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Monday, April 23, 2012

Nets, and some other Nutty stuff ...

? apropos of Nothing ... or something like that ...
This is actually a post that I did NOT get around to posting back when I wrote it, so it is Not all New Now.

I Kind of didn't get around to a K post, for ABC Wednesday, and Lost the chance to do L in time ... Much the same for M ... so Now it is ... er - make that "was" ... N time (in fact it is Nearly too late for that!) ... lets hope this one doesn't end up as "Oops" ;-)
No - worse maybe - I was Naughty and "lost" it in among my draft posts for a year or so - LOL

The other day week month ... last year, I think I did take a photo of Nancy and her Nice, Nifty, Nets ... and she said she didn't mind if I used the photo on my blog ;-)

[ insert nancy net photo here if I can FIND it]

ok ... that might be easier said than done, but I am finding a few other N photos while I am looking:

a ?yabby Net that the dog fished out of a local dam 

... I think whoever left it there was probably a bit Naughty - as far as I know one is Not allowed to use that sort of Net in this area.

I also found a photo of some Nutrigrain:

... why was I playing with Nutrigrain at work? 
 - I was doing this:
 - setting up a rather odd science practical lesson ... the nutrigrain and beads and stuff were "prey" and the students got to use forks/spoons/skewers/etc to be different types of predators.

I also get to clean up the mess after science lessons ... and sometimes I get some odd things come back from the classroom ... something definitely looks Not quite right (in fact definitely wrong) here:
The brownish one is what it is meant to look like ... not sure what they did to the other one ... from the colour of it I would say one "delightful" student decided that it needed to be refilled with copper sulphate, or copper chloride ... sigh ... 

Something also looks a bit Not right with this beer label:
 ... or is it just me who thinks there is something a bit unfortunate with the placement of the dark tip on that Thylacine's ear? (if you click on the photo you should get a closer look ;-)

N is also for Nose:
... welll - Diesel's Nose kind of IS in the middle of this photo ;-)

More "Not right" - it may have been a Nice fence, before some Naughty Nutcase wrote on it with a spray can!

some more Nutty things:
 ... the results of me messing around with some dog hair at a friend's dog grooming salon ;-)

a Nice place to sleep?
 Spook seems to think I put that bunch of grass on the chair just so her head would be in the shade ;-)

Not right line markings? 

Nice view! - from on top of The Nut, at Stanley, Tasmania (while on holidays there a while back)

... and I finally found the photos of Nancy and her Nets! LOL

She also gave me a URL ... which she wrote (Neatly?) on a bit of paper ... I wonder where I put that? lol
actually I think I found that and went there, and the page didn't exist ... but I got the correct URL a bit later on - ... a site which I never did get around to having a decent look at, but (looking at it quickly now) I think I could get lost on there for a rather long time - LOL
actually I think that was a newer URL ... I am sure the original one she gave me was on blogspot - ah - here it is also interesting to look at (gives an explanation of what it was/is all about) but hasn't been posted to since last year.

Now ... for some other N related, and hopefully Not too Nasty, Nuttiness from the InterNet ...

I often go here - What Not to Crochet er ... now I have to go find that link - LOL 
- it can be found here:
(oh dear ... there are a few New things since I last looked, and some are downright Nasty! ;-)

there are also some what Not to knit sites too ... and I wonder how long before this - Knit Your Own Royal Wedding - will appear on those?! (er - that kind of gives away just how LONG ago I started writing this blog post! lol)
(or this, for that matter - Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches
... and I can Not leave out this Nutty crochet version - Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute Crochet )
If they were going to, they probably have by Now, but I an Not going to go check ;-)
I suppose, before I post this mess, I should also check if those links still work? lol  
(yes - they do ... they are actually books one can buy on the Amazon website ;-)

I was probably going to add some more Nonsense in here, but I think this post is now more than long eNough ;-)

btw ... just an interesting thing I Noticed as I was checking for typos (some of which I am sure to have Not Noticed), and looking to make sure I had Not forgotten to add any URLs/etc - this post contains NO tweets - LOL
(although I am fairly sure I have posted at least one of these photos to Facebook at some stage ;-)

Now, it is time to post this, add my URL to the list of Nutty N stuff on  and go and watch the News ...

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  1. You did a great job with the letter N. I enjoyed this post very much. Nice! Carver, ABC Wednesday Team


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