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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lost In Cyberspace

I often end up getting "lost in cyberspace" ... my excuse? - well - usually something along the Lines of "I was Looking at someone's blog/a Link someone posted to the quilting List I am on and I found a Link, which Led me to another Link ... " and it sometimes even continues along the Lines of "... I found another Link where I ended up Looking at something that I Liked ... then I found that page I had seen before and Lost ... " or "and I found that stuff I had fogotten that I wanted to go Looking for ... " and of course I kind of end up Loosing several hours of the day/evening, usually when I should have been doing something else instead!

Actually that is sort of how I ended up finding our about ABC Wednesday (well - I guess I could have ignored it and not joined in ... but ... it Looked like fun ;-)
... and as you might be able to guess from the fact that the title of this post starts with an L, and most of the L words in this post have a capital L - this week we are up to the Letter L ... LOL
(and I am acutally typing this a Little bit early - it is Sunday ... so I will probably Leave this saved as a draft and finish it Later ... or if I finish it before it is time to post it I might Let blogger post it for me when it is time - Like I have done for a few of my other posts - including that rather Loopy K post)

it was Like that today ... I was Looking at a blog post (one I am subscribed to - it gets sent to me in a daily e-mail, along with anything that is posted on any of the others I am also subscribed to that way) ... and it had a Link to this Little article that someone had in a new quilting magazine, and has posted to her blog - the article is at (the blog post is here - )
and there was one of those "you also might like" links on the bottom of the post and one of them looked interesting - so of course I had to go there ... "365 Days of free motion quilting designs" sounded way too interesting to miss!
... she is up to about day 50 something ... I think I had worked my way back to about day 9 when she mentioned a website about henna designs ... which reminded me that I had been meaning to Look that up and maybe use them for quilting or embroidery designs sometime (not sure what Life I am going to have time to do that in ... probably not this one, seeing I already have a Lot of ideas and not much time to do them all ... )

hmmm - seems there is a Lot one can do with Lines ... I Like these Lines -
(when I work out how to find an extra 50 hours in each day I might have to print some of these ideas out and use them for inspiration for quilts/etc.)

[an hour or 2 passes]

oops ... I got lost again ...

there are Lots of Lines in these photos -
... for some reason black and white photos often work better than if one had used colour (lines, texture, contrast etc all stand out and make thinks look different than they do in colour) ... but the colour ones are nice too.

I found that site because I folowed a Link there from his blog ... the Link to that was on another blog - becuase he has a contest on his blog, which I am in the process of entering ... to win one of his photos one has to comment on his blog post about it (here - ), post about his contest (oh drats - now you will all enter and I will have less chance of winning ... then again ... there are only about 3 people who read my blog so I guess that is ok - LOL) with the links to his contest and gallery, and go to his gallery at and reccomend one of his photos.

so ... I will leave him a comment once I have a URL for this blog post, I have now posted about his contest here (with the links to his blog/gallery), and I have been and recomended a photo ... I have also added to the ever growing list of blogs I "follow" on blogger - that sort of happened as part of the process of recomending a photo - LOL ... I found quite a few photos I like, but I ended up choosing one which would make a great Christmas present to Mum and Dad - I found one that I think Mum might like ... if I win it then hopefully Dad will too ... lol)
this one - - which actually isn't black and white - LOL ... in fact what I Like about that one is that the colours in it kind or work really well (er ... spot the textile artist/quilter? lol)
hmmm ... I might go and recomend a black and white one too ... I Like this one - it has Lots of interesting Lines in it -
oh ... I think it said we also need to be his friend ... er ... OK - I will be friends with anyone who wants to give me free stuff that I want - LOL

er ... I have kind of Lost half an afternoon and half of an evening ... and the dog would have Liked me to take him for a Long walk ... oh well ... might not be a Long one, but I had better go take him for one now (Luckily neither of us mind walking in the dark).

If I think of any more L stuff , or get Lost in cyberspace and find some more, I will add it here Later ... otherwise this will (all things working ok/etc) post itself in the wee small hours of the morning on Tuesday.


  1. Lovely to see your Blog!! A very funny thing...I have had exactly the same experience this evening - so much for heading off to bed for an early night - it is now midnight and no longer early! I hold you partly responsible for tempting me to retrace some of your interesting Link meanderings. I will go back into 'Free Motion Quilting' when I finish my comment. Take care, Susan (Chaotic of Cook)

  2. Oh I know that Lost feeling so well, too many interesting things and people in cyberspace. Its like a huge sweetshop for the mind. I'll just come on for the odd thing and then discover 2 plus hours have disappeared somewhere.


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