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Monday, November 14, 2005

I think it is about time I posted something here!

er ... oops ... it's been a while.
I have not really been anywhere (or at least not for more than a few days) ... I have just been kind of busy doing other things ... the me with the job and the family and the sewing room full of stuff kind of wanted to have a life too ;-)

This (photo below) is one of the things that helped keep me too busy to get around to posting to my blog:

This is actually a crazy ( in more ways than one?) patchwork backpack that I designed and made as my entry in the bag challenge for the Canberra Quilters Exhibition in August (and it came second ;-) ... it had to have legs - it is a wild bush WALKING bag after all! ... where does the bush come in? - well - the embroidery/embellishments all over it are at least partly inspired by plants/etc found in the Aussie bush, and, if u look closely - there are 3 lizzards living in there too!

I went out for coffee and shopping, in a nearby town, with a group of other quilters - they all bought fabric and other sewing bits, and I bought 6 rubber lizards!

So ... where are the other 3 lizards?
... on the miniature quilt I entered in the same Quilt show, of course!

The other 3 lizzards needed a home, so I made them one - inspired by spinifex and stuff ... so "what is that hairy looking stuff?" you ask ... actually ... it is hairy looking stuff - it's dog hair! (combed from our golden retriever and sewn on as I quilted the thing)

Now ... what else have I been doing? ... er ... I also made a challenge quilt and a small wall hanging size quilt for the Quilt show ... then of course I went to the quilt show, and a dinner that a group of us, from a quilting e-mail list, had one night during the quilt show. Then I started making things for a textile art exhibition for another group i am in (TASDA) ... I made a few things and didn't have time to make a few others I had ideas for ... I might get around to putting pictures of those up here, or somewhere else online, eventually ... and of course I went to that exhibition too - spent the whole weekend there (like I did for the quilt show - lol) ... I have also made and swapped some ATCs (Artist's Trading Cards) and I have driven to Moss Vale to have lunch with a few lace makers - I am not a lacemaker, but it was a reunion thingy for a group that a friend was part of, and she doesn't drive so she invited me along so I could drive her there - LOL (we both had a good time though) ... then I spent a week or 2 trying to find some of the floor in at least some of the house, so that it was at least half livable when my parents dropped in for a weekend on their way to Tasmania (for a holiday) ... then I made some more ATCs and a couple of items of decorated male underwear (yeah - that's got u wondering eh? - those will probably get a whole post all of their own ... eventually) to take to a crazy quilt retreat I have just been to, in Nowra ... and now I guess I have to start wondering what I need to organise for Christmas ... LOL
(and I might also enter a quilt or 2 into the Canberra Show ... no - not a quilt show - the one where they have cows and sheep and showbags and other stuff like that ... entries for that are due in a few weeks time ... and I have a couple ideas I might play with ... if I get time ... )

and right now ... DH wants me to go look at the home brew that he bottled today (the brewing bug has been chasing him for a year or 6 ... a couple weeks ago it finally bit him - LOL) ... and then I have to get changed ready to go off to a Ducatti club meeting with him - they are having it at a Mechanics shop and there is Pasta for tea first - yum.

anyway ... we have to leave soon so I had better go ... not late enough to say my usual " ... goodnight" yet - but I am not sure I should tell anyone how late I was up last night! (I went to bed before the sun came up ... just - lol)

btw ... I am still "disorganised in Dunlop" ... lol

bye ...