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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A pile of old photos of crochet and stuff ...

I found all these while I was typing a blog post about how Geocities was closing down - which will now be posted shortly AFTER this one (so that for those who want to keep reading it like it was one post can just keep reading down the page to this one - lol) - most of them didn't really relate to the first part of that post, so I decided to put them in their own post instead - LOL

Anyway ...

... snip snip ... where is the glue? ... oh there ...

here are all those photos I just found:

I am not sure what this is ...

... or why I crocheted it.

This one is a discloth (or could be used as a face washer or doily or whatever)

I crocheted it for a swap/exchange I was doing on the Australiacrochet yahoogroup.
(and I made the design up as I went, so there is no pattern for this one anywhere ... yet ...)

This is one of a pile of little bears I crocheted ...

... I am not sure if this was one I swapped, or just one of the many I made because I was having fun making them at the time ... lol
(I got the idea from a bear pattern that a friend wrote, but I changed just about everything in the pattern so it isn't the same pattern any more ... but I have never actually written the "pattern" down ... I might do that one year ... )

This is a milk jug cover I made

the tassel is because I ended up with a different number of stitches around the outside than I needed for the pattern of the edging (last 2 rows) to work out evenly - so I did my usual and fudged something - which I actually like - lol
(hmmm, I think I used someone's else's pattern for this, or at least for the middle bit, but I can't remember what pattern it was or where I got it ... somewhere on the www I think ... not really helpful eh?)

This is a small bowl I made ...

... and beside it is the rest of the roll of the garden string that I crocheted it with!
(if something can be tied in a knot - I will have a go at crocheting with it!)
I think I used a coaster pattern as the basic idea, but changed it so it doesn't lie flat like the coaster did.

This is not crochet

it is a tiny quilt I made for a friend, for her birthday. I think it was also my first bit of "stipple quilting" ... but not my last ...
(I can't remember where I got that foundation peiced cat block design from - I probably got given a copy of it at a craft group I used to go to about 15 years ago, but I have seen it a lot of times, in a lot of places (books, websites, quilts, etc) since then).

here is a bookmark I crocheted

I think I made that one up as I went.

but I used a pattern for these 2 drink coasters

but again ... not sure offhand what pattern I used (one I found free on the www, probably when I did a google search for "free crochet coaster patterns" or somesuch)

This is a Christmas quilt I made ...

using quilt blocks that other people made - I went in a swap that we had on a quilty yahoogroup I am on ... I have actually been in several swaps on that group, but I think this is the only one where I have actually made a quilt out of the blocks ... in fact this was the blocks from 3 Christmas swaps, from 3 different years! (an angel block swap, and 2 different Christmas star/tree block swaps)

I tend not to go in many swaps now ... well not block swaps ... but I did just join in and do an "inchie" swap on an art quilt list ... if I have not done so sooner, I will try to remember to post about the "inchies" when we get up to the letter I again for that ABC Wednesday thing ... if we do another round that is (we are up to Z this week, not sure if it is starting at A again or not)

Ah ... found a couple of what I was looking for - those crochet squares that I wrote patterns for, and posted on my geocities page

This one is "Within"

and this one is "from big things, little things grow"

(I think, when I named this one, I was feeling inspired by a song with that same title - lol)

and these are a pile of other squares I crocheted around the same time as I designed those 2

the last 2 are the ones I designed, the rest are all from patterns found on the www and the URLs posted to the Australiacrochet yahoogroup
- we were doing a weekly mystery square at the time ... and, at the time, I was the person who was finding the URLs and posting them ... so I have a huge collection of granny square URLs ... somewhere ... lol
... if anyone reading this (IS anyone reading this?! lol) actually wants the URL for the pattern for any of these - leave a comment telling me which one (they all have numbers on them in the photo) and provided the pattern is still up at the same place it was back in 2002 (some of them are not), I can look up the URL for it in the list I have.

er ... I probably should stop looking for photos now - seeing this post has got rather long - LOL

but first ... a quick peek in the other couple of folders of photos from that year, to see if any other names jump out at me (I am just browsing the file names as I upload them, rather than opening up any photo software - because doing that seems to be what this poor old computer doesn't like ... and it also takes longer to find photos if I do that because I always get lost/side-tracked in there doing other stuff - lol)

hmmm ... a log cabin quilt block I made

I am not sure if this is the one I made into a pin cushion for a swap, or if this is the other one, that I still have not made into anything (I made 2 blocks almost the same, using the same fabrics - the idea was so i could make 2 pincushions - one for the swap and one for me ... the swap one got finished at the last minute so I could swap it ... and the other one didn't ... lol)

and ... probably a good photo to end with - 2 more crochet squares - another "pattern" that I made up

... I gave it a name, but I am not sure if I ever wrote this one out as a pattern. (I probably should one day - because I like it ... lol)

now ... back to that other post - lol

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  1. Yep, somebody is reading, and I like that square too, though I try to avoid crocheting whenever I can. Unless I am making Christmas trees.
    Judy B


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