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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hair today, gone next week ...

Well - it wont be gone tomorrow, but it will next week! ... Unless they cancel the Worlds Greatest Shave assembly at the school I work at ... (not likely :)

Yes - this coming Thursday (less than a week from now) is entered in my Google calendar as "No hair day" ... because I am going to let somebody shave my head, in front of all the students (and staff) at the school assembly!!
... there are 2 students and another (male) staff member also doing it at the same time ... so hopefully between us we can raise some much needed money for a good cause :)
... and - I will have a rather different new look (I had decided to get a fairly short haircut sometime soon anyway - so I figured why not go all the way and do something useful at the same time :)

If you would like to sponsor me/make a donation to the cause - you can do that here: 

Here is a "before" photo:

... and one from the back - showing just how long my hair is (this is probably about as long as my hair ever grows - has been this long for a while)
apologies for slightly blurry/taken in too much of a hurry photo - the person taking it for me (with my phone :) was rather busy, and was wanted for something while taking this photo, so she kind of snapped in a hurry and dashed off (the front office of a school is rarely ever quiet! LOL)
... I probably should have removed the ball point pen from my pigtail? ... hmmm - I am going to have to find some other creative place to keep a pen once I have hardly any hair! LOL

"After" photos will be forthcoming ... after the event :) 
(How long after depends how busy I am - next week is looking like it is going to be a bit hectic - I have a few different things I have to do/organise, and my life is still rather all over the place/up in the air - so it may take a day or 5 for me to get a chance post photos here.)

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