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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yes ... I still DO exist ...

er ... hi All ...
I do still exist ... I am alive ... not sure if anyone is reading this anyway ... but, just in case ... yes ... I am still alive ... LOL

I am at my friend Janice's place ... at a BBQ for her partner, Dave ... it is his birthday ... but he has crashed (fallen asleep) already ... LOL

... and i am trying to listen to the conversation Janice, someone else, and I are having ... at the same time as posting to my blog ... lol

... I am sort of mostly sober ... LOL

... and now ... an hour or 3 later ... I am still sort of half sober ... LOL

we thought about a walk up the local hill (Mt Taylor) but Janice decided maybe when we get up ... yeah ... sure ... LOL

I might actually post something half interesting in the next day or 5 ... LOL (like maybe an account of my adventures with some fabric and some condy's crystals )

goodnight (maybe? LOL)

Andrea ... up too late, as usual ... LOL

Saturday, February 05, 2005

This blog is better than mine ...

Postcards from Cairo ... is one blog that I WILL be visiting again ... and again ... ;-)

I actually know Jenny ... I "met" her on a quilters e-mail list ... and then met her in person when she moved back here after her last overseas posting ... but even if I didn't know her - I would still enjoy reading all the stuff she writes ...

... and she makes amazing quilts too!

She has a website at ... you have to enter her site, then click on the link to "quilts" if u want to look at them ... I just did (I had been there before, but not for a while ...)

hmmm ... isn't it funny how someone can make a work of art (which these quilts are!) and to them it can mean one thing ... but to someone else it can mean/look like something else?! ... like this one - ... to me it looks like the after effects of the "alchemist's furnace" that devastated large areas of Canberra Just over 2 years ago - the bushfires! - in many areas where they passed through, all that was left was rusty brown dirt and blackened bits of what used to be trees ... I was thinking of making a quilt in those colours myself ... and, had I got around to it yet, I might have even used that design (because I have the book with it in, and I want to make it sometime ;-) ... but it looks like Jenny has already done it for me ... LOL
... I guess I will have to go with one of the other 101 possible colour schemes I had in mind for tht particular quilt design ... and if I ever get around to making a"burnt landscape" quilt it will definitely be different ...
(actually - most people think my quilts are "different" lol ... in fact most people think I am "definitely different" LOL ... i guess they are right ;-)

anyway ... I really should be doing something else ... like finishing that B&^*&^$^%%$ sorting out! - I can't make more quilts if I can't even FIND my sewing/craft room under all the mess! ... I wish I had a huge mansion to keep all my piles of junk in ... and I wish I had the money to take a trip to Cairo and see all that stuff and go mad buying piles of those beads and stuff! ... and I would even be happy to stand in line at the airport with my luggage and passport if I have to ... lol

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

monkey see, monkey do ...?

... what will "they" think of next? ... someone told dh about this ... he laughed at it ... but now we have all 3 computers (yes we have a main one connected to the net and a couple of laptops wireless networked to it ) running the "Monkey Shakespeare Simmulator" LOL
worse still - dh told some of his mates about it ... and they laughed about how stupid it is ... but now they have it running on their PCs too ... it must be catching ;-)

This site apparently exists because someone once said "A million monkeys typing on a million typewriters would eventually produce the entire works of Shakespeare." ... so someone decided to try an experiment to see if that was possible ...

btw - "dh" means "Dear Husband" ... those who know me from quilting and crochet yahoogroups already know that though ... come to think of it ... that is probably all of you ... that is if anyone IS actually reading this ... which is highly unlikely considering how boring it probably is ... that and the fact that i have only mentioned this blog once or twice on 2 or 3 lists 3 or 4 weeks ago ... or something like that ...

yikes ... I am typing in my blog during daylight hours! LOL

(but I really should be doing something else ...)