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Friday, October 05, 2007

Beep beep beep ...

50 years ago yesterday (oops - bit late - I found out about it when there was only 5 minutes of "yesterday" left!), The Russians "threw" a basketball sized object into orbit ...

... I wasn't born yet so I guess that is why I don't remember it, but apparently everyone and their dog sat around their radios listening for the "beep beep beep" being broadcast from Sputnik as it orbited the Earth ...

... the world sure has changed a bit since then ... LOL

Technological change ... who would have thought I would be writing all this waffle that anybody in the world (well - anyone with an internet connection) could read?

Social change ... ditto - and who would have thought I would have more friends who I had met online than in the real world?

... and now kids don't walk to their mate's places to see if they can play with them - they IM each other or ring on their mobile phones!

and Climate change ... which is probably as inevitable as the other 2 I have mentioned, but the likely outcome is something we can forsee - if we don't do something to at least slow down the change then things are not going to be as good as if we do ... I don't want to see what happens if/when the ice caps melt ... or worse ... especially if it is my fault ... and you and I can do stuff to help ... not only to stop global warming, but to do the right thing for our planet in many ways ... we as a species don't have to keep taking more than we give ...

No - I am not telling you all to sell up and live in a hippy commune and become raging greenies ... just that we can all do a few things to be less wasteful/nicer to the environment/etc ... and a lot of them can save you money and/or are healthier for you anyway.

"Huh?" ? ... how did I just manage to use Sputnik to introduce a post about the new "save the planet" thingy I just put in my side-bar? ... er ... it just fell out of the keyboard ... LOL

pity my promised post with pictures/scans of my TAST stitches, and/or a post or 3 about some more of the other stuff I have been doing lately, has not "fallen out of the keyboard" yet ... sigh ...
like some shampoo advert used to say - "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen"
... eventually ...

I will dig out all the bits of stitching, and work out what is what, sometime in the next few days ... then I can scan the bits I have not got images of (and also those that I have taken photos of, but have not blogged yet - because scans will probably work better than the photos I have taken ;-) then I can finally get around to blogging about them, and while I am at it I can make a note of what ones I wanted to do some more with - then I will have at least one thing organised to take and work on at the quilting retreat I am going to the weekend after this one ... LOL

... Most of my stuff I want to do/finish, and that would be easy to organise, requires either using the sewing machine for at least the next part of it - and machines are not allowed on this retreat - they made that rule because sewing machines are too noisy for people to be able to talk/etc ... (or sleep - the bedrooms are all around the outside of the central area where we sit and sew/etc.) or it requires me to dig out stuff from my stash/etc as i go ... which is a bit hard if I am not at home with my stash ... so I need to hurry up and find/organise some stuff I want to work on, something that requires some hand sewing/etc, that I can find and take all the bits I am likely to need for it ... stuff like my TAST stitching, and hopefully some crazy quilting if I can find what fabrics I want to use and machine piece the block(s) to do it on before I go ...

- I have a few stitches that I had more ideas for but didn't have time to play with at the time, and I will also have about 4 weeks of stitches to catch up on - yes I am actually more behind than I have been all year - I have not done the last couple weeks stitches yet, and I have not even looked at what this week is - oops! (I have now - just went and looked ;-) but I only let myself get behind a couple weeks now because I have been busy doing other things, and it will give me some stuff to work on at the quilt retreat ;-) and if I don't catch up there, I will be able to catch up in the next few weeks anyway, because I won't be busy doing stuff for quilt shows/exhibitions/etc or whatever ... and I probably won't be doing a lot of other quilty stuff because I intend to finish sorting out my sewing room ... so the TAST stitches will be a good thing to do in front of the TV when I want to sew instead of crochet ... lol

hmmm ... now ... shall I do a full circle back to Sputink? - I bet a lot more people were tuned in and listening to the "beep beep beep" of Sputnik than are reading this blog (I guess my blog is not new and interesting like Sputnik was ... it's like most of the "space junk" up there now - just another blob in the crowd - lol) ... in fact I am quite surprised that there are one or 2 of you still checking in here and posting comments! (even my Mum never gets around to reading it! ... but then she is on dial up internet and not really into reading blogs and stuff ... she probably would read it if I remembered to e-mail her the posts ;-)

space junk ... hmmm ... could be another quilt idea there ... lol

(or maybe I could do a freeform crochet thingy?)

maybe I should go to bed ... before the sun comes up or something ... LOL

but before I go - methinks this post needs a picture or 2 ...

Seeing I have been waffling on about being green and re-using stuff and whatever - here is a picture of my plastic shopping bag that I crocheted from cut up plastic shopping bags:

I actually made this a year or more ago ... I gathered up a colourful collection of plastic bags from the supermarket, cut them into strips - across the bag so the strips are actually loops - that way I could loop them together to create some plastic "yarn" to crochet with ... then I just started crocheting until I ended up with a bag (pattern? ... wot's a pattern? - sorry - didn't use one! ... bit I could probably write one for this bag if people want me to ... just not sure when ... lol)

And ... just to show that I do sometimes make more "normal" stuff:

This is a photo of me (taken during the TASDA exhibiton a couple of weeks ago) wearing a beanie and scarf that I crocheted, using some "ice coloured" yarn ... no, I didn't use a pattern for those either ... lol
I didn't model those in the fashion parade, someone else did, but I got someone to take a photo in case they sold ... they didn't ... sigh ...
btw, I also made the patchwork/quilted vest that I am wearing in the photo ... the blue fabric was a packet of scraps that a well known Aussie quilter, Margaret Rolfe, posted to me (we know each other becasue we are both members of Canberra Quilters, and she knew I liked doing stuff with odd little scraps, so she sent them to me) ... the weird thing was - I made the vest, and finished the last bit of it off in a hurry so I could wear it to the opening of a quilt exhibition ... and when I was looking at the quilts I realised that one of them was actualy the quilt that the scraps were from!

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  1. I read your blog (when you post ;))
    love the hat and scarf. what a good idea with the bag. I must learn to crochet


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