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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"... and now for something completely different" :)

Seems I had rather a LOT of hair - as you can see in this photo (me doing a "selfie" with my reflection in bathroom mirror - makes me feel like a teenager doing that - LOL) ... and in the previous blog post :)

... so - when I started telling people I was going to get it cut short, they were probably imagining something a bit like this:

but ... I had something else in mind ...

yes - doing the "World's Greatest Shave" at the assembly at the school I work at - several students and one other staff member also did the shave, and several more students coloured their hair.

here is my hair (posing for a photo, in a box on my desk :)

hmmm - rather a lot of interesting colours in there!
(and no dye/etc - all my natural colour, and grey, and the effects of the sun)

and ...

here is my new look!

scary? or not? (actually I look just a little too much like my dad! LOL)

... too bad if you don't like it - because I DO :)

here are a few more (rather dodgy) photos ... because I took quite a few "selfies" while trying to get a reasonably nice one - lol

... and now it is time to finish the other things I was doing, and log off this computer (one on someone elses desk at work, because I don't have one on mine) and get out of this place - seeing my official knock off time was almost 2 hours ago :)

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