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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"... and now for something completely different" :)

Seems I had rather a LOT of hair - as you can see in this photo (me doing a "selfie" with my reflection in bathroom mirror - makes me feel like a teenager doing that - LOL) ... and in the previous blog post :)

... so - when I started telling people I was going to get it cut short, they were probably imagining something a bit like this:

but ... I had something else in mind ...

yes - doing the "World's Greatest Shave" at the assembly at the school I work at - several students and one other staff member also did the shave, and several more students coloured their hair.

here is my hair (posing for a photo, in a box on my desk :)

hmmm - rather a lot of interesting colours in there!
(and no dye/etc - all my natural colour, and grey, and the effects of the sun)

and ...

here is my new look!

scary? or not? (actually I look just a little too much like my dad! LOL)

... too bad if you don't like it - because I DO :)

here are a few more (rather dodgy) photos ... because I took quite a few "selfies" while trying to get a reasonably nice one - lol

... and now it is time to finish the other things I was doing, and log off this computer (one on someone elses desk at work, because I don't have one on mine) and get out of this place - seeing my official knock off time was almost 2 hours ago :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hair today, gone next week ...

Well - it wont be gone tomorrow, but it will next week! ... Unless they cancel the Worlds Greatest Shave assembly at the school I work at ... (not likely :)

Yes - this coming Thursday (less than a week from now) is entered in my Google calendar as "No hair day" ... because I am going to let somebody shave my head, in front of all the students (and staff) at the school assembly!!
... there are 2 students and another (male) staff member also doing it at the same time ... so hopefully between us we can raise some much needed money for a good cause :)
... and - I will have a rather different new look (I had decided to get a fairly short haircut sometime soon anyway - so I figured why not go all the way and do something useful at the same time :)

If you would like to sponsor me/make a donation to the cause - you can do that here: 

Here is a "before" photo:

... and one from the back - showing just how long my hair is (this is probably about as long as my hair ever grows - has been this long for a while)
apologies for slightly blurry/taken in too much of a hurry photo - the person taking it for me (with my phone :) was rather busy, and was wanted for something while taking this photo, so she kind of snapped in a hurry and dashed off (the front office of a school is rarely ever quiet! LOL)
... I probably should have removed the ball point pen from my pigtail? ... hmmm - I am going to have to find some other creative place to keep a pen once I have hardly any hair! LOL

"After" photos will be forthcoming ... after the event :) 
(How long after depends how busy I am - next week is looking like it is going to be a bit hectic - I have a few different things I have to do/organise, and my life is still rather all over the place/up in the air - so it may take a day or 5 for me to get a chance post photos here.)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

we apologise for this break in transmission, normal service will resume eventually :)

Sorry for my lack of posts here (or anywhere else, for that matter) ... I do still exist ... I just kind of got busy, and life got in the way ... and then I made myself even more busy doing even more stuff, to distract myself from stuff going on in my life that I was not happy about ... or something like that ... and then, on top of all the other stuff going on - something that came as a total surprise to me - my husband walked out on me (with no intention of coming back) on Good Friday.
... so now I still have all the other stuff going on/to worry about ... and all the stuff to sort out that has to be sorted out when, after about 25 years being part of a couple, one suddenly finds oneself having to do it all alone ... and having to work out what the heck I am now going to do with the rest of my life, and start sorting out stuff to do with property settlement, and all the other legal/etc stuff ... not to mention sorting out a house full of stuff (some mine, some ours, some his ... but none of which he wants - he took a few things, and bought a heap of new stuff when he found a place to rent) ... so I think I might be a bit busy to blog much for the next few months ... but I have been meaning to get back to blogging, and I like blogging ... so I will be back ... eventually ;)
Meanwhile ... I do still tweet stuff here and there ... my tweets (and a link to me on Twitter) should be showing up here in my blog, provided it is still working - lol