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Monday, September 28, 2009

Exciting Stuff?

... or just plain boring?

You can decide that - I just write the stuff - LOL

... if you can call this "writing" LOL
(which is probaly why I have decided to do a weird little Experiment with this post - it is explained in the other bit of red writing further down the page - which I actually wrote after all the blue stuff, but before this bit ... lol)

er ... this Ended up being an Even weirder Experiment than I planned (and probably not very Exciting at all) - seeing I am now typing this black writing several weeks after I typed all the other stuff! - ABC Wednesday is now up to the letter K!
(I posted something for F, and missed G, H, I and J ... and have a K post scheduled to post itself in a couple of days time when it is due) ... I wrote my F post early (probably in between writing the first few bits of this one) and I scheduled it to post itself when it was due ... which it did ... then I kind of got busy ... oops? or should that be Eek!?

I was thinking of doing my E post a bit Early, but I Didn't finish my D post Early Enough to Do that - LOL

I could post something about my DD, Erin - but I am not sure the sort of people who would find that Exciting are the sort of people I have (or even want to have) reading this blog - LOL
(Er ... that whole concept of people getting ... er ... Excited by looking at pictures of children/minors is just a little disturbing - lets not go there?)

Evening I figured, when I wrote the blue bits last night, that this would be a good place to start when I came back this Evening ... [so - start here!] ok ok - I am (eek - I am also talking to myself!) ... and I am also cheating and actually writing this bit last night - LOL

(which is why it is a blueish green ... or is teal a greenish blue?)

Anyway ...

er ... ok ... considering how little sense this blog post is going to make - do I bother writing about these things or just leave them as jotted down ideas and post about them next time around?


eggsamples of eggs even?

I do have a good egg photo ... I took it yesterday ... but I think it deserves a post all of it's own - so I will do that later ... if not soon, then maybe I can save it for later in the year when we get around to the letter E again?!
(or if ABC Wednesday stops, I might just work my way through the alphabet again anyway ... it is a good excuse to TRY and post every week ... but as you can see - it doesn't always work!)

and, of course, I did say in my D post that I could put some photos of Egypt in here ... if I had the time I could put Even more than "some" - I took an Extremely large quantity of photos on my overseas trip.

Even Eastern Turkey ?











Extraterrestrials ... terrestrials - Earthlings


Earth wires?!

(er ... I did just post about that ... well I just wrote it ... it will post itself the day after tomorrow)

[er ... that kind of gets complicated ... one thing leads to another ... or more than one other ... and it all goes pear shaped because it isn't linear!]

(maybe I need to re-draw these notes as a kind of diagramy thingy? with arrows and lines and circles and stuff ... [do that, scan it, and stick it in here?!]

ah ... here (in red, below) is the other bit that explains what weird thing I am doing with this blog post (and why it doesn't really make any sense at all ;-)

maybe I should put the stuff I wrote tonight (quick jottings of the few ideas I had already thought of while doing my D post, and a pile of other weird stuff I thought of as I jotted ...) in blue ... then when I come back later (tomorrow I hope) to finish this I should just add to it in a different colour (and if it takes longer than one "session" of sitting here typing, then change to yet another colour) so Everyone can get all Excited about seeing what my posts start with and how they Evolve and then how they Eventually End up looking?! ... now that could be an interesting Experiment! [and this yellow can be the equivalent of highlighter/post it notes?!]
[ then I can get down to buisness and write most of it in grey green then do my adding/edditing/putting more bits in stuff in purple ?]
er yeah ... and come back several weeks later, and take 5 minutes to find a colour I like that I have not already used for something else, and finish this poor Excuse for a blog post!

I guess this Experiment is a bit different to the ones the students do at the school I work at ... talking about work - I have work tomorrow - so why am I still UP?! (yes this is a bit darker blue because I actually added it after the red bits - but I did it tonight, before saving this and logging out, which I am now about to do).

Hmmm - this post is going to be a bit more all over the place/Everywhere than usual - it could End up being Extremely hard to follow. I guess you will just have to concentrate Extra hard? LOL

ok, now where was I? (out of my mind maybe?)



(does it Ever End at the end?

or is it Endless?

erk! - an endless endoscope?!


on that note ... I probably should just give up?!

[and set this to post itself tomorrow or sometime, and hope nobody notices? ... or put a date that is about a year ago so nobody actually finds it? lol]

... I would put the time/date on this for right now, except that I just posted something a little while ago and want this on a different day ... but it will be tomorrow in a few hours time, so I might set it to go out just after midnight ...

so how come I suddenly have time to do 3 blog posts all at once? ... well ... the quilt show is over, the ACTTAA exhibition is over ... and it is school holidays for the next 2 weeks ... and I don't have a deadline for something that has to be made/done tomorrow (although I do have some red inchies to make and post sometime in the next few days ... but I do have the next few days to make them in ;-)

I wonder if the date will change itself and do silly things on this one (it did with the next one, so it ended up showing up on my blog, but after some Editing/fiddling I managed to fix it so it vanished/hid itself again, and is scheduled to appear again on Tuesday)
but then I had to spend ages and ages fiddling with html tags that seem to have ended up all over the place and caused an error message (and not letting me post it until I manage to fix whatever one of the (not sure how many but it seems like more than 50) of those particular pairs of html tags had a missing "partner" - aaaaaahhhhrrrgggghhhhh!)

hmmm - this has probably got to be my weirdest (and worst?) blog post Ever!

btw ... I just noticed I still have most of a Z post, and part of a post about N and some ideas for O/etc, saved as drafts - from last time around - I guess I will have to try to use them when we get up to those letters this time - LOL

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