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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crumbs! - I still didn't take those Crochet photos, but ...

... I Can post about the Craft and Quilt show, for ABC Wednesday, instead - LOL

well ... I could have, if I had logged back in here and DONE that - yes - this post has been saved as a half finished draft for a few weeks ... LOL
(instead of it actually being about anything much, this is probably one of my most boring blog posts ever!)
Then I Can also mention that my Creative Clothing Challenge entry Came second in that Catagory! woo hoo!

actually ... photos of first/second/third in each catagory are up on the Canberra Quilters website ( ... there is a link to the 2010 exhibition - the photos are in there)

but ... I Can't post a photo yet, because I have not taken one yet ( I kind of finished and delivered my stuff at the last minute and figured that photos Could wait until they were all nicely displayed and well lit and stuff at the quilt show - lol)

I have taken one now ... but it isn't on the computer yet, and I probably wouldn't put it in here if it was - I will just post this in a hurry and do another post with some other photos as well ... it just might not be right now/today ... maybe not even this week if I know myself as well as I probably should by now ... lol
(so in the meantime you will just have to look at the one photo that is on that Canberra Quilters website - lol)

hmmm ... 4 days until the linky thingy Closes ... should just give me time to add a Couple of photos to this post and post it in time to Catch my Chance to be in the C list with this post ... if I remember to finish typing it and add the photos, that is ... (not doing that now - it is way later than someone who is going to be busy at the Quilt show all weekend should still be awake, especially on a night where I have to get up for work in the morning!)

btw, I Can post some Crochet stuff as "Finished stuff" or something, for an "F" post (except I think I already have 2 other F ideas I didn't do last time around - Funghii, and Four wheel drive show ... and Floods - but those last 2 are actually the same thing - so I guess I will have to do that for F so it will make sense ... and I will have to Find a way to make my Crochet stuff work as another letter)

er ... scrap that last idea ... we are not UP to the letter F this week and I think I ought to post about "Finished stuff" ... especially seeing I have people waiting to see what I have been making lately ... LOL

btw, this post is also a test for something ... to see what happens now that I (think I) have set it up so my posts appear on Facebook ... which I don't usually use (I don't really have time, and I am not sure I even like it much - lol), but I seem to have ended up messing around with it a few times in the last few days ... as if I need another place to go and get "lost in cyberspace" in ...

... I WAS going to walk the dog a couple of hours ago ... still have not gone yet ... decided to have a coffee before I go rather than wait until I get back ... coffee is not finished (and I might have another one when I get back - but in order to do that - first I have to actually GO ...

... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

This was going to be a post about ... Eggs, etc? ... but now it isn't.

But it isn't now.

I actually did type a post about Eggs, which I was going to leave as a draft until about 3 weeks time when we are up to the letter E with ABC Wednesday (this week is the letter B, which I actually posted already) ... but then I found I already had a half typed E post that I never posted last time we were up to E (which will be Easy to add to and use when the time comes), and also realised that the egg post probably belongs better on Huh? anyway - so I just cut and pasted it into that blog, and posted it - so you can find it over here

but ... while I am logged in, and have this now almost Empty post in the Editor  (oh I don't need to highlight those E words by using capitals - it is a bit too Early for an E post, and I don't need yet another one here - Else I will just have to move one to another blog as well - lol)
so ... now that I have decided to use this post as a weird way to put a link to that other post (on the other blog) in  here (on this blog) ... I figured I would find something else to throw in here and then post it - LOL

so ... what can I find in my recent photos? (well - fairly recent - the most recent ones are not on the computer yet ... I was going to do that this afternoon, but I seem to have totally run out of afternoon ... and kind of missed tea for that matter! ... I guess I probably should go and eat something ... after I post this - lol)
Ah - found something - I could have used this for a B post, had I not already done that - lol

I was walking home from work the other week (must have been the end of June, seeing that was the date on these photos) and there was a flock of pidgeons circling around over the valley I was walking in (actually I was walking over the bridge where the road goes over the creek that is in the valley) ... it looked kind of odd and eirie ... so I decided to try and take some photos as they flew overhead ... with limited success - fast flying birds in fast fading daylight leads to some very blurry photos LOL ... but I kind of like the effect I got in some of them ... like this one:

it almost looks like they were trying to draw or write something (an ampersand gone wrong maybe?)

I took a few photos, and then the birds flew UNDER the bridge (the one I had just walked over ;-)

... and they didn't come out again!!!  (well - they probably did - but most likely not until the next morning)

Yes - it seems that all that circling around was their last bit of flying around stretching their wings or whatever before settling down to roost, under the bridge, for the night! - LOL
(I guess the big metal beams under road bridges are proably a nice safe and dry place to sleep if you are a bird - lol)

er ... I was thinking of posting a bit more stuff in this post ... but had not decided what ... but - I need some food - LOL  ... so I had better go and have some tea (DS cooked something earlier - but what he and his girlfriend didn't eat - he put in a container for his lunch at work tomorrow! ... sod ... oh well - I guess this way I can cook something now, and maybe make plenty of whatever I make so I have some spare for me to take to my work tomorrow as well ;-)

somehow I don't think I am going to get much of my sewing done ... the sewing that I WAS going to do this evening, after I had done the putting photos onto the computer/etc that I WAS going to get done this afternoon ... sigh ...

btw, this afternoon I WAS also going to find some crochet photos, and take some more of things I don't have photos of, so I was ready to put them in my C post next week - maybe that can be my "brain dead" activity to do next Sunday evening after I have been busy doing all the stuff I have to do (meetings/etc/etc) this week and all the stuff I will be doing at the quilt show etc all weekend ...

one more thing B4 I go ... I just found a photo that I took at work a couple of months ago ... I took the photo when I found the 2 drink cans lying around (we use stuff like that for science lessons sometimes, so I tend to collect them, wash them, and keep a supply in a store room) ... and I looked at these particular 2 cans and my mind got to wandering, as it does, and I just couldn't help wondering ... what sort of cocktail would one get if one mixed these 2 drinks? ... and what would it be called? ...

 ... a Mother In Law?!

(actually - my mother in law was really nice ... which is more than what I can say for the probable result of mixing these 2 drinks - seeing I don't like either of them - lol)