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Thursday, May 02, 2013

we apologise for this break in transmission, normal service will resume eventually :)

Sorry for my lack of posts here (or anywhere else, for that matter) ... I do still exist ... I just kind of got busy, and life got in the way ... and then I made myself even more busy doing even more stuff, to distract myself from stuff going on in my life that I was not happy about ... or something like that ... and then, on top of all the other stuff going on - something that came as a total surprise to me - my husband walked out on me (with no intention of coming back) on Good Friday.
... so now I still have all the other stuff going on/to worry about ... and all the stuff to sort out that has to be sorted out when, after about 25 years being part of a couple, one suddenly finds oneself having to do it all alone ... and having to work out what the heck I am now going to do with the rest of my life, and start sorting out stuff to do with property settlement, and all the other legal/etc stuff ... not to mention sorting out a house full of stuff (some mine, some ours, some his ... but none of which he wants - he took a few things, and bought a heap of new stuff when he found a place to rent) ... so I think I might be a bit busy to blog much for the next few months ... but I have been meaning to get back to blogging, and I like blogging ... so I will be back ... eventually ;)
Meanwhile ... I do still tweet stuff here and there ... my tweets (and a link to me on Twitter) should be showing up here in my blog, provided it is still working - lol

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