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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

W ... is for Where have I been and Why have I not posted for a few Weeks?

What? ... actually I have not been anywhere ... but I have been busy ...

Anyone who actually reads this blog (there are one of 2 of you I think ;-) is probably wondering Where I am ... especially seeing I Was supposed to be posting something every Week, for Wednesday ABC ... in Which We just happen to be up to the letter W this Week - LOL

The second last thing I posted here (besides the post on Christmas day) was a few Weeks ago, back in November, when I cheated and posted about the letters Q and R at the same time. I did start writing a post that covered the letters S and T ... but I didn't have time to put the photos in at the time, and I kind of never got time to do that ... I might do that sometime soon, or maybe I should save it for the next time we get up to the letters S and T, if Wednesday ABC keeps going for another round. (if it doesn't, maybe I should just work my way through the alphabet again anyway? ... then I could do U for Up too late, and V for very busy/Very disorganised or somesuch?)

Anyway ... What else should I Write about for W?


yes - Why not ... how about a link to a Weird TV advert, which is currently airing here in Canberra, about saving (not Wasting ;-) Water -

Why Would I Want to post about a TV commercial?

Well ... becuase I am IN it!

... somewhere ... lol

It was filmed about 12 weeks ago, during the last lot of school holidays, and I got to jump on a mini bus With a few other people and go and be part of it all (then I Went for a Wander around Floriade, and Walked to a resteraunt Where I met up with DH, Who drove there, and W had a Wonderful meal).

When I Watched the ad I couldn't see any close up shots of myself (those must have ended up "on the cutting room floor ;-) but there are at least a couple of shots of lots of people pouring Water that I know I would have been in ... I think I can see someone that looks like it might be me in at least one of those ... that is if I remember correctly What I Was Wearing that day ... LOL

btw, there is one other Weird thing about that TV ad - there was/is also a bit of controversy about it - seems that some other group is upset because this lot stole their idea of using blue buckets -
- I don't see What the problem is myself - they are both after the same thing - trying to get people to save Water - seems some people Will argue about anything - LOL

W is also for Weird ... if you want an example of something Weird - just read any one (or more) of my blog posts! LOL
(or even just this one - I think it definitely qualifies as Weird!)

A While ago, I think I Was thinking of posting something about Wool for W ... probably the thing I Was talking about maybe posting for R, but didn't ... and Was then going to post for S becuase I could have also done that, but then I got busy and decided to do S and T together instead ... I kind of Want the Wooly one to have a post all of its own, and I don't think I have ever got around to taking any good photos of it eiher, so that one might have to Wait until We get up to another letter I can use it for (possibly C, for crochet/colour, ... but most likely D for dying, because that Would Work better, and I have other crochet stuff I can, and Want to, post about for C - lol)

Of course I also Want to say W is for Wishing you all a Wonderful Whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year - Merry Christmas/happy holiday/Hanukah/etc or Whatever, ... and a happy New Year if I am not in here again before then to say that - lol

er ... yes I was here again before Christmas - but I posted a short Season's Greetings one on Christmas Day and WAS planning to finish and post this one the day after ... but I kind of didn't get around to that until now ... oops ... as usual - lol

hmmm - I Wonder Why I didn't just post this at the time that I Wrote most of it? ... probably because I Was called away from the computer in the middle of it and never got around to coming back (blogger has this really handy thing where it automatically saves stuff as one is Working on it ;-) ... then I didn't get around to logging in and editing it because I was thinking I probably needed to add some photos ... hmmm ... but What photos Was I going to add? ... probably the one I posted on Christmas Day actually - the "Christmas Card" one that I had not actually created yet - lol - yes that Would be it ... LOL

hmmm ... methinks I might just not bother With adding any photos to this post - seeing I missed being able to add my link to the ABC Wednesday Mcklinky thingumybob anyway ... maybe I should just date this post as being yesterday - seeing that is only about 2 1/4 hours ago ... and then start working on my X post ... then again ... my X post can probably Wait a little While (as long as it isn't a Week late like this one is!) - because I kind of Want to Walk the dog before I go to sleep ... yes I know it is nearly half past 2 in the morning - the dog Won't care What time it is! ... and I have been sitting down for the last hour or 2 in here, and an hour or so before that in front of the TV with DH (and I have been inside most of the day sorting out some junk that got put in a pile in the lounge room "just for now" and stayed there for Way too long) - so I feel like I need a bit of fresh air (it is summer here and not cold outside tonight) and excercise - half an hour Walking the dog before I go to bed is probably healthier than going to bed and then lying awake for an extra half an hour (or more) While feeling Wide awake and Wondering if I should have Walked the dog before I came to bed - LOL

yes ... this post is definitely Weird, as usual ...

well - it could have been Worse - I could have posted all about Wee, or Weevils or Weeds or Wiggly bits of anatomy or Whatever that you Weally don't Want to know about ...

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