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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


woof woof woof ... woof woof woof ...

pity I don't understand dog language ... I think he understands English better than we understand woof woof woof etc ... but whatever he was saying, he seemed to be enjoying himself saying it!

I seem to have lost my evening ... where DID it go? ... actually it probably has something to do with the fact that I got lost on Youtube for a while, while also reading/sending e-mail, and then messed around fixing stuff/adding things to this blog, and also I am now uploading the above video to Youtube (well I hope I am - if it doesn't work then I will probably either change this post totally or save it and post it later when it does work - lol)

Anyway ... what did I fix/add to this blog?
well - someone commented on an older post and wanted to know about subscribing to my blog (rather than just the comments on a post) and I realised that when I changed the template or something ages ago I kind of "lost" the link to Feedblitz that I had there (Feedblitz being what I use to subscribe to blogs - it sends me a daily e-mail with any new posts on the blogs I tell it to do that for ... it also gives me a link/etc where people can easily get it to e-mail my blog posts to them). So ... now I have put the feeblitz link back ... in fact there are 2 of them (one where you type in your e-mail addy and it takes you to a form and the other I think takes you to the form and then you put in your e-mail addy/etc ... so both the same thing really - lol) and while I was in there adding "elements" to my page I also found one that I could add that has a whole pile of ways to subscribe to my blog. I also found a new thingy to do a "blogroll" - that shows how long ago the blog was updated and what the title of that post was (but it only works if the blog is set up to be able to be read as a feed ... so there a few that the when it was updated thingy doesn't work on, so they are not in my blogroll - I left them in the other list and left it there too).

I am sure that last pragraph was all too technical and boring for most people ... LOL

... and I think the sidebar might be getting a little bit too long?
(oh well - might have another fiddle some other time and see what I have there that I don't really want/need any more)