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Sunday, July 17, 2005

- in case you are wondering ...

Do I still exist?

... yes - just been busy doing other stuff (taking daughter to a dance thing in Sydney, trying to finish the quilts I have entered in the quilt show, etc.)

... but what I am really posting about is the other thing that someone who has actually READ some of this blog might be wondering about, if they read my last post (on July 1st)
- u might be wondering why I was "rabbiting on" about working out how to upload photos and how easy it was and why I stuck a photo of a bowl of chillis up there ... when there are a whole pile of photos in my earlier posts!? ... well - that is because those other photos are not actually ON the blogger site where by blog is - the way we used to have to do it was to put them elsewhere and link to them (which is what I did) ... but they changed things so now we can put the photos directly into our blog and they are on this same site - which makes things even easier (yippee).

... I guess, now that I have told everyone how easy it is to put photos up here, I will have to put some more up here ... LOL
but first - I have to actually take some more photos, then get around to putting them on the computer, then get around to decideing what photos to put here, and fiddle with them so they look good (like cropping off useless bits of background, resizing them, etc), then I have to actually get around to logging in here and actually putting them here!

... now u can see why I sign my e-mails with ...

disorganised in Dunlop


btw - i used to sign them with ...

yes - you guessed it -

up too late as usual

... and yes - I am ...

up too late, as usual



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