... or even open the e-mail program .. right now - I should just post this and go crawl into bed (my 2 weeks holidays start next week - so I still have to get up and go to work tomorrow ... sigh) - I only came in here now because I wanted to say something about those wonderful wet trees ;-) ... I figured that if I didn't do it now, while I was still thinking about it, I would totally forget about it and never do it ...
(maybe I should have stopped and taken a photo of one of those glittery trees? ... and too bad if whoever lives along that bit of road thought some weirdo was spying on them ;-)

... goodnight :-)