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Sunday, August 01, 2010

This was going to be a post about ... Eggs, etc? ... but now it isn't.

But it isn't now.

I actually did type a post about Eggs, which I was going to leave as a draft until about 3 weeks time when we are up to the letter E with ABC Wednesday (this week is the letter B, which I actually posted already) ... but then I found I already had a half typed E post that I never posted last time we were up to E (which will be Easy to add to and use when the time comes), and also realised that the egg post probably belongs better on Huh? anyway - so I just cut and pasted it into that blog, and posted it - so you can find it over here

but ... while I am logged in, and have this now almost Empty post in the Editor  (oh I don't need to highlight those E words by using capitals - it is a bit too Early for an E post, and I don't need yet another one here - Else I will just have to move one to another blog as well - lol)
so ... now that I have decided to use this post as a weird way to put a link to that other post (on the other blog) in  here (on this blog) ... I figured I would find something else to throw in here and then post it - LOL

so ... what can I find in my recent photos? (well - fairly recent - the most recent ones are not on the computer yet ... I was going to do that this afternoon, but I seem to have totally run out of afternoon ... and kind of missed tea for that matter! ... I guess I probably should go and eat something ... after I post this - lol)
Ah - found something - I could have used this for a B post, had I not already done that - lol

I was walking home from work the other week (must have been the end of June, seeing that was the date on these photos) and there was a flock of pidgeons circling around over the valley I was walking in (actually I was walking over the bridge where the road goes over the creek that is in the valley) ... it looked kind of odd and eirie ... so I decided to try and take some photos as they flew overhead ... with limited success - fast flying birds in fast fading daylight leads to some very blurry photos LOL ... but I kind of like the effect I got in some of them ... like this one:

it almost looks like they were trying to draw or write something (an ampersand gone wrong maybe?)

I took a few photos, and then the birds flew UNDER the bridge (the one I had just walked over ;-)

... and they didn't come out again!!!  (well - they probably did - but most likely not until the next morning)

Yes - it seems that all that circling around was their last bit of flying around stretching their wings or whatever before settling down to roost, under the bridge, for the night! - LOL
(I guess the big metal beams under road bridges are proably a nice safe and dry place to sleep if you are a bird - lol)

er ... I was thinking of posting a bit more stuff in this post ... but had not decided what ... but - I need some food - LOL  ... so I had better go and have some tea (DS cooked something earlier - but what he and his girlfriend didn't eat - he put in a container for his lunch at work tomorrow! ... sod ... oh well - I guess this way I can cook something now, and maybe make plenty of whatever I make so I have some spare for me to take to my work tomorrow as well ;-)

somehow I don't think I am going to get much of my sewing done ... the sewing that I WAS going to do this evening, after I had done the putting photos onto the computer/etc that I WAS going to get done this afternoon ... sigh ...

btw, this afternoon I WAS also going to find some crochet photos, and take some more of things I don't have photos of, so I was ready to put them in my C post next week - maybe that can be my "brain dead" activity to do next Sunday evening after I have been busy doing all the stuff I have to do (meetings/etc/etc) this week and all the stuff I will be doing at the quilt show etc all weekend ...

one more thing B4 I go ... I just found a photo that I took at work a couple of months ago ... I took the photo when I found the 2 drink cans lying around (we use stuff like that for science lessons sometimes, so I tend to collect them, wash them, and keep a supply in a store room) ... and I looked at these particular 2 cans and my mind got to wandering, as it does, and I just couldn't help wondering ... what sort of cocktail would one get if one mixed these 2 drinks? ... and what would it be called? ...

 ... a Mother In Law?!

(actually - my mother in law was really nice ... which is more than what I can say for the probable result of mixing these 2 drinks - seeing I don't like either of them - lol)

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