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Monday, March 29, 2010

Journalling ... which I Just don't seem to get around to doing as soon/often as I wanted/meant to ...

... which means that I probably Just missed out on being able to add it to the mcklinky thingy for ABC Wednesday ... because it is now closed ... we were up to the letter J last week ... and it is now nearly this Wednesday (which Kind of means I need to think of something for K ... if I actually get around to writing a K post, that is)
I WAS going to do a J post about something I have been crocheting ... I even took photos for it - but I have not put the photos onto the computer yet ... so I decided not to do that one until later ... they should actually work better as an M post anyway (it will make sense when I actually write that post - lol)
I guess I have Just been a bit busy ... and Just a bit distracted by other things when I do come in here - been reading bits of a few other blogs and stuff, and a few things in posts on some of the yahoogroups I am on ... seems a lot of people are/have been talking about Journalling, and/or about blogging ... and why they do one and/or the other ... and I have been thinking about why I blog, when I never was the sort of person to keep a diary, and I am not even that good at keeping a visual diary for all my textile art ideas and stuff ... but I guess my blog is my Journal - in fact that is kind of why I started blogging - I was writing all sorts of odd stuff in e-mails I was posting to a few yahoogroups I am on (quilting and crochet related ones mostly) and I was raving on about either how I did things I had done, or what I thought about various stuff ... and I realised that a blog would be a good place to put all that kind of stuff all together in one place ...
... so I started this blog ... and put a few of the things here (some of my earlier posts about the 2003 bushfires and stuff, for example) ... and I still have not got around to putting a few of the other things here ...
... but I have been blogging about all sorts of odd stuff and have had fun doing it ... but I Just never seem to get around to posting as often as I would like to ...
(which was half the reason for Joining in the ABC Wednesday thing ... the other half was that it sounded like fun - and it is ;-)
Trouble is - when life gets busy I don't always have time to post, so sometimes I have a really good idea for something to post about (either for ABC Wednesday, or about something I have done/seen/whatever) and I "write" a really good blog post in my head (well - maybe it is actually only "really good" in my head, and would actually be boring if I wrote it?! lol) ... but I never actually get around to typing it in here and posting it!

I also realised, while walking home from work today (first time I have done that, but probably should do it more often - trouble is - work and home are not that close to each other and it took me almost 2 hours! ... but I did take LOTS of interesting photos - lol) ... er - where was I? - oh - I realised, while walking, and thinking, and taking photos of odd things - that another version of journalling for me is taking photos!

er ... I actually "wrote" some of this post in my head while walking home this afternoon  ... but at the moment I think my "train of thought" seems to have been de-railed ...
(so ... in the interest of getting OFF the B#$%&^%^& computer and doing the other stuff I have to do - I am not even going to read through this before I post it ... so too bad if there are any typos/etc or if it doesn't actually make sense ... it doesn't have to - it is MY Journal/blog - LOL)

that, and I really do have other things I should be doing right now - like hanging up a load of washing, putting on another load of washing, unhanging the dry load of washing I hung up last night ... and a bit of picking stuff up/putting away/etc ... and I never even started the other stuff I WAS going to do before DH gets home from work (which could be anytime now, seeing he arrives home at about this time or a few minutes later) ... so I guess I had better post this and go and start doing all those other boring things I have to do ...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think it is about time I posted something here ...

I was Intending to keep doing the ABC Wednesday thingy but I kind of got a bit LOT behind ... I am not sure
How I got so Horribly behind ... I
Guess I have been doing other stuff instead of blogging
For F I was going to post all about the Four wheel drive show and the Flooding rains we got that weekend, and/or one about all the Funghi I Found around about then, but I kind of didn't
Even finish the mostly written E post that I saved as a draft because I still had to add the photos
Don't expect to see it (or the F one) any time soon though - I think I might save those for next time we are up to the letter E
Can I plead insanity? ... or something? ... I wonder why I thought I was going to Catch up? I guess I just kind of got way too
Busy with work and other stuff ... and Blogging kind of fell by the wayside, along with my B post, which I also started writing, that was going to Be about the other blogs I have (and post to even less than this one) and a heap of stuff like that - But it will Be a while Before I get time to dig out all the links and other odd things I was planning to put in there - so that will be at least next time around the
Alphabet too. Amazingly I did do an A post ... on Another blog - lol

ok ... this post is a bit Idiotic Isn't It?

... feel free to Ignore It, If you wish ;-)

(I just figured that seeing I was actually logged in here - noticed they have added a thingy where one can have other pages on blogger blogs, and had to come and check it out - I probably should post something so that all 1 or 2 of the people who actually read this blog will know that I do still exist, and I am not Indisposed - just Inefficient ... and kind of Ignoring my blog while I do some other stuff  ... which I should be doing some of now, Instead of fiddling around on the Internet)

"I'll be back"

... In a moment

(well - In an Indeterminate amount of time ... maybe weeks, or possibly even In time to post something Just perfect for the letter J ... If I think of something In time ;-)

OMG ... I just realised - I am actually posting an ABC Wednesday post ON a Wednesday! LOL
(what a pity It is so Insignificant and not a very Interesting one)

oops - It is getting dark and I still have not walked the dog yet ... I had better go do that ...