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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Journal quilts ... etc

er ... I decided it was about time I added some photos of my April and May journal quilts ... then I realised that I have not actually added photos of March, or my second version of February! ... so I guess I had better put those here too ... LOL

February - yes ... I already did one, then I realised that the quilts will be traveling around the country and might even end up going overseas - so maybe real gum leaves, feathers, and a dead weed are not good things to put in one ... so I made another version of the same design/idea, but this time without the leaves/feather/weed in it ...

now what DID I call it? ... oh yes - "Primal Stirrings"

March - "Journey - Chasing The Dream"

... it is sort of about the journey of life, and about following your dreams (with a Kangaroo sequin with a gold star for all the athletes chasing gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, which were in March, in Melbourne)

[later edit - Feb 2008! - the above quilt is on page 77 of this month's issue (Feb '08) of the magazine Down Under Quilts! ... there were several other people's journal quilts in there too - they are part of an article about these journal quilts, and how a group of us each chose 5 quilts, which were then exhibited as a group at several quilt shows/etc around Australia, during 2007]

Then I didn't get much quilty stuff done at all in April and May (but I did do some crochet) ... I made my April quilt in the middle of May and my May one on the last day of May and the first day of June ...

April - "Tropical Dreams"

this one was actually inspired by a few things - mostly the trip to Queensland to visit my Parents (who live on the Sunshine Coast) ... DD was spotting Frangipanni flowers from the train window as soon as we got to Sydney (they don't grow too well here in Canberra ) and she was also pointing out any other nice tropical looking flowers she saw , and while we were up in Queensland I took quite a few photos of flowers/leaves/etc in Mum's garden, and then, after getting back from Queensland I got to go to Bowen Island (Near Nowra) for the weekend (doing some conservation volunteers stuff) and there was a frangipanni bush next to the hut we slept in ... I probably should have called the quilt "Sub-tropical dreams" because we didn't actually go far enough north to be in the tropics - LOL

May - "If I Can't See It - Then It Isn't There?"

actually I only just named this one (and the April one) earlier this evening! (when I put the photos up on the yahoogroups page for the yahoogroup that I am doing these things with/for) ... I kind of forgot I had not actually decided on names for them until I re-sized/etc the pictures and went to save them, and realised they had no names!
the May one was a weird idea that came to me sometime (I think it was actually in late March or early April, but then I had the other idea for April ;-) ... I think it was when I was kind of daydreaming and thinking of quilt ideas and stuff (like "what on Earth do I make to enter in the quilt show this year?" and "when will I actually find time to make it?" lol) and this idea came from somewhere in the weird universe that exists in the back of my mind (the place where a lot of my ideas come from ) ... hmmm - maybe I was trying to tell myself something?

Now ... let's hope that if I can see it in "preveiw" then it IS there ... because it isn't all there in here ... I know - that doesn't make sense - I think the editor thingy where I am writing this is/was having a bit of a hissy fit ... it didn't like me uploading a big photo ... so I made them smaller (which I probably should have done anyway, but I was being lazy) then it didn't like doing all 4 photos at once, even though it all looked like it was working ... they just never turned up in here like they are supposed to ... they did work when I did them again, one by one ... but the first 2 I did just show up as an "x" (in a box) in here ... but they look ok in the "preveiw" thingy ... methinks computers/etc have a mind of their own ...

... hmmm - now there's an interesting concept (which I think I actually thought of a year or more ago) - now that the internet is so huge, and so much stuff is connected together ... and it seems to have a mind of it's own ... what if it actually DOES?! ... what if that much information all connected together with all those various applications/etc just happens to all connect in such a way that the internet becomes conscious ... and some stream of bits and bytes and stuff flying around in cyberspace says to itself "I think, therefore I am"?

I think I ought to be asleep, therefore I am going to bed ... soon ... LOL

(after I have a drink/etc and dig up something to wear tomorrow and do whatever else I may have decided I had to do before I went to bed but have forgotten about ... )

... goodnight

(well - it will be a good night if this thing actually lets me publish it this time ... it stuffed up the first time - I think there is something not working with the intenet and/or the stupid ISP - a few things are having a go-slow tonight ... I got a "can't load page" message instead of "your post has been published" - not a good sign - LOL - my "edit posts" page said it was there but it wasn't on my blog and it came up 404 when I tried to edit it ... but when I finally got the browser to go back to this page it was still here - thank goodness that is one thing that does seem to work ok ... it never did that with geocities - once something I had been working on was gone - it was gone - and no amount of going "back" etc would ever find it again ... )

... I think blogger died ... at least the log in/post to your blog part has - it won't even let me log in ... luckily I copied this and saved it before I hit the "publish" button ... just in case ... now I just have to remember to dig it out and try to post it sometime ... LOL

but first ... had to have one more try to log in, before I left the room ... and it let me log in at last ... and all the stuff was still in here! (except the bit that I had typed where I had saved a copy - so I copied that in here - lol

now ... let's see if they have actually fixed the problem ...

(if they have not, then this will have to wait ... I have to get up and go to work in the morning!)

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  1. They look great!

    It's interesting that people have the same misconceptions about quilting as they do with knitting, and crochet - that it's a grandma thing, and that everything made out of those arts are dorky and uninteresting.

    Quilting is still an unknown art to me, and it's great to see works that don't fit into my narrow knowledge of quilting.


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