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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tryıng to type on a Turkısh keyboard

... ıs not very easy when you are not Turkısh, don´t speak Turkısh, don´t lıve here, and have never been here before - lol

yes - İ had to do ıt - The hotel İ am stayıng in tonıght has free internet (well it is free for those of us on the tour İ am on ...) so İ just had to see what ıt was lıke to post stuff to my blog from Turkey - LOL

btw - İ am in Canakkale, not far from Gelibolu (a town near Anzac Cove)... half an hour on a ferry and then half an hour down the road - but a whole contınent away - LOL (Anzac Cove etc, ıs on one sıde of the Dardanelles, and ıs part of Europe, but Canakkale ... and most of Turkey ... is on the other sıde of that bit of water, in Asıa... whıch ıs the name of a town near Anzac Cove)

I am stıll tryıng to work out whıch letter I İ should use ... there are TWO on the keyboard! ... and the one ın the rıght place (the one I just used here) ıs actually not the one that works ın e-addys even though ıt looks more lıke an I when İ use a capıtal i ... at least ıt does at thıs end ... LOL
Some of the other keys are in dıfferent places too ... and there ıs an extra key that works lıke the shıft key but for some thıngs the shıft key doesn´t ... lıke the @ - it took me a whıle to fınd that one when İ was ın here sendıng a couple of e-maıls earlier in the evening - lol
The , (comma) key ıs over on the sıde ... under the backspace key ... there seems to be a ö and a ç down where İ went lookıng for the comma ... and the ~ ıs one of those thıngs lıke the @ - where u need the Alt Gr key ... İ was goıng to put that key name ın quotatıon marks - but İ can,t FIND them! LOL

Mum and İ are having a wonderful tıme ... I have taken LOTS of photos, both here ın Turkey (thıs ıs our 2nd day here) and ın Dubaı (and a couple other parts of the Unıted Arab Emırates that we went to one day) ... but at thıs hour of nıght İ wasn,t goıng to dıg around ın my suıtcase and fınd my card reader thıngy and try and work out ıf I could put photos from there onto here - I only came ın here at thıs late hour of nıght - ıt ıs after 11pm here ... (and ıt ıs last nıght, for those of you ın Australıa stıll - lol) - I dıdn,t have tıme to mess around wıth my blog when İ was ın here sendıng e-maıl earlıer because ıt was a few mınutes to tea tıme, and there were also a whole heap of people wantıng to get on here and send theır e-maıls too ... but most of them are probably sound asleep and snorıng by now (Mum ıs ... asleep ... and snorıng - that ıs why İ came down here - LOL)

Anyway - I had better go back to the room and get some sleep - before İ fall asleep on thıs keyboard and make ıt look even more weırd - LOL

Goodnıght ... good mornıng ... whatever ...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


J is for journey ... I head off in a few days for my big Journey - I fly up to Qld to Mum and Dad's place, then later that same day Mum and I fly overseas on our big adventure ... LOL

Actually - I have already left! ... I am up at Mum and Dads place in Qeensland (I flew up this morning) and we head off to the airport late this evening, ready to fly off at "stupid 0'clock" (in the middle of the night ... you know - that time when I am often still UP posting to my blog - lol)
... although by the time you read this (if scheduling the post for 2 days time actually works), I will be in Dubai ... lol

if I have got organised, I will have posts for the letters k, l, m, n, and o, for ABC Wednesday, scheduled to post themselves for the weeks I am away ... or I may run out of time and not get there (or I may stuff it up and they won't post themselves at the right times or something - lol) ... but I probably won't be near a computer/the internet to check if they work, or add them to the "Mr Linky" page ...

(I ran out if time, but I might see what I can do now while I have use of this computer at the community centre, while Mum and Dad are at a meeting there ;-)
... on second thoughts - no - I won't schedule any more after this one - because I just went and looked at what I had saved as drafts and I have not put any photos in any of them, and they make for pretty boring reading without any photos - lol ... so they might all get posted in a bunch when I get back ... or saved for next year if we keep doing ABC Wednesday again ;-)

J is also for Junk ... DH thinks most of my sewing/crafty/etc stuff is junk ... some probably is, even to me - lol

- I tend to collect "stuff" ... and a lot if it is junk, but I intend to use at least some of it eventually ... just not sure which part I will use, so I don't want to chuck it all out quite yet ... sigh ... but I have thrown some junk out ... and I will do more sorting out/chucking stuff this year - after I get back from the big Journey - lol

[b4 and after photos of pergola that now looks like a pergola again?]

er ... sorry - you miss out for now - I didn't put them in here while I was still at home - LOL
(so this post can be an example of how boring a blog post is when I don't have the photos to go with it - lol)

Monday, March 23, 2009

up up and away ...

... oh hang on - the airline that had that slogan doesn't exist any more ... but the one I flew up here to Queensland on does.

I had to get up before sunrise to catch my early morning flight from Canberra (where I live) ...

up up and away?

yes ... this is me I am talking about and I did mention sunRISE - lol
- usually I see (and take lots of photos of ;-) sunSET ... so this is a bit different for me ... my sense of direction got all confused seeing the red glow of the sun behind the top of the hills and told me I was looking West when I was looking East - LOL

It was worth only having (er dare I say it ... yes why not ... Mum never reads my blog anyway - about 2 hours sleep) to get to fly over the clouds and see views like this:

and this:

and this:



and this:

and these:









hmmm - the colour of those clouds, and the sea ... is there such a colour as "steely indigo"?

Anyway ... why am I posting to my blog right now ... well ... Mum and Dad live at one of those places that has a community centre with a pool and a bowling green and and a bar/etc and also a library with a computer that is connected to the www (which is where I am right now) ... and tonight is darts night ... but I am not really into darts ... lol ... so I decided to test drive photobucket and upload the 35 pictures I took on the flight up here, and post this blog post - lol

After the darts finish, we go back to Mum and Dads place for an hour or so, then we have to leave to go down to Brisbane airport so Dad can drop Mum and I off to catch our "stupid 0'clock" (as in it leaves just before 3am!) flight to Dubai ... and my blog will probably go very very quiet for a few weeks - lol
(well, apart from this week's ABC Wednesday post that should post itself just after Midnight on Wednesday, because I set it up to do that when I was in here earlier this afternoon while Mum and Dad were at some social club comittee meeting ;-)

ok ... pile of photos are there ... photobucket seems to be a good way to add them actually ... but Darts is almost finished and they will want to lock up ...

Time to go back to Mum and Dad's unit (well it is called a unit but it is bigger than their last house was!), and get ready to fly off on our big adventure ...

... as some kid in the seat behind me said when the plane took off - wheeeee!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inching along ...

It was Inevitable that I was going to post my ABC Wednesday post late again ... LOL

now what should I post about? ... international? invisible? ... ink? Insect?

I could stay Invisible ... but I am still Inching along with Wednesday ABC ...

btw, I am trying to get organised a couple of weeks early and starting a whole pile of posts and saving them as drafts, so that when I am off on my International travels - I can set them to ... hopefully ... post themselves. I might not be anywhere near a computer with www access though - so the links might not be added to the thingy until I get home) ... or I might not even find time to finish writing the posts before I go ... LOL

I is also for Individual ... and anyone who has been reading my blog will probably realise that I am one of those ... lol

I is also for Ink
hmmm - maybe I should have taken a photo of all the Ink splots some Idiotic student splattered all over the door of one of the science labs at the school I work at ... the pattern they made was quite Interesting - lol
... I probably did draw some stuff with Ink once, but will I remember to find it and take a photo? ... probably not - lol
I also "doodle" with pens while I am talking on the phone/listening to talks/lectures/etc - if it turns out I don't need to take a lot of notes, then I use the pen and paper to draw stuff instead. What do I draw? ... all sorts of weird stuff that probably comes from my Imagination ... lol

I also is for Insect ... there are lots of Insect photos on my blog already ... including photos of Inchworms - which are not worms, but they are Insects ... lol

This Inchworm is in my Index finger.
er - my finger looks a bit Icky - LOL
(probably mostly dirt from the garden/etc, and dry skin)

I also found a photo of an Insect Invasion:

If you click on that photo (which takes you to the full size version) you will probably be able to see that there are rather a lot of Insects (little brown beetles actually) all flying In to the yard on a sunny spring day (sometime in November - which sort of explains the Santa hat DD is wearing!) ... they were settling on those white flowered bushes (tea trees - an Australian native plant)

... and what were they doing? ... what a lot of things do in spring - I think they were meeting there for another I word ... looks like they were meeting there to make more beetles:

I actually found these 2 on DD's back, but they seemed quite happy to continue doing what they were doing on my finger!

I is also for Inchies.

"What are Inchies?" you ask? ... well ... they are one inch square bits of art ... in this case textile art (I think people do them in paper/etc too) ... they are a bit like artists trading cards - one makes a pile and swaps them with other people (often in sets of 9, or whatever). I am on an Art quilt related yahoogroup and we have had a few inchie swaps on there.
There are pictures of some inchies here and here and (a different swap) here ... these were all before the swaps I went in (they were links given to us to go and look at to find out what inchies were - lol) ... a Google search for "inchies" also turned up a lot of stuff about them too ... there is even a Flickr group ...

Anyway ... here are some photos of some of my inchies I made for the swaps we had on the Aus_NZartquilters yahoogroup (hmmm ... how many photos will depend on how many I find while I am digging around in my many folders of photos ... but if you look at all my posts that have the label "inchies" on them you might find some more that I have posted about - I know I have posted about my "plastic" ones)
We each made 7 sets of 9 - swapped 6 sets and kept one for ourselves, and we had a few different swaps, that each had a different theme.

These are my set of "Metallic" inchies:

I mounted mine on bits of black card, and the extra one at the bottom is one that I made into a dingly dangly (to hang on the Christmas tree maybe? lol) and popped it in the envelope with my inchies - a little present for the poor person who had to do all the swapping and send them all back.

Here are some more - The theme for this lot was "blue"

There are 2 sets in theis photo because these were the set I kept, and another spare set that I made for Mum ... not sure if I still have these in my sewing room or if I gave them to her ... (I might have to have a look for them and if I find them I can take them up with me and give them to her before we fly off on our trip)

Talking about flying - I is also for ...
... in flight food!

this was when the kids and I flew to Adelaide back in December 2007
(to visit a pile of relatives i have there, and also to see Mum and Dad, who were also over there visiting the same pile of relatives, while their new house was being built)

that airline food tasted ok actually (especially that little bottle of Gin - lol) ... somehow I don't think I will get a meal (or any free drinks) on the Virgin flight up to Qld, but hopefully we will be fed on the Emirates Flight to Dubai ... if not - then I guess I will be eating the chocolate bar I will be taking in my cabin baggage, and/or one or 2 of the muesli bars Mum said she will be bringing with her - LOL

Anyway ... this may or may not be the last post here for a few weeks ... depends if I get organised and finish writing ABC Wednesday posts for the next few weeks, and if they actually do automatically get posted to my blog like they should do if I set things up right ... lol
(but even if my posts "happen" ok, they probably won't get added to "mr linky" and I probably won't be online to see and reply to any comments until I get back at the end of April).

I is also for Idiot ... some people probably think I am one - especially when I stay up until "stupid O'clock" posting silly stuff like this on my blog - LOL
(it is actually after 1:30am now - the time I put on this post is about what it was when I came in here to start checking my e-mail and log in to type the rest of this blog post, which I actually started writing a week or 2 ago when I was thinking of things I could post for a few different letters of the alphabet - lol)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Here I am, late for ABC Wednesday yet again - How unusual (not - LOL)

now what can I think of to post for the letter "Huh" ...

ah Ha! - there is an idea - I can link to my Huh blog! - where I am also posting a photo of a rather interesting "How to" article I found in a pile of old encyclopaedias a friend threw out (I decided to "rescue" them from the "throw it in the bin" pile and take them to the op shop, just in case someone actualy wants them (I Hate the idea of throwing books in the rubbish!)

I Have just put that particular post Here

Talking about "How to" - there are rather a lot of really weird (and interesting) "how to" type websites out there!
(like the couple I mentioned in that post on my other blog ... lol)

H ... is also for hotel ... I will be staying in quite a few of those in the next couple of months - LOL

Also, for a few years my family used to run a Hotel ... I still Have an old T shirt, that was one of a pile that that they found in the back of a store room - it Has a picture (line drawing) of the Hotel on it and says "Doug and Freida's Muswellbrook Hotel" on it ... I wonder if I can find it ... probably not ... (besides - it is in the bedroom where DH is asleep and I want to post this tonight ... not that it is "tonight" any more ... it is now just past Midnight!)

[at which time I decided to go to bed and post this later! ... so it is now Friday night instead of Thursday night ... sigh ... DH is not asleep, yet, but I still am not going to bother finding and taking a phot of that t shirt - lol]

H is also for Hermit crab ... one of the teachers at the school I worked at decided that she would buy some as pets for the science area ... but she was only there for a term (temporary replacement for someone on leave) ... so I kind of "inherited" them for the Christmas Holidays ... poor things - they don't breed in captivity, and don't always live that long either (the lot from work sure didn't ... sigh) - not what I would consider a good thing to try and keep as a pet - why not just leave them at the beach where they belong? ...
... like this one we found at the beach when we were in Adelaide just over a year ago:

cute isn't it?

I am sure there are Heaps more H things I could post about ... but I want to actually POST this and go to bed - LOL

Although I was going to post something about making baskets/etc out of Hay ... I could have posted it in G, for grass, too (except that I did it after I posted my G post - lol) ... but I guess it will have to be another post, if I get time I might do it before I go away ... otherwise you will have to wait until I remember about it ... if I ever do - LOL

Sunday, March 08, 2009

G ... etc

Oops ... late again ... here I am posting my ABC Wednesday post on a Saturday - LOL
(actually ... it is the wee small hours of Sunday now ... I logged in, to quickly finish this and post it, in the wee small hours of Saturday then realised I needed to add all the photos, and I was tired - so I decided I would just do it later instead ... but I was out for most of today and I kind of didn't get around to getting in here and doing it during the evening ... so I am here doing it now ... even though it is late and I am tired again ... AND I have to get up and go places in the morning ... lol

I actually had couple of ideas that I typed into a draft post a while back ... I have done that for a few letters if I have thought of ideas for them already ...

so I guess I had better post something about

G ... grasslands, grasshopper, greeblies?

I live near the Dunlop grasslands, which are actually a couple of grassy paddocks left in between the houses that have now been built all around them ... the Government manage the weed problem by allowing a farmer to Graze his sheep in there every now and then ... and the mob of sheep are protected by a pair of Gaurd Alpacca ... and they do a Great job too (it was rather funny the day our Golden retriever snuck off ahead of us and jumped through the Gap in the Gate and Got about 1/3 of the way to the dam, which he likes to sneak in to for a swim, before he noticed the alpacca that was standing between him and the dam ... the dog stopped and looked, the alpacca stamped his feet ... and the dog never Got his swim that day - lol)


I have a few photos of those ... somewhere ...
here is one on my finger!

I may have posted that on here already ... or maybe I put it in the "animals on fingers" flickr group or something ... I wonder why I used that one instead of this one?

cute, isn't it?

oh oh - where is it?
ah - over here on the Grass ...

hmmm ... some of our lawn was actually still Green back then ... it isn't now ...

Talking about grass ... lol

Grass ... i grew some grass at work ... photo in same folder as above!
well I guess that makes it easy to find again now - lol

A teacher wanted me to Germinate some wheat seeds, for their science class to look at ... they asked for a lot but only used a few - lol
so I Grabbed the leftovers and threw them in a (Green - lol) ice cream container with some potting mix and let them Grow ...

G is also for Greening Australia ... who organise community tree planting days, which I sometimes Go to ... this one was in a place with a Great view:

goldfish ... 2007Dec3 ... swimming in circles ... post video (should be in there) too?

actually - I decided that video clip belongs on my Huh? blog - so I just put it there in a post called "Something fishy"

... but I will put a photo of the Goldfish in here:

weird, isn't it? LOL

link to greebly looking greenish merangues on Huh?
yes why not - that post (which I think I only put up there last week) is here
I probably could post some other Gross and/or Grotty Greebly pictures on here ... but it is Getting (has Got?!) rather late (after 3am - oops), and there are already lots of Greeblies in some of my other posts ... including eyeballs and stuff - lol

G is also for Getting excited ... and worried about what I still need/want to get organised - it is only 2 weeks until Mum and I head off on our Great adventure to Dubai, Turkey and Egypt ... and I have Got a lot of stuff I need to Get done first ... both at work and at home ...

Gee ... it is getting really late ... I had better Go to bed ... Goodnight ...