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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fur And Prickles

Fur and prickles:

The fur says "touch me" but the prickles say "don't" ...

... kind of an interesting contrast isn't it?

It is Funny how things seem to work out like that sometimes.

Friends and Family can be like that (both soft and prickly) too ...
(and I know I can)

btw - that photo is a close up of part of an Echidna ... the same echidna (but different photo) that DH and I saw the other day, and I posted about in my ABC Wednesday E post later that evening ... turns out it was just Fine For my F post too!

... mind you ... I could have just made do with dog and cat Fur if I had to ... lol

(there are also more furry animal photos on Spot, The Blog)

or Fancy some Fireworks? (if so you will have to search the www or something - I want to get this post Finished, so I can't be bothered spending Forever hunting around in Folders trying to Find some decent photos of them ... most of the ones I take turn out a but dodgy)

... or a Friend on my Fingers:

well ... it wasn't on my finger, but it was sort of walking that way ... except I don't think it was walking ... and it seemed to want to walk UP my arm when it did walk!
I found it while I was pulling some weeds out of the garden yesterday, so I moved it to a different bit of garden, where I wasn't going to accidently Flatten it or something unFortunate like that ...

or Fish in a bucket ... and the dog Finding them and Fishing For them with his Feet.

F is also for Finally - the Finish of this post?

(or the Fact that I have Finally posted it?! ... although it isn't quite as late as the E post was ...)

btw - Luckily For those who don't like yucky stuff - I Forgot to take a photo of Fungus, or some Flies ... (or something Festy or Festering or Foetid)

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  1. I probably should have mentioned Fabric, and Furry yarn, in that post - seeing I am into all sorts of textile art/etc and have so much of the stuff!
    ... but I guess you will Find lots of Fabric and Fuzzy/Fluffy yarn etc in quite a Few of my other blog posts ... lol


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