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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just ...

er ... I think I am Just in time to sneak in a J post for Wednesday ABC?

Just a short post? ... maybe ... LOL
(actually it probably will be fairly short - it is Just a bit later than I should still be awake ... came in her ages ago, but "Just had a quick look" at a few websites/etc and kind of seem to have lost a few hours ...

maybe this blog post should be Just text and no photos? (well - that would make it quicker to do, but I couldn't resist adding Just a couple of images ;-)

'Tis a funny word, Just ... "I will just be gone a little while" "I Just bought a little bit of fabric/yarn" (or whatever Junk you tend to buy too much of, to feed whatever addiction u happen to have ;-)   ... "I will Just be a moment" "you Just do x - y - z ... "  "it's Just a litle favour"  "it was Just an accident" (Just a few examples there ;-)
The quilt group I belong to sort of has a rule about standing up to "show and tell" a quilt you have made - people sometimes get told off (but in a nice way) for using the word "Just" when referring to said quilt - people will spend hours/days/weeks even, crocheting a rug or doily or stuffed toy or whatever, or peicing and/or appliqueing a wonderful quilt, or sewing a dress or pants or shirt or something, or slaving over a huge cross stitch or something, or baking a yummy cake or cooking a wonderful feast for 10 dinner guests (or a healthy meal for their hubby and a kid or 2)  ... and when showing someone/talking about it they will say "oh it is JUST a ..." or "it is Just something I threw together" or something along those lines ... but instead of Just dismissing it - one should do it the JUSTice of actually being proud of what you made.

... unless, maybe, it looks like this?

- I showed it to someone at work and she, very tactfully, said "it's an acquired taste" ... I probably couldn't have said it better myself ... I kind of like it more now that I didn't give it to the person it was originally meant to be for (I made a different thing that I think she would like better - although I am sure the baby she was about to have really wouldn't care what the bear looked like ;-)    and I am also sure someone, sometime, somewhere, will quite like this bear ... and after all - it WAS an experiment ... just not one that worked as well as most ... especially not in that technicolour yawn ... er ... yarn.  I could probably re-do the face (stitching on eyes/nose/mouth before stuffing it seemed like a good idea at the time - but it wasn't ;-)   apart from that dodgy looking stitching on the face, it does look kind of cute ... I am not sure if that is despite the fact, or because, one can see the stuffing through the slightly too big stitches (note to self: if making an item that is to be stuffed, that particular thickness of yarn should be crocheted with a much smaller hook than I used for this bear!) ... and the fact that I used about 20 short lengths of yarn knotted together to crochet the thing! - which kind of adds to the character scruffy apearance - LOL

but ... rather than say "it is Just some experiment that went wrong" - I will say it was an experiment that resulted in the invention of the scruffy grunge/punk hairy bear!

and ... Just for fun ... had to wait while the other photo actually transfers to the computer (I had to take the photo Just a little while ago because I had not already taken one) ... I went digging around to see what other interesting Junk I could find ...

The dog and I like looking in half built houses (sometimes he even finds builder's leftover lunch in the Junk piles ;-)   ... I Just had to take a photo of this - something Just doesn't look quite right with this room:

ok ... on the right is a window ... on the other 3 sides are other rooms ... but where the F... is the door?!
(I looked and looked ... and there were timber uprights no more than 8 - 10" apart all along all 3 of those internal walls!)


... or maybe they were Just going to make a doorway later?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Idiotic post (with Interesting Images at the end) where I rave on about a Few things I should have posted about sooner ... where did the last few weeks go?

I could have Invigorated your Intelligence by posting all about something Interesting, like the Instars of various moulting Insects, or some even more Intrigueing thing, but I Is also for Idiotic ... which, when I thought of it while walking the dog a couple weeks ago, seemed like a good excuse to post this rather Irrational F post as my I post for ABC Wednesday ... just so you lot can see how Irritating I can be  the Inner workings of my Insane mind:
(but ... I did Include some Interesting Images In here, at the bottom of this Insane post)

so ... time to Investigate the idiocy of ...

An Idiotic post where I rave on about a Few things I should have posted about sooner ... where did the last few weeks go?

... or should I say the last Few months? years even? LOL

days/weeks/months/years ... whatever - the answer is probably all the same:

F___  if I know - they seem to have Flown by ...
(translation of "F___" ... er ... usually "fruit" or some other nice F word actually ... although sometimes I have been known to use an other not so nice F word, but not on a Family Friendly ... or at least mostly so ... blog like I am trying to keep this one - lol)

now what the F was I going to post about? 

- I actually started writing this ABC Wednesday F post a couple of alpabets ago, I typed the purple bit, but never came back and Finished it ... so whatever I was going to post about is either so out of date it is not worth posting, or I have posted about it in other posts ... or just totally Forgotten about ... so maybe I should just dig around in my more recent photos and Find a Few F things?
(I was hoping to Find a half written F post with a Few more things already in it ... then I could have Finished it a bit Faster than this is going to take, and actually posted it ... but the one I was thinking of was actually a mostly written D post (but needs a pile of photos added, a Few of which I will have to dig around and Find what Folder(s) they are in)  ... so, because it will still take too long to Find the photos For it, and also because I would have to totally re-write most of it anyway (I could have used the same events/photos as a D or an F post so I Did it as D because I thought I was going to get it Finished in time - lol) - I will save that one for next time we are up to the letter D, if I Don't Forget about it before then ...

I might also try and remember to take a photo of a Finished quilt, and possibly a Few other Finished things I may have Forgotten to post about, or include in that other recent post where I put a Few things like that ...

but First ... I have to go walk the dog ... LOL

... and I won't be back in here For a Few hours, possibly even a day or 2 ... pity - because this post is already late - I was going to say it is Friday - but then I remembered that it is already after Midnight so now it is Saturday ... and I have a Few other things to do before I come back and spend a Few hours Fiddling with photos ... like walking the dog, sleeping, and then having lunch and doing a Few things before heading off to a Friend's place For a BBQ - after which I will be staying there overnight - rather than being a Fool and driving home after a Few beers ... then I have an afternoon tea to go to on my way home on Sunday ... so I am not going to have much weekend left to do all the working out what I am doing/digging out Fabric/Finding things and starting some Fiddly sewing/art quilty stuff I probably should have been doing For the last Few weeks, because some of  it has to be Finished Fairly soon ...

maybe I should Give up on F and Go for Getting G done in time?  ... except I am sure I do have a Few F things I really should post about - LOL

btw - yes - almost 2am is an odd time to walk the dog - but he doesn't mind what time he goes as long as he actually gets to go for a walk! (and I kind of promised him one because we have not been for a few days ... which means he gets a bit Fidgety and Follows everyone as soon as they go anywhere near the Front door, or even down the Front end of the house ... )

A few ... hours? ... days? later:

finished things - panorama quilt?  etc quilty/crochet stuff?
a Few granny squares? including the rainbow ones For Floods
Found objects? (close up of fish on "fish out of water" quilt?)
Flipping Footless Filet Fairy that I still have not Fixed and Finished?
F^#%ing Facebook?
stitching Fingers?

[add to those I want to/can Find photos for in green (or Fuschia?!) .. and leave the others there For Fun]


As you can see - that post was not only Intrinsically and Irrevocably Idiotic, but also Incomplete - several Instances of unfinished Ideas, and a sad lack of Images ... which I guess is why it was still In my drafts folder and not posted yet ;-)

I may Include some Idiotic Images In here If I get around to finding some before It Is time to post my I post (er ... actually It almost Is ... I am just In here at the computer because I came In to post a Hasty H one (which was a Incy wincy bit late to make the linky list thingy ... when some Instinct told me I should Investigate my drafts folder and see If I could Imagine some Ideas for my next few ABC Wednesday posts ... not that doing this sort of thing means I will actually come back In here and post It In time ... or even If I do come back in here - I might get lost in that Insidious and Intrigueing place known as cyberspace and my Intended post will, In the usual fashion, become merely an Imaginary blog post ... sigh

oh - and If you are Insanely curious about one of those Incomplete Ideas I mentioned - feel free to comment and ask me about It ... no Idea Is too Insignificant for me to Illustrate at greater length, either In a comment, or If It Is Important enough to me - maybe even In an Imminent future blog post ...

Is anyone still reading this Idiotic stuff?

(or are you just scrolling down to look If there are any Images? lol)

ok ... I have Inserted some Images - hope you find them Interesting:

and Image of I In the mirror just before I drove home from work one night:

I was trying to take a photo of the spider webs on the mirror but they ended up blurry and I didn't - oops?
(but I guess it does make and Interesting photo of me doing something I do a lot - taking a photo)

A spider with a knob on it - doesn't start with an I, but It Is rather Intrigueing ... kind of reminds me of a teapot lid!

yes - It Is on my finger ;-)  I encouraged it to crawl there from the back of the car, where I found it - so that I could do what I then did - took it over to the garden and put it in a bush where it would hopefully be safe.

an "Icky" Insect ... a cockroach, In the process of laying an egg:

... which seems to take an Inordinately long time (any time spent running around with an egg, or anything else, hanging half out of you is way too long In my opinion!)

Some Interestingly Intricate Insects on a leaf:

some sort of scale Insect, I think...

Another Itty bitty spider:

most likely related to the sort with the knob on it.

Here It Is again, on a different stick (It was running around - like spiders seem to want to do when I am trying to get them to stay still for a photo!)

This one, and the other one are probably "Wrap around spiders"  - genus Dolophones - because they sure look like the ones in the pictures - about half way down this web page -
(that website says they are called wrap around spiders because they wrap themselves around twigs/etc - yep - the name sure suits them - the bottom one sure is wrapped around the twig ... the other one did the same thing when I let it go into the bush ... and look how neatly is has wrapped itself around my fingernail!)

And ... for some Idiotic reason I am still In here at "stupid o'clock" ... because not only did I add the Images to this post, and write all this stuff about them - I also uploaded a video to Youtube ... because it was a video of an "Inchworm"

... which Isn't actualy a worm, it is an Insect (and I think it was more than an Inch long too ... but then that isn't why they are called Inch worms - they are called that becaue they "Inch" along - just like this one in the video ;-)

... and now It Is time to stop messing around on the Internet and go get some sleep ... becuase it might not really be that Interesting If I fall asleep at my desk at work tomorrow ...

[aykayem sleeps, goes to work for the day (without falling asleep on my way to/from/at work ;-) and comes home again, and does some stuff]

 ... and so here I am - an Insane number of sunset/etc photos later (It was pretty, and I was out in the garden messing around with the dog and cat and pulling out some weeds and stuff, In between taking photos of the sky ... and the dog and the cat etc) In here checking to see If It Is time to add my I post to the linky thingy ... yes It Is there - so I had better post this so I have a URL for It - and then I can add my rather Insigificant link ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hang in there ...

˙01 ɹo ʞəəʍ ɐ əq ʇɥƃıɯ ʇı ʇnq 'əʞıl n ɟı ʇıɐʍ puɐ punoɹɐ ƃuɐɥ -
˙˙˙ ʎllɐnʇuəʌə əɹəɥ əslə ƃuıɥʇəɯos ʇsod llıʍ ı