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Monday, April 26, 2010

No ... surely Not?!?!!

Now - how can Wednesday ABC be up to the letter N already?!

I am sure it was just a few weeks ago we were up to J ... which would be the last thing I posted here until Now ... I seen to have Not got around to posting for a while ... so all 2 of you (I could have said Nine, but I am not sure that many people ever look at this blog ;-) who come here have had Nothing New to look at ...

Nothing is wrong ... and it is Not that I have had Nothing to post about ... I just have Not got around to posting anything ... kind of been busy doing other things ... like going to work, going out, crocheting weird stuff in front of the TV ... tidying up/sorting out my sewing room, and the rest of the house (still) ... even having visitors to stay for a few days (Not a Normal occurance around here - DH is not into the whole "having people come and visit" thing ... but he can't really say No to my parents - LOL)

Now ... what should I actually post about ... besides the fact that I have been posting a whole lot of Nothing lately - lol

hmmm ... maybe something I missed for K, L or M and can make it do for another letter?

For K I think I was going to post about Knots or something ... knots in my crocheting most likely ... couldn't really post about Knitting because I had not done anything ... None of that fits the letter N aNyway ...
for L ... er ... Lots of rain was one idea I had (which was something I could have posted for F, but didn't post that, or the other idea I had), before even more time slipped away and I realised it was too late to post that one because it was time for M ... not sure I had anything particular in Mind for that one ... except Maybe to tell you all I am Mad as a March hare ... or something - which anyone reading My blog probably already knows ... No real ideas there either ...

I did go back and look at what I wrote for my last post (the J one) ... and I Noticed that I Mentioned having something in Mind that could have been done for J but would work better for M ... but I don't have a clue what that was! (I Might think of it again later ... or I Might Not ... )

Now ... What other N things can I think of?

hmmm ... I can't really post about Neat - because I am Not!

Maybe I will find something iNteresting wheN I put the latest lot of photos onto the computer ... Not sure that will be Now though ... I Need to go get something to eat ... I kind of didn't really have tea (just a very late second half of lunch) and it is Nearly bed time! (No wonder I feel a bit hungry - lol)

Talking about photos ... been surfing the Net, as usual, and found this - ... totally Nuts, but I like it!

and that URL reminds me of another N thing ... Noo Noo I think it is called - the vacuum cleaner from the Teletubbies TV show! ... Now that is a totally weird TV show ... possibly even a bit Naughty ... and full of stuff that makes even me say "WTF?" ... and it takes some extreme weirdness for Me to think that about something - LOL
(the only Weirder TV show I have seen was the similar type of show I saw on TV in Turkey! ... was in Turkish, but still sounded the same ... lol)

[a day or 3 passes by]

I got up to do something else, and never got back in here ... then went out the next day, didn't come home that night (stayed at a friend's place on the other side of town - not that it is a really long drive home, but sleeping there meant I could have a beer or 4 because I didn't have to drive home ;-) then when I got home DH and I went out for tea, and I never got around to coming in here ...

and ... now I am going again for an hour or 3 ... or longer - DH just came in here and said it is time to go and get fish and chips ... that was planned earlier, but I was expecting a few minutes notice rather than "time to go go right now"! LOL

[approx 25 hours pass]

I am glad I said the "or longer" bit - it is now the next day ... DH won't be dragging me away to go get fish and chips this time - he is at work (he works weird shifts) ... besides - the fish and chip shop we go to isn't open tonight ... the fish and chips were yummy, btw ...
... so were the 2 beers I washed them down with - lol
Then I had a coffee ... and continued crocheting some strange plant thingy I am making while watching a few TV shows with DH ... then it was bed time ... then I did ... er ... not a lot of anything much really ... today - including getting lost reading some e-mail and a few odd blogs/etc, when I probably should have been walking the dog (which I will probably go and do when I have posted this ;-)

Now where was I?
- probably raving on about Nothing, which is quite Normal for me ...

I did think of aNother N thing while I was out and about on Friday (in between writing the first bit of this blog post, and the last 2 bits) - so this post is Now brought to you by Neighbourhood groups, Nice people, and the Number Nineteen ...

None of that made any sense did it - lol - let me exlplain - on Friday I went to have coffee and visit an art gallery with a group of (Nice) people who also belong to the textile art group that I belong to (meetings that they often have, but I mostly can't go to because I am at work - but being school holidays - I was not at work so I could go) and the place we met was actually "down" on the South side of town (I live up on the Northern end of Canberra) and it was in an area I used to go to a lot, because we used to live down that way before we bought our own house on the other side of town - and I remembered that there was a group I used to go to there, that met on Fridays (I was involved with it for a few years, until I went back to work, a year or 2 before we moved house)... and it was run by a really nice person, who I found out was still running the group (called the Tuggeranong Women's Neighbourhood Group) ... and so I dropped in for a quick 10 minute visit on my way to meet the others at the coffee shop - and found the group were in the middle of cleaning up the remains of a table full of party food - they had just been celebrating the group's Nineteenth birthday - LOL

btw, one of the things the group did while I was part of it was to make a quilt - they had already started it when I joined, but there was time for me to make a block to add to it (in fact I made 2!) ... then the person who was going to put it all together kind of vanished and left it to "someone else" ... so I ended up helping put the thing together as well - and this was before I had actually made any quilts of my own! - but I had dabbled in all sorts of crafty stuff, and had recently joined a quilting yahoogroup and had been reading lots of quilt books and websites and stuff - so I knew more about it than anyone else in the group did - so they decided I was the "expert" - LOL

Now ... I think this post kind of Needs a photo or 2 ...

oh - I forgot about this one - something looks Not quite right here:

If I had known I was going to be in such famous company I would have worn something a bit more neat and tidy, and brushed my hair! LOL - I cropped this (to remove bystanders who might not want to be on my blog ;-) from a photo I downloaded off the US embassy website - I was at some festival thingy in town a month or 2 ago and they had a stand/display there - and they were doing this Nutty thing where they took people's photos with these Nice friendly cardboard cutouts - for those of us who probably won't ever get anywhere Near the real president of the U S of A ... silly thing is - I actually stood there and got mine taken, and then went and downloaded a copy, so that I could send/show it to Mum (which I then forgot to do - lol) - becuause (and this is the silly bit) just over a year ago Mum and I actually spent a day AVOIDING him! ... well - it was actually our tour guide who was doing the avoiding - and we would not have got anywhere near him if we had tried - becuase it just happened that the bus tour we were on was in Ankara, in Turkey, on the exact same day that he was! - and our tour guide had to spend most of the day making frantic phone calls and re-adjusting our schedule so that we could avoid all the road blocks and detours/etc so that we could actually get to see all the places we were meant to be going to, rather than spend half the day stuck at road blocks while "Mr President" was visiting them. (but a few days later, when we were in Istanbul, we got to visit the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque the day after he did - and I got to pat the same cat that he had patted the day before - not sure what the poor cat thought about all the fuss though - everyone wanted to see it because apparently it was all over the news the day Obama patted it)

(Actually the day avoiding Obama would have made a good M post, had I done one - because one of the places we went was Mustafa Kemal Attaturk's Mausoleum ... and it was a Majestic building with Military Men guarding it ... and I took lots of photos because it was quite a Memorable place ... but I didn't - so I might have to include it in an A post, for Attaturk and Ankara and Avoiding roadblocks, instead ...)

Seems I am Not getting much (any, for that matter) sewing done today ... there is very little of "today" left and here I am getting lost in blogland ... (it doesn't help that I am doing my usual thing - I have several browser tabs open and am looking at all sorts of other stuff on the www in between writing bits of this blog post - LOL)

btw ... one of the blogs I have been visiting regularly is this one - what Not to crochet - LOL ... some ... er ... Not so Nice items of crochet on there (many of which could neatly fit under the title I gave this blog post) ... some of them are so ugly that they might even make one a little ... Nauseous ... lol
(some of the things on there are not too bad, but some are just Nasty to look at! ... and quite a lot of them seem to involve things that might have been nice except for the fact that one can see a Nipple poking out between the stitches! ... hope that was not to Naughty of me to mention that?)

N is also for Night ... I often walk the dog at Night (probably should be doing that now - lol) ... and I often take photos at Night ... I am Not sure I am that good at it ... but this one kind of looks Nifty:

I was going to fiddle with the brightness and stuff before I uploaded it, but I decied that I liked it better as it was, so all I did to this one was re-size it (the original was huge, so I made it a bit smaller - but still quite large if you click on it)

then I decided to have a fiddle, just for fun:

- I cropped it to get the bit I wanted to play with, and fiddled with the contrast and brightness and stuff until I liked how it looked - kind of like some deadly cloud of fire rolling in above the Tsumami that is about to wipe out the village on the beach ... or something like that ... lol
Maybe I have been watching too many movies/etc about the end of the world/disasters/etc?
(no - there is actually no fire, or beach/sea/ocean, in the original photo - the orange in the clouds was from the city lights and the stuff that looks a bit like surf/waves is actually another layer of cloud that is not reflecting the orange lights like the closer patch of cloud is ... the nearest sea/ocean is 2 or 3 hours drive from here)

Now ... I could keep trying to find more photos, and/or think of some Nifty N ideas that I have Not Nattered about yet (iNcluding but Not limited to Nasturtiums, Native plants, Nature, Names, Nuts, Noodles, Notices, Netting, and Never getting around to things ... ) but I think I had better just post this Now - as it is nearly time to post Our O posts!

Night Night ...