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Monday, May 10, 2010

Odds and sOds ... Perhaps I should Post some Photos ...

Ok ... best of good intentions here ... or something like that ... I have just posted my ABC Wednesday N post (it is Monday night as I start writing this - my N post was a bit late, as is kind of Normal for me) and figured I may as well start thinking Of something for O ... as to actually getting around to POSTING it ... that could be a whole different kettle Of fish ... my disorganised state of good intentions going nowhere fast should be Obvious to anyone who might actually read this blog ... LOL

I am glad I said that ... I did not take the Opportunity to come back in here to finish this On time for O - and it is now almost too late for my P Post as well ...

On with the Original Object of this post ... Or should that be Objects - seeing that is what the title suggests?
- I have been crocheting and sewing a few Odd things lately (some a lot more Odd than Others) and it is about time I posted about at least some of them ... which might be a bit easier if I actually take some photos, and put them Onto the computer - LOL

... if I do that in the next day or 3, then this post might actually get posted this week ... if not ... it might end up in my pile of Odds and sods that I have saved as drafts ... and who knows when any of those will see the light of day/your computer screen/whatever ... (good intentions and all that - I do want to get around to posting them, just not sure when it will happen - some of them are perfect for ABC Wednesday posts - probably because that is what they were! - and some are perfect for particular dates/times of the year/etc  ... and some are just there waiting for me to add photos, or actually type more than a few words into them ...)

Oh oh - looks like I already have an O post saved as a draft ... Oh - it's Ok - it Only has a P and an S idea in there - I must have posted whatever the O One was in an Other post - LOL ... but ... there is One problem with the P and S ideas - I am not sure I am going to have time to actually do those particualr ideas this time around - they will both involve a lot of digging around in my photos - which I probably won't have time to do in the next week or so (I can "dig" for both things at the same time, but I would need to do that digging before it is time to post the P thing) ... and they also both need me to put the latest memory card Of photos Onto the computer too ... I think I have some Other idea I can use for P ... (one I WAS thinking of using for K, but I can make it work for P)  ... and I never did remember what I Mentioned that I was going to use for J but then thinking of for M a few weeks back ... unless it was Mushrooms, but that would have only been if I had been thinking of it for F (fungi/fungus) ... because I can't think of any way to relate my photos of mushrooms to the letter J ... (and now I don't have a clue what I was talking about making work for P - LOL)
I also found an N post, that I didn't use - maybe next time around? lol and a few other Letters I didn't post (also ok ideas for next time around if I get Organised) ...

Oh for Pete's sake Andrea - get to the point! ... well that is what my Mum would probably say, IF she was actually reading my blog (which she doesn't ... unless I e-mail her a copy of the posts - then she might read it - lol)

Ok ... time to leave this saved as a draft, until such time as the rest of the photos I want to put in here are On the computer (I could do the first half, but I would rather do all my digging around and adding them all at Once)

Perhaps I should just hurry up and Post this and not bother about Photos? ... but ... I can't bring myself to do a P Post (even if it is Only a Partly P Post ;-) without Photos - LOL

I guess most of the Odds and sodds I was going to include photos of are also Peculiar ... so ... I had better see if I can find the Photos (I did Put some Photos onto the 'Puter the other day ... so if I dig around in that lot and see what I can find, then I can Possibly Put some in this Post)

Ok ... first an O one - Olives On Our tree!

Pinkish Ones too - LOL

and ... that morning - this Peculiar Pair of Pets ... or should that be Odd animals?

... we had been for a morning walk (not a usual thing for me, but DH and the dog often go just before I get up and get ready for work ... then when he gets back he makes me a coffee ;-)
anyway - it was a damp and dewy morning (but I will Spare you the Spider web photos until we get to the letter S ... or later ... LOL) and he was all wet ... so I think the cat decided he needed some help, and was trying to lick him dry!

and ... On the same day (later than the previous one - just before the olive one I think), I took this one:

Perfect Pussycat/Puppydog Peace?
... just after that he pretended to look disgusted/like he was ignoring her ... then he gave up and lay down and went to sleep ... at which point the cat gave up and went and had a drink from his water bucket ... I took photos of all that too - so I might have to Put them in another post (either here on on another blog) later.

and also on the same day:

Originally I thought I was going to be taking a Photo of a Pair of butterflies/moths (not sure which one these are, and can't be bothered searching to try and find out at this time of night) - but another one landed so now there are 3 - LOL ... but it made a Pretty Photo  ;-)

I was actually Outside eating (and taking photos of) my lunch (left over Pizza - Perfect!) and ended up taking a Pile of Photos (as Often happens) but I won't throw any more up here - this Post is now Probably long enough, and it is rather late (and I have to work in the morning - ugh)

but I did find one "Odd and sod" photo in the folder with the Outside On a Perfect day ones I just Put in here - this Peculiar Picture that I e-mailed off for a freeform crochet Online exhibition ...

yes - Pretty Peculiar! ... I made some crochet Plants, and mushrooms ... not sure if they are shitaki or just ... something else ... lol 
The thingy that the hook is in is meant to be a brain fungus of some sort ... I guess that one could be forgiven for thinking that I probably have fungus in my brain?
btw - the theme was "Somewhere in my world" ... so I just had to Put my blog on the computer screen - lol
The exhibition will probably be up here shortly - I am a member of the yahoogroup (link to that is at the bottom of that page) ... but I am not very active on it ... just happened to pop in and check out what was happening at the right time to notice that they were collecting entries for the next online exhibition, and I was already planning on making some crochet plants/etc for something else (later this year - so the things in the photo will most likely be added to/etc and then used for that as well).

anyway ... Perhaps I should Post this ... before you all get P....d off with this Peculiar/Putrid Pink text ... (which could end up being imPossible to read on the Pale blueish background I currently have on this blog)

I wonder if I will get around to posting my Q post in the next few days? Actually - I have a couple of Quilts I want to Post about, so hopefully I will ... else I will have to make them fit some other letter ... or wait until we get up to Q again - LOL

I did have a quick Peek at the Preview, but I did not Proof read this Post Properly ... so I hope there are not too many Problems with spelling/etc ... because I am now going to hit the "Publish" button on this Post and then Put my link on the ABC Wednesday P Page 

... goodnight