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Sunday, March 08, 2009

G ... etc

Oops ... late again ... here I am posting my ABC Wednesday post on a Saturday - LOL
(actually ... it is the wee small hours of Sunday now ... I logged in, to quickly finish this and post it, in the wee small hours of Saturday then realised I needed to add all the photos, and I was tired - so I decided I would just do it later instead ... but I was out for most of today and I kind of didn't get around to getting in here and doing it during the evening ... so I am here doing it now ... even though it is late and I am tired again ... AND I have to get up and go places in the morning ... lol

I actually had couple of ideas that I typed into a draft post a while back ... I have done that for a few letters if I have thought of ideas for them already ...

so I guess I had better post something about

G ... grasslands, grasshopper, greeblies?

I live near the Dunlop grasslands, which are actually a couple of grassy paddocks left in between the houses that have now been built all around them ... the Government manage the weed problem by allowing a farmer to Graze his sheep in there every now and then ... and the mob of sheep are protected by a pair of Gaurd Alpacca ... and they do a Great job too (it was rather funny the day our Golden retriever snuck off ahead of us and jumped through the Gap in the Gate and Got about 1/3 of the way to the dam, which he likes to sneak in to for a swim, before he noticed the alpacca that was standing between him and the dam ... the dog stopped and looked, the alpacca stamped his feet ... and the dog never Got his swim that day - lol)


I have a few photos of those ... somewhere ...
here is one on my finger!

I may have posted that on here already ... or maybe I put it in the "animals on fingers" flickr group or something ... I wonder why I used that one instead of this one?

cute, isn't it?

oh oh - where is it?
ah - over here on the Grass ...

hmmm ... some of our lawn was actually still Green back then ... it isn't now ...

Talking about grass ... lol

Grass ... i grew some grass at work ... photo in same folder as above!
well I guess that makes it easy to find again now - lol

A teacher wanted me to Germinate some wheat seeds, for their science class to look at ... they asked for a lot but only used a few - lol
so I Grabbed the leftovers and threw them in a (Green - lol) ice cream container with some potting mix and let them Grow ...

G is also for Greening Australia ... who organise community tree planting days, which I sometimes Go to ... this one was in a place with a Great view:

goldfish ... 2007Dec3 ... swimming in circles ... post video (should be in there) too?

actually - I decided that video clip belongs on my Huh? blog - so I just put it there in a post called "Something fishy"

... but I will put a photo of the Goldfish in here:

weird, isn't it? LOL

link to greebly looking greenish merangues on Huh?
yes why not - that post (which I think I only put up there last week) is here
I probably could post some other Gross and/or Grotty Greebly pictures on here ... but it is Getting (has Got?!) rather late (after 3am - oops), and there are already lots of Greeblies in some of my other posts ... including eyeballs and stuff - lol

G is also for Getting excited ... and worried about what I still need/want to get organised - it is only 2 weeks until Mum and I head off on our Great adventure to Dubai, Turkey and Egypt ... and I have Got a lot of stuff I need to Get done first ... both at work and at home ...

Gee ... it is getting really late ... I had better Go to bed ... Goodnight ...

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  1. What a very cool G post. Even if it is a few days late : ). I love green grass : ). Grasshoppers aren't my favorite but I totally dig your pictures! Cool as can be!


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