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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just ...

er ... I think I am Just in time to sneak in a J post for Wednesday ABC?

Just a short post? ... maybe ... LOL
(actually it probably will be fairly short - it is Just a bit later than I should still be awake ... came in her ages ago, but "Just had a quick look" at a few websites/etc and kind of seem to have lost a few hours ...

maybe this blog post should be Just text and no photos? (well - that would make it quicker to do, but I couldn't resist adding Just a couple of images ;-)

'Tis a funny word, Just ... "I will just be gone a little while" "I Just bought a little bit of fabric/yarn" (or whatever Junk you tend to buy too much of, to feed whatever addiction u happen to have ;-)   ... "I will Just be a moment" "you Just do x - y - z ... "  "it's Just a litle favour"  "it was Just an accident" (Just a few examples there ;-)
The quilt group I belong to sort of has a rule about standing up to "show and tell" a quilt you have made - people sometimes get told off (but in a nice way) for using the word "Just" when referring to said quilt - people will spend hours/days/weeks even, crocheting a rug or doily or stuffed toy or whatever, or peicing and/or appliqueing a wonderful quilt, or sewing a dress or pants or shirt or something, or slaving over a huge cross stitch or something, or baking a yummy cake or cooking a wonderful feast for 10 dinner guests (or a healthy meal for their hubby and a kid or 2)  ... and when showing someone/talking about it they will say "oh it is JUST a ..." or "it is Just something I threw together" or something along those lines ... but instead of Just dismissing it - one should do it the JUSTice of actually being proud of what you made.

... unless, maybe, it looks like this?

- I showed it to someone at work and she, very tactfully, said "it's an acquired taste" ... I probably couldn't have said it better myself ... I kind of like it more now that I didn't give it to the person it was originally meant to be for (I made a different thing that I think she would like better - although I am sure the baby she was about to have really wouldn't care what the bear looked like ;-)    and I am also sure someone, sometime, somewhere, will quite like this bear ... and after all - it WAS an experiment ... just not one that worked as well as most ... especially not in that technicolour yawn ... er ... yarn.  I could probably re-do the face (stitching on eyes/nose/mouth before stuffing it seemed like a good idea at the time - but it wasn't ;-)   apart from that dodgy looking stitching on the face, it does look kind of cute ... I am not sure if that is despite the fact, or because, one can see the stuffing through the slightly too big stitches (note to self: if making an item that is to be stuffed, that particular thickness of yarn should be crocheted with a much smaller hook than I used for this bear!) ... and the fact that I used about 20 short lengths of yarn knotted together to crochet the thing! - which kind of adds to the character scruffy apearance - LOL

but ... rather than say "it is Just some experiment that went wrong" - I will say it was an experiment that resulted in the invention of the scruffy grunge/punk hairy bear!

and ... Just for fun ... had to wait while the other photo actually transfers to the computer (I had to take the photo Just a little while ago because I had not already taken one) ... I went digging around to see what other interesting Junk I could find ...

The dog and I like looking in half built houses (sometimes he even finds builder's leftover lunch in the Junk piles ;-)   ... I Just had to take a photo of this - something Just doesn't look quite right with this room:

ok ... on the right is a window ... on the other 3 sides are other rooms ... but where the F... is the door?!
(I looked and looked ... and there were timber uprights no more than 8 - 10" apart all along all 3 of those internal walls!)


... or maybe they were Just going to make a doorway later?


  1. JUST in time to break the 4th wall!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I JUST happen to be in your neighborhood when your blog article got posted update on my blog... I love your Bear with Hair - it looks like it wants to be a troll and I bet you anything it would sell... Do you have a picture of the gift you made that replaced this one?

  3. aykayem - you should have received a link in your e-mail to delete your ABCW and start again. it's too late for the J post, but try it in the future if you have difficulty.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. @Mr Mrs Crafty - I think I have a photo of the other one ... I remember taking one - on my desk at work just before I wrapped it up and gave it to the person ... will try and remember to post it eventually (been a bit busy lately and have not posted anything to my blog since this post - I guess it is probably about time I did! LOL) ... it looks worse in real life than the photo - in the photo you can't see all the knots in the yarn! - I crocheted it from a pile of short bits joined together ... looked ok until I stuffed it - then the stitches spead out and showed the white stuffing in between, and the knots - needed to be done in tighter stitches and/or without any knots/joins in the yarn ... or at least stuffed with something the same colour as the yarn - lol
    btw - the "replacement" was another bear - same yarn but without the knots, and done in a different (tighter) stitch (tunisian/afghan stitch actually) which worked a lot better.
    The one in the photo here will find a good home one day, I am sure ... lol
    @ROG - not sure if I got that e-mail ... it may have got lost in all my folders or something ... was so long ago now that I had forgotten about it ... guess I will only need to worry about it if I make another typo when adding a link - and in order to do that I will need to actually POST something to link to! LOL


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