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Monday, August 06, 2007

Pretending I am famous

I am not really famous (yet?) ... but this is what things could look like if I was:

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sorry - I just had to do it ...
I found the link to do this in a blog post (thanks Ros)

I should have done this with one of my quilts that I just finished ready for the quilt show - maybe a sneak preveiw of me being famous for winning (not B#%%^& likely!), but I didn't get around to taking any photos before I delivered them (A: I didn't really have time because I was still sewing bits on one at the last minute and B: why go to all the trouble of finding somewhere to hang them up and take a photo when I can wait until they have been hung in the quilt show and take photos of them there? LOL)

Anyway ... I have other things to go do ... like go and clear out the pile of washing and some other junk from the laundry so the delivery bloke has room to put the new washing machine when it arrives tomorrow (the old one is kind of on it's last legs - it is older than my teenage kids, and it has recently developed an annoying habit of sometimes filling up and up and up and flooding the floor!) Knowing my luck I will get to play with that new toy before I get time to play with the other one I still have not had a play with yet (the scanner!) ... and I know which one will be more fun! LOL
(when I have had a chance to play with the scanner, I will put up scans of some more TAST stitches that I have not blogged yet ... I am still keeping up ... sort of ... I have not done last week's stitch yet - but I do have about 12 hours before she posts the next one so if I do that this evening I can say I am not lagging behind ;-)