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Friday, March 13, 2009


Here I am, late for ABC Wednesday yet again - How unusual (not - LOL)

now what can I think of to post for the letter "Huh" ...

ah Ha! - there is an idea - I can link to my Huh blog! - where I am also posting a photo of a rather interesting "How to" article I found in a pile of old encyclopaedias a friend threw out (I decided to "rescue" them from the "throw it in the bin" pile and take them to the op shop, just in case someone actualy wants them (I Hate the idea of throwing books in the rubbish!)

I Have just put that particular post Here

Talking about "How to" - there are rather a lot of really weird (and interesting) "how to" type websites out there!
(like the couple I mentioned in that post on my other blog ... lol)

H ... is also for hotel ... I will be staying in quite a few of those in the next couple of months - LOL

Also, for a few years my family used to run a Hotel ... I still Have an old T shirt, that was one of a pile that that they found in the back of a store room - it Has a picture (line drawing) of the Hotel on it and says "Doug and Freida's Muswellbrook Hotel" on it ... I wonder if I can find it ... probably not ... (besides - it is in the bedroom where DH is asleep and I want to post this tonight ... not that it is "tonight" any more ... it is now just past Midnight!)

[at which time I decided to go to bed and post this later! ... so it is now Friday night instead of Thursday night ... sigh ... DH is not asleep, yet, but I still am not going to bother finding and taking a phot of that t shirt - lol]

H is also for Hermit crab ... one of the teachers at the school I worked at decided that she would buy some as pets for the science area ... but she was only there for a term (temporary replacement for someone on leave) ... so I kind of "inherited" them for the Christmas Holidays ... poor things - they don't breed in captivity, and don't always live that long either (the lot from work sure didn't ... sigh) - not what I would consider a good thing to try and keep as a pet - why not just leave them at the beach where they belong? ...
... like this one we found at the beach when we were in Adelaide just over a year ago:

cute isn't it?

I am sure there are Heaps more H things I could post about ... but I want to actually POST this and go to bed - LOL

Although I was going to post something about making baskets/etc out of Hay ... I could have posted it in G, for grass, too (except that I did it after I posted my G post - lol) ... but I guess it will have to be another post, if I get time I might do it before I go away ... otherwise you will have to wait until I remember about it ... if I ever do - LOL

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  1. I loved your story and the way you are telling it, it reminds me a bit of me. And the only word I can think of in this case would be 'hilarious'.


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