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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh No, Missed ...

... a couple of weeks of Wednesday ABC ... again ...

I Must have been too busy?

My M was possibly going to be some Musings on a few things, and was definitely Meant to Mainly be Me Mumbling on about My adventures with Making a Multicoloured crochet shawl using some leftover wool (Maybe Merino?) and turning it into a rainbow with vinegar and food dye in the Microwave oven ... I guess I Might be able to use that for R or S - lol

N was going to be all about how Naughty I was to miss my M post ... and possibly I was going to find photos of a few Not so Nice (and maybe even Nasty looking?) things which I guess you are spared from ... for Now ... LOL

Oh well ... I guess it is now time to ramble On with some O things ...

Oh dear ... I wonder what I should post about?

(maybe it is a good thing that I didn't get a good video of something that someone else who was watching the same thing did get one of, and e-mailed it around to his friends with the title "Oh Dear" ... lets just say that if one is going to decorate one's house and yard like a Christmas tree, complete with lit up model reindeer on your front lawn, then one is sure to attract a bit of attention, and there is at least some likelyhood that some of that attention is the sort of attention one would not want, which upon seeing the security video the next day, might lead one to come knocking at the door of the house where the party was and ask them to make sure their guests please refrain from doing THAT sort of thing in their yard ... what sort of thing? - well, the guy who did it was a "Kiwi", and was rather drunk, and it was the sort of joke that some people consider to be (even more than?) a little bit "Off" so you will just have to do what he did and use your imagination)

Ok ... ?

... oh?

that was not ok?

oh well ... oops? LOL


I guess I will have to think of some Other things to put in here:

hmmm ... there must be some Odds and sods that I can post about?

I wonder if I took a photo of the Orange bag that I made?

[andrea saves post and logs out, goes to bed (it is rather late ... almost "stupid O'clock"), gets up, goes to work ... and hopefully comes back in here sometime b4 this has to be posted, and goes looking for photo]

A day or 2 later:

... I didn't get around to comeing in here last night, but I did happen to find (and put somewhere where I could get it if need be) that orange bag ... just in case I can't find the photo of it that I am fairly sure I did take ...

I also just decided to have a look at how many posts there are on my blog ... and thought I was getting quite close to the 250 mark ... until I noticed that I actually have 19 posts saved as drafts! LOL
(one or 3 of them are Wednesday ABC ones too ... including one called "O etc" that actually Only has a couple of ideas for P and S typed in there ... and there is also an N and an M one, each with a few ideas "jotted down" in there, that I didn't actually post LAST time we were up to those letters - so I guess I have missed those 2 letters twice around now - lol)

Anyway ... I guess I should see if I can find the photo of that Orange bag ...

but first ... if I want to call it "Oh" instead of "Zero" - O is how many friends I have on facebook ... LOL
(yes ... I sort of got side-tracked and ended up signing up to faceblerk ... somehow I can't seemyself actually using it much ... lol ... I had to do it though - because DD told me not to ... but I didn't bother to send her a friend request, I know she would only say no)

[another day passes]

... it is now Wednesday evening - I was going to finish this and post this last night, but I was still working on it (well - more like getting side-tracked with other stuff) when Tea was ready, then I went to a meeting, and didn't come back in here when I got home (because it was rather late) ... so now it actually IS Wednesday ... which means I had better finish writing this and actually pOst it.
(actually it is more finding and adding photos and stuff that I need to do - I don't think the last 2 or 3 posts had any pictures in them at all so this one needs at least one)

btw ... Facebook is stupid ... seems that if I want to have a user name (well why wouldn't I want to be "Aykayem" there, same as I am almost everywhere else online?) I have to "verify" my account ... I thought I did that ... but no - I have to put in my mobile phone number and do it via SMS ... now why would I want to do that? - I don't intend to actually USE facebook on my phone ... what if i didn't even have a mobile phone? ... and why the heck should I need to give them MY phone number (and probably access to then send me junk I don't want to be sent) just so I can call myself by my online name?! ... yet another of the many reasons why I am blogging here on blogger, rather than one of those other places - LOL

Ok ... now that I have told Facebook Off ...

Oh - I found that Orange bag photo ... found it faster than I found where the photos are on this computer (it's new, and I wasn't sure which letter the external hard drive that had them on was - there were 3 of them listed - DH likes his technology, which is fine by me because I like using it - lol) ... the photo was actually in the 6th folder I looked in ... one I almost didn't look in, and kind of only did look in there because I looked in the one before it by accident - they were both folders of 4WD trip photos ... but there were one or 2 other odd Orange O photos in there, because I took them last year when I was doing a post for some other Odd alphabetical blog thingy that used to happen (it kind of stopped because the person doing it got rather busy and was finding it a bit too Onerous a task thinking up random letters and catagories of stuff to post - we were sort of playing blog scattergories - lol)

here is the bag:


and the O post it was part of is here (so I didn't even need to find the photo to upload - all I had to do was what I did, and go and copy the link from that post - why put it up on blogger twice? LOL)

and ... like I said in that post - it was 3 O things in one photo - an Orange bag, an Orange crochet Ornament ... and an Odd one out (isn't a textile item, and I didn't make it) - an Orange carrot ...

I know - I am Odd

At least I didn't write all of this post in Orange!

But I did find another Odd Organge photo:

an Odd photo of Orange street lights shining Orange light Onto the road, with an Orange sunset in the background.
(I wasn't quite On my Own when I took the photo though - the dog was with me ;-)

Ok ... I think I have finished this post ... time to say "Over and Out" ...

(before I get tempted to compose an Ode to the letter O Or some Other Odd thing?)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lost In Cyberspace

I often end up getting "lost in cyberspace" ... my excuse? - well - usually something along the Lines of "I was Looking at someone's blog/a Link someone posted to the quilting List I am on and I found a Link, which Led me to another Link ... " and it sometimes even continues along the Lines of "... I found another Link where I ended up Looking at something that I Liked ... then I found that page I had seen before and Lost ... " or "and I found that stuff I had fogotten that I wanted to go Looking for ... " and of course I kind of end up Loosing several hours of the day/evening, usually when I should have been doing something else instead!

Actually that is sort of how I ended up finding our about ABC Wednesday (well - I guess I could have ignored it and not joined in ... but ... it Looked like fun ;-)
... and as you might be able to guess from the fact that the title of this post starts with an L, and most of the L words in this post have a capital L - this week we are up to the Letter L ... LOL
(and I am acutally typing this a Little bit early - it is Sunday ... so I will probably Leave this saved as a draft and finish it Later ... or if I finish it before it is time to post it I might Let blogger post it for me when it is time - Like I have done for a few of my other posts - including that rather Loopy K post)

it was Like that today ... I was Looking at a blog post (one I am subscribed to - it gets sent to me in a daily e-mail, along with anything that is posted on any of the others I am also subscribed to that way) ... and it had a Link to this Little article that someone had in a new quilting magazine, and has posted to her blog - the article is at (the blog post is here - )
and there was one of those "you also might like" links on the bottom of the post and one of them looked interesting - so of course I had to go there ... "365 Days of free motion quilting designs" sounded way too interesting to miss!
... she is up to about day 50 something ... I think I had worked my way back to about day 9 when she mentioned a website about henna designs ... which reminded me that I had been meaning to Look that up and maybe use them for quilting or embroidery designs sometime (not sure what Life I am going to have time to do that in ... probably not this one, seeing I already have a Lot of ideas and not much time to do them all ... )

hmmm - seems there is a Lot one can do with Lines ... I Like these Lines -
(when I work out how to find an extra 50 hours in each day I might have to print some of these ideas out and use them for inspiration for quilts/etc.)

[an hour or 2 passes]

oops ... I got lost again ...

there are Lots of Lines in these photos -
... for some reason black and white photos often work better than if one had used colour (lines, texture, contrast etc all stand out and make thinks look different than they do in colour) ... but the colour ones are nice too.

I found that site because I folowed a Link there from his blog ... the Link to that was on another blog - becuase he has a contest on his blog, which I am in the process of entering ... to win one of his photos one has to comment on his blog post about it (here - ), post about his contest (oh drats - now you will all enter and I will have less chance of winning ... then again ... there are only about 3 people who read my blog so I guess that is ok - LOL) with the links to his contest and gallery, and go to his gallery at and reccomend one of his photos.

so ... I will leave him a comment once I have a URL for this blog post, I have now posted about his contest here (with the links to his blog/gallery), and I have been and recomended a photo ... I have also added to the ever growing list of blogs I "follow" on blogger - that sort of happened as part of the process of recomending a photo - LOL ... I found quite a few photos I like, but I ended up choosing one which would make a great Christmas present to Mum and Dad - I found one that I think Mum might like ... if I win it then hopefully Dad will too ... lol)
this one - - which actually isn't black and white - LOL ... in fact what I Like about that one is that the colours in it kind or work really well (er ... spot the textile artist/quilter? lol)
hmmm ... I might go and recomend a black and white one too ... I Like this one - it has Lots of interesting Lines in it -
oh ... I think it said we also need to be his friend ... er ... OK - I will be friends with anyone who wants to give me free stuff that I want - LOL

er ... I have kind of Lost half an afternoon and half of an evening ... and the dog would have Liked me to take him for a Long walk ... oh well ... might not be a Long one, but I had better go take him for one now (Luckily neither of us mind walking in the dark).

If I think of any more L stuff , or get Lost in cyberspace and find some more, I will add it here Later ... otherwise this will (all things working ok/etc) post itself in the wee small hours of the morning on Tuesday.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

it doesn't add up ...

The other day, I was reading some blog or another ... and there was a photo of something that looked like a snake, but the person called it a "slow worm" ... so ... "curiosity killed the cat" and all that - I googled it ... no it isn't a snake, or a worm ... it is actually a legless lizard (and quite an interesting creature) - so I am now happy in the knowledge that the person who took the photo/wrote that blog post does know what she/he was holding in their hand, and I know it isn't a snake, and he/she isn't about to remove themself from the gene pool because they thought that all long brown things in the garden were worms ...

but ... when I read the entry on Wikipedia - here -

I got a bit worried about this bit ...

"it has been said that a slow-worm is the longest living lizard, living about thirty years in the wild and up to fifty-four years in captivity (this record is held by a male slow worm that lived at the Copenhagen Zoo from 1962 to 2009) "

er ... ok ... so the one at that zoo lived for 54 years? No I am not worried that a lizard can live that long, but ... it was born in 1962 - the same year I was ... and is either still alive or died this year ... either way it has been alive for about the same time I have ... eek! - am I THAT old?!!!!! ... have I lost a few years? ... have I actually been older than I thought I was all this time? ... I might feel like I am 54 sometimes ... but I am NOT - LOL
Methinks someone can't add up ... or can't coun't ... or made a typo or something.

Yes - a very good reminder that even though you find something on the www, even on a site with a good reputation/etc - it isn't always a totally accurate source of information.
(but try telling a high school student that! LOL)

... and now that you know what year I was born - you can do the maths and work out how old I am (or how old I will be when I have my birthday later in the year - lol)

hmmm what a pity I live in the wrong country to find slow worms in MY vegetable garden ... they look so interesting ...