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Friday, July 01, 2005

... too easy

... I just had to "have a quick peek" at how to upload photos here ... it didn't take as long to find out how to do that, and do it, as it did for me to actually decide what photo to put here!
(it also didn't take very long for the dog to totally shred the egg carton that WAS in the bin 15 minutes ago, but is now in little bits all over the floor beside me! ... grrrrr)

In case you are wondering what this picture is - it is some chilli peppers, in a fabric bowl that I made earlier this year (and the bowl actually sort of fits the "too easy" title of this post too - because it was really not that hard to make, and I quite like how it turned out ;-)
... so ... one might ask - "why did I take a photo of chilli peppers in a fabric bowl?" ... well ... I think I was taking photos of the bowl, and a couple other things ... and the chillis looked pretty - so I took some photos of them too ... then my daughter decided to help ... so she arranged the chillis a few different ways for some more photos ... and somewhere, somehow, the chillis ended up in the bowl ... LOL

now ... I really MUST go get some sleep!

Goodnight ...

hmmm ... I wonder why the time on the other post I just sent (about 20 minutes ago) says it is PM when it is actually AM? (it is now the "wee small hours" of the morning, not lunch time!) ... btw ... it says AM now - I had to "edit" the post and fix it, because it made the posts appear in the wrong order! (then I had to come back in and edit this one to add this bit ;-)

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