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Saturday, February 05, 2005

This blog is better than mine ...

Postcards from Cairo ... is one blog that I WILL be visiting again ... and again ... ;-)

I actually know Jenny ... I "met" her on a quilters e-mail list ... and then met her in person when she moved back here after her last overseas posting ... but even if I didn't know her - I would still enjoy reading all the stuff she writes ...

... and she makes amazing quilts too!

She has a website at ... you have to enter her site, then click on the link to "quilts" if u want to look at them ... I just did (I had been there before, but not for a while ...)

hmmm ... isn't it funny how someone can make a work of art (which these quilts are!) and to them it can mean one thing ... but to someone else it can mean/look like something else?! ... like this one - ... to me it looks like the after effects of the "alchemist's furnace" that devastated large areas of Canberra Just over 2 years ago - the bushfires! - in many areas where they passed through, all that was left was rusty brown dirt and blackened bits of what used to be trees ... I was thinking of making a quilt in those colours myself ... and, had I got around to it yet, I might have even used that design (because I have the book with it in, and I want to make it sometime ;-) ... but it looks like Jenny has already done it for me ... LOL
... I guess I will have to go with one of the other 101 possible colour schemes I had in mind for tht particular quilt design ... and if I ever get around to making a"burnt landscape" quilt it will definitely be different ...
(actually - most people think my quilts are "different" lol ... in fact most people think I am "definitely different" LOL ... i guess they are right ;-)

anyway ... I really should be doing something else ... like finishing that B&^*&^$^%%$ sorting out! - I can't make more quilts if I can't even FIND my sewing/craft room under all the mess! ... I wish I had a huge mansion to keep all my piles of junk in ... and I wish I had the money to take a trip to Cairo and see all that stuff and go mad buying piles of those beads and stuff! ... and I would even be happy to stand in line at the airport with my luggage and passport if I have to ... lol

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