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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too much technology?

I took this photo with the iPad, in a hotel room, one night last week ...

... And I typed some stuff under the photo b4 I sent it to blogger (good thing I have it set to save emailed posts as drafts rather than publish them as soon as they arrive ;-)
But I got that to copy and paste from the "sent items" to here ... Maybe it was just URLs it didn't want to copy the other night)

The grey thing with green and purple swirls is the "sock" I made for the iPad (well actually it is the second one I made, in a hurry - because I decided to enter the first one in the quilt show, happening shortly, and it needs to be in new, rather than "used" condition ;-)
Under the empty iPad cover is DH's laptop, and around that is the power supply and pile of cords, cordless mouse, his phone and his electric shaver charging in it's thingy ... And there is also the room's DVD player and remote and the heating remote, and a power board full of plugs ... Maybe I should have added my phone and charger and the camera and it's cord/etc and spare batteries and charger - LOL

I think DH thought I was weird when I picked up the iPad and took the photo ;-)

Anyway ... Time to sleep ... Have to get up in the morning and do more fun things like taste wine and cheese and do/see interesting stuff ... LOL

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