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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Parhelia ... and other Peculiar Photos.

well ... I said that last Photo from my Previous Post might kind of lead to this one ... and if I actually Publish this in time for it to be my P Post for ABC Wednesday - then it Probably will - LOL

the last photo was a Peculiar looking sunset ... with a link to a page on this website - ... I originally found that website when I went searching for some other weird thing on there, which I read about on some blog (no I can't remember what one - I look at rather too many, and once I got lost looking up the thing I saw mentioned I probably never went back to the one I had been reading at the time) ... anyway ... I ended up looking around on that site, and noticed something about Parhelia - otherwise know as "sundogs" ... which I think I had seen mentioned in some book I read once ... and had never known what they were (I do now ;-)   
The odd thing was - not long after I read that info about them - I actually saw some! (I don't recall seeing them before that ... and I am sure it is the sort of thing I would have noticed/remembered even if I had not known what they were - in fact I would probably have been more likely to remember seeing something like that if I didn't know what it was).
so ... it strikes me as a bit Peculiar (or maybe it is just Me who is Peculiar?) that I have seen them several times since ... and also a few other odd things that are on that website (although I do remember seeing some of those in the past, before I knew what caused them).
Anyway ... this is probably all a bit boring ... time for some Photos?

actually - it is time to save this Post for later, seeing it is not quite time to Publish it yet anyway, and go do some more imPortant things ...

but first ... while I am in the right folder of Photos - here is a Photo I took just before the last Photo on the Previous Post:

yes - there were sundogs (Parhelia) that time too ... well Possibly only one Parhelion (they often come in Pairs, one each side of the sun, but only if there are hexagonal ice crystals on both sides of the sun for the light to be reflected in) ... a very faint one, but it was there ... for a few minutes ... then the Parhelia faded and the upper tangent arc appeared.
(the sundog is the rainbow coloured patch, level with the sun on the edge of the dark ring around the sun, a bit below and to the left of the middle of the photo ... it is only a very faint one so you will probably have to click through to the full size Photo to see it)

Ok ... Off to do that Other stuff now ...


... but when I added a bit of the stuff below (a link and a photo or 3) it was only a little while later ... although I have added most of it now - a few days later ...
I kind of kept Playing around - stuck a photo here, and used it for my blog background ... but it was the wrong size so I stuck another one here and used that ... and it was also the wrong size ... (I just deleted those ... they were almost the same as the next one, but with a grotty grey background instead of the Pretty green and grey)

I also ended up Pasting the Photobucket URL/etc (below) into this Post: (used to be bg b4 I put the above there

... and I didn't even put another ) at the end - lol
(and "bg" is my abbreviation for background ... I knew what I meant ... I tend to use a lot of those sort of abreviations if I am writing/typing notes to/for myself ... and if I am writing/typing stuff for others to read I have to remember NOT to use them - lol)

Peculiar? - yes, Perhaps - but it was a good Place to Put the link in case the 3rd Photo did not work either and I wanted to Put the link back in the thingy so that it could still be the background.

But I did a bit more fiddling, and re-sizing of the Photo, and came up with this:

... which, as you can see (well - until such time as I change it again ;-) is now the background image on this blog.

ok ... this is Probably all getting a bit too Peculiar ... so Perhaps I should get back to the Point of this Post and Put a few more Photos of Parhelia or something in here and then Post this ... ?

Problem is ... where did I Put the Photos of Parhelia ... it would help if I knew what dates I had actually taken Photos of them! LOL

oh well - I will Peruse a few folders and see what I can find:

er ... Piles of Photos! ... and I only looked in 2 folders of Photos (which is about half of October - I take LOTs of Photos ;-)

Anyway ...

here is a Pretty Pink Peony:
 That was at a meeting I was at - and my tea cup (beside it) has a Pink Pig on it (but you can only see Part of it - the Posterior Part - ie its rear end!). That reminds me - a Person wants me to e-mail her this Photo (and/or the other one - I took a couple) ... I don't Put Personal details about People on my blog (unless they want me to ;-) but it just struck me as a bit of a Peculiar coincidence that her first name and surname both start with P ... and, so I had her e-addy to send it to - she gave me her Pretty Purple buisness card!

ok ... I had better Pick up the pace here, if I want to get through Prattling on about the Pile of Photos I have just uploaded, and actually Post this ... lol

Some Pine trees...
 with wallaby/kangaroo Poo in the foreground ;-)

another Photo of the Pine trees - looking quite Pretty in the light
 those 2 Photos, and the next 2, were taken on my morning walk on the Sunday of the quilt retreat.

... the Pine trees/etc looked quite Pretty in the early morning light:
 ... not so sure about this Puff ball in a Pile of Poo (rabbit Poo I think)

a Pretty Pink grevillia flower somewhere near home

and our Peculiar "Puppy" dog:
 what IS he eating?

- yes - soggy wet dirt!
 I guess it tasted Particulary interesting ...

A Power Pole ... but that is not the reason I uploaded this Photo

the clouds have rainbow colours in them!
 there is stuff about this sort of thing on that website I mentioned - the one with the info about Parhelia ...

... and talking about Parhelia (sundogs) - yes - I saw, and Photographed, a parhelion (sundog) that day too!
 it is only a very faint one - on the left hand side of the photo (level with the sun) ... the sundog did not last as long as the rainbow colours in the clouds did.

this photo technically is't a P one at all ... but it does have a Purpose - I found it in the same folder and decided to Put it here while I was thinking about it/knew where it was.
 it is a photo of a wattle tree in flower, and the Purpose of Putting it here is because it shows what I used for my inspiration was for some fabric Postcards that I made for a Spring Postcard swap on an art quilt e-mail list. I can't seem to find a photo of the Postcards either ... maybe I forgot to take one before I Posted them? ... I do still have the spare ones I made, so I can take a Photo of those I guess)

Here are some Pretty Pink flowers at the base of our "street tree" (the one that "they" planted on out nature strip)
I think they are actually sprouting from the rootstock, below the graft - lots of ornamental/etc trees are actually grafted onto stronger (but less pretty) rootstock so that they have nice strong roots/etc to grow a better tree on top .. or something like that ... lol

here is a close up veiw of them:

More Peculiar clouds, with colours in them:

if one was to Paint a sky like this in a Picture - People would think it was a bit Peculiar!

in fact they might wonder what Planet the artist was on ...
 ... or what kind of Pills they had been taking!

 er ... no wonder I have a Pile of Photos on here ...

Pretty Purple Plants (lavender) with a bee ...

and this is where I should be - in bed!
 yes - this was after a bath (which he needed after I took him for a walk and let him have a swim ... and I let him swim in the Pond because he kind of needed a bath anyway). Note that he has his head on MY Pillow!

no - we not quite at the end of the Photos yet - LOL

Here are some Pink flowers that I have in the garden
 and if you Put your mouse Pointer on the Photo and click to get the full size Picture - you will notice there is lots of Pollen on them.

ok - we have had some dog Photos - here is our Peculiar cat:
 sound asleep in a box (with Polyester quilt batting in it) that is only just on the coffee table! (I decided to be a nice Person and Pushed the box a bit further onto the table after I took the Photo - Poor thing would have been a bit Peeved if she had rolled over and the box fallen off with her still IN it ;-)

and ... this seems like a good Picture to finish with - a Pink sunset:
yes - that is the tower at the top of Black Mountain (where I took that huge Pile of wildflower Photos) ... but this Photo was taken from some Place down the bottom of the hill ... where I had just been and watched a rather Peculiar Performance ... (I am not sure how long this link will still work for - but it was this is what I had just been to see ... or if that link it dead this one might work ... the Person did say there was a blog with stuff on it but a search didn't find anything except one blog that had nothing on it yet and more was "coming soon" ... rather a long time ago).

Perhaps I had better Post this?

oh Poop! - it is way Past "stupid o'clock" and I am still up ... should be going to bed ... and I have just noticed I am getting hungry ... lol

I wonder what else I WAS going to Prattle on about in this letter P Post?

Perhaps I will never know ...

if you hear a "Plop" or "Plonk" sound shortly - it will be me "yawning my head off" ...

.... goodnight.

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