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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too much technology?

I took this photo with the iPad, in a hotel room, one night last week ...

... And I typed some stuff under the photo b4 I sent it to blogger (good thing I have it set to save emailed posts as drafts rather than publish them as soon as they arrive ;-)
But I got that to copy and paste from the "sent items" to here ... Maybe it was just URLs it didn't want to copy the other night)

The grey thing with green and purple swirls is the "sock" I made for the iPad (well actually it is the second one I made, in a hurry - because I decided to enter the first one in the quilt show, happening shortly, and it needs to be in new, rather than "used" condition ;-)
Under the empty iPad cover is DH's laptop, and around that is the power supply and pile of cords, cordless mouse, his phone and his electric shaver charging in it's thingy ... And there is also the room's DVD player and remote and the heating remote, and a power board full of plugs ... Maybe I should have added my phone and charger and the camera and it's cord/etc and spare batteries and charger - LOL

I think DH thought I was weird when I picked up the iPad and took the photo ;-)

Anyway ... Time to sleep ... Have to get up in the morning and do more fun things like taste wine and cheese and do/see interesting stuff ... LOL

Test photo

I took this photo the weekend before last - from the back of the ferry to Tasmania ... I think we were possibly still in Port Phillip Bay at the time, may have been just outside in Bass Strait already (either way, this was BEFORE it got really rough)
I would have to work out what time I took the photo to be sure, where we were and I am not doing that right now ... Too busy working out how to get photos from the iPad to my blog ... Well I have sort of worked that out (if this has worked and there IS a photo at the top of this post) ... One way anyway ... Involves emailing them one at a time from the "photos" app (I could then copy and paste the HTML links for them all in to one post, but copy and paste is not easy to do on an iPad and doesn't seem to work between one browser window and another anyway ... I guess the iPad is not the best thing for blogging on, but it has been great fun using it to "Facebook" my food - LOL
(yes - been eating lots of interesting yummy things down here, and DH started taking iPhone photos and sending them to a mate and to our son, who is home minding the dog/cat/house, so they could be jealous ... So I decided to start taking the iPad in to wherever we were dining and posting yummy food photos to my FB)

I have actually taken lots of photos, but most of them with the camera ... So I might just wait until I am home, and have them on the computer to do stuff with them, but I guess I could email some of the ones I took with the iPad and then use DH's laptop to log in and move them all into one blog post ... If I get around to that ... it is getting lateish, and I am not sure if the next hotel will have free wifi (this one does - that is why I am messing around with stuff like this instead of doing my sewing - lol

Hmmmm I had better stop waffling and post this ... And wait for the "() police" to come and lock me up for mis using ('s and )'s. ( or using ( without matching )'s lol)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zigging and zagging all over the place?

Zoinks! - are we up to Z again already?

(Actually I think we have passed z a couple more times since I wrote this ... Just found it in my pile of half written drafts - was digging around in there because I am not at home on the computer, where all my photos live, but figured I should post something for the letter z ... So - as they say in the cooking shows -"here is one I prepared earlier" which means u get whatever links I had added, but not the photos I had planned to take ... And if the post looks all screwy that is because I am using an iPad and it doesn't quite do things the same as the computer and some things it doesn't do at all ... Like letting me use the nifty Wysiwyg "compose" mode to edit my blog Using pretty colours and stuff (and for some reason it won't scroll down in this editor window - so I had to look at a preview of th post to see what was in it - LOL)

- yes the ABC Wednesday crowd are doing the letter Z this week.

I wonder what z things I didn't already blog about last time? (yes this is the 4th time it is going around, but I only joined in at the end of the 3rd one ... and then went away/got busy/etc and missed a big chunk in the middle - lol)

Z is for zig zag

... which is what I seem to do when I am blogging about stuf, and also what my life seems to do - lol

... it is also a very useful stitch on my sewing machine ... good for finishing off edges and stuff, and for doing fun things like this ... I only just fell over that page today (not sure how - think I followed a link from somewhere else), but I have already done that before - I made a fabric bowl at a sewing day a group of us had a few years ago, and I have even posted a photo of it on this blog ... not sure where though!

I probably didn't post about Z notation because I probably didn't even know it existed ... I still know nothing about it - just found it when I did a google search - so if you want to know about it you will have to click on that link and read abour it on wikipaedia - lol

Maybe looking for z words on google/in the dictionary is not a good idea?

I probably have a pile of photos of z things ...

I could take a photo of my collection of zips

no - I don't actually collect them like stamps or something (although one could be forgiven for thinking that - lol) - I just happen to have collected a few piles of them that people were getting rid of, at places like quilt meetings, craft groups, garage sales, etc ... I have used a few of them on things, and will probably use a few more ... zips come in handy for making bags and stuff ... lol

I have also seen a few interesting bags and things made with zips, and not much else (DD even has a pencil case made entirely of zips - they seem to be the in thing to have at the moment among the teenage crowd)

hmmmm ... maybe I should have a go at making a vest or something out of all those light brownish zips?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Y not?

Y am I posting to my blog? ... Y not?
... yes - y not indeed?! ... it has been a while ... sigh ...

I have missed so many letters for ABC Wednesday that I lost count ... but it seems we (they? lol) are up to the letter Y already ... where has the first half of this Year gone?!

Yes I am still alive, sort of been busy ... but when I wasn't busy I didn't seem to get anything else (like sorting out the sewing room/blogging/etc) done ... sigh

Y is for yawn ...
one can yawn if one is bored - which one would be if one was waiting for me to write a new blog post.
one can also yawn if one is tired ... I am ... had a few late nights, could go to sleep now but I have to sort out putting a few photos on to the computer and checking all the memory cards to make sure which ones are on the computer and backed up so I can delete what is on them - ready to fill them up again while I am on holidays for the next 2 weeks ;-)
... of course I could always be Yucky and talk about a "technicolour yawn" ... (spew/throwing up/chunder/etc) ... if that windy weather comes back DH and I might be in for an interesting ferry ride across Bass Strait tomorrow night - and if so - there might be a few more seasick passengers on there than normal - so hopefully nobody will do any technicolour yawns near me or I might just have to go out in sympathy and do one of my own - LOL

talking about Yawning ... am doing that now ... I should be going to bed and sleeping ... but I am still putting those photos on the computer/etc and I still have a dog to walk  .... Yes ... it is almost Midnight, and it probably is below freezing outside by now (in fact I think it probably has been for a while - lol) but the dog and I have nice warm coats ... mine is a nice warm fleecy jacket and his is a nice furry thick yellow one - LOL   ... he is a Golden Retriever - so he doesn't care if it is cold outside when he is out walking ... quite happy to snuggle up on the bed and be warm, but just as happy to go out walking on a freezing and/or wet day and jump into the pond to chase the ducks!

so ... I guess I should not rave on about Y chromasomes or Yellow fever or any of a number of other weird things I could post about ... but, seeing I am currently messing around with photos, I might see if I notice any "Yellow" photos before I actually post this ...

oooh ... just noticed a couple things at the bottom of this blog editor thingy are in slightly different places than they were ... had a closer look and noticed I can now add my location ... not going to put the pin right where my house is ... (yeah great idea - tell everyone I am going away and then pinpoint my house - lol - not that it will be vacant ... I am not the only one that lives there - do you think I would go away and leave the dog all alone?! LOL ... Yes - there IS one advantage to having kids who grow up but don't move out - LOL)
... so ... I put the "pin" in the pond ... one of the ones where the dog likes to jump in the water and get all Yucky and wet and muddy - lol

hmmm ... most of that memory card of photos are ... trees ... with no leaves ... lately I seem to have a thing about taking photos of naked trees - lol

ok ... here is one under a Yellow street light ...

I found about 6 other photos, but for some reason it did this one ok, then kind of stopped ... and I have now finished the other stuff I was doing ... and tried again with 1 photo and it just did nothing again ... so that one (the worst one of the lot too - sigh) will have to do for now ... I need sleep ... and the dog still needs his walk ... and I still need the walk too - had some late nights lately and been awake all day, but have not been that active - and I feel restless - I think my body needs to be tired to match the brain - lol

yawn ...

another yawn ... time I left the computer alone and went to bed ... via a few of the streets/paths/etc around here - whatever ones the dog takes me along - within reason - if I let him keep leading the way we would be out walking all night!

btw ... I am hoping to eventually get around to tidying up my blog and making it look pretty again ... when I have a bit more spare time to fiddle with it for a few hours (days?) and make it all work ...

but first ... I have quilts to finish and some other textile arty stuff to do ... and a  holiday to have ... and who knows what else I will get busy doing ... DH says I go to/do too many things ... but if I don't go to them/put my name down/do them/whatever - I don't seem to get anything else done anyway ...

goodnight ...