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Saturday, June 02, 2007


There are not enough hours in each day ...

eek! look how late it is already, and I am still in here mucking around with this (and posting stuff on ) instead of finding my sewing room under the mess and working out what I am going to enter in the Canberra Quilters exhibition this year ... entries are due in just under 2 weeks time, and as usual - I have not even started anything yet ... LOL

hmmmm ... I wonder if that clock will show the right time once I publish this post? (it does have a thing to choose the right time zone ... and it looked right on the page I got the html code from ... but I am typing this just after 4pm and when I preview this post the clock says it is just after 6! ... oh well ... if it doesn't work it doesn't work - that is what often happens when you put stupid free junk on your web page/blog/etc ... lol)

btw ... talking about time - I never seem to get time to answer people's comments on my blog posts ... but I DO read them ... and I often go to the link to their blog and sometimes I leave a comment there ... LOL
but - I did just put a comment on my own blog - an answer to a question about how I made that big black bag ... when I work out how to find an extra 50 hours in each day, I might get around to doing some more of that sort of patchwork and take some photos and post some "how I did it" photos on here ... but don't get too eager - it could take a while ... pigs might fly first ... LOL

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