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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Approximately August 1989 - 3 August 2006


If my maths is ok, that is almost 17 years - not bad for a tortiseshell moggie who had cat flu when we got her from the pet shop ...

(btw, this photo was taken a week or 2 ago, while she was doing one of her favourite things - sleeping in some of my fabric!)

... talking about fabric - I have a quilt to finish, right now - it needs me to sew a few more beads and stuff onto it, before I deliver it tomorrow - it is one of my exhibition quilts ... I was up rather late sewing beads and stuff on it last night, most of the time with Pixel on my lap - kind of a nice way to say goodbye (we noticed she was too sick to eat sometime after the vets had closed, and we had a fair idea that the trip to the vet in the morning might be a one way trip ... Diesel (the dog) was rather upset when the catbox came back empty ... and Spook (the other cat) is on my lap right now ... but that is nothing unusual for her ... she seems to think that having a cat lying over my arms helps me type better )

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