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Friday, December 31, 2010

X marks the spot ...

... where ABC Wednesday has moved to - LOL

now ... eXactly what should I post about for X ?

maybe the fact that I am usually eXtremely late with my ABC Wednesday posts? (my V/W one, which isn't about a "VW", is still sitting as a half written draft ... might just re-cycle that into a normal post ... or I can probably think of an eXcuse to make it fit another letter ;-)

surely there must be a few words that actually START with an X?

[Andrea googles "X"]

hmmmm ... I think I did that one other time around - lol - if you want to know what comes up then I guess you can go google it yourself ... and get to see what odd thing they have instead of their logo (or if they just have "google" there) ... today it is something with Roman numerals in it ... one of which is X  - lol

X is usually used as a variable in algebra/other maths stuff ... but if you want to see how eXciting maths can be - there are other ways to approach it than just crunching numbers ... I recently "lost" an hour or 2 here at this interesting website - LOL (I also lost a few hours at a few other websites too, including B#$%^%&^ Facebook - lol )

talking about X being an unknown ... I actually DO know this bloke - (I might see him tonight actually - seeing I will be at the friend's place where I know him from, and he might turn up for a visit ... or he might not - one never knows with him) - ... and he gave me a copy of his CD a while back ... and what I heard when I hit the play button (which is what comes up first when you hit play on the page that this link goes to) was not quite what I was eXpecting ... (I wasn't expecting that me - a middle aged mum - would nescessarily  like the stuff on a CD that, from the stuff on the cover, looks like it belongs to one of my teenage kids - but it is quite different - and I like it! LOL)

hmmm ... I won't post any X rated things, but I could bore you all and rave on and on about X chromasomes and X - rays and stuff ... or I could actually POST this before it is too late to add it to the linky thingy ;-)

but I might chuck a photo in here first ... because I can ... lol

If you abbreviate Christmas to Xmas it starts with an x ... and I just dug around and found a photo that was one of many I took with the vauge weird idea of making them into Xmas cards to e-mail/blog/etc ... so I am just firing up GIMP (an eXtremely useful program ... not sure why anyone pays for those other image editing programs when one can download this one for free!!!) ... so I can "draw" a star on it so you can "borrow" it and have a Xmas card for next year (or an eXtremely late one for this year ;-)

Anyway ... maybe I should have made a New Year photo/card instead? LOL

Ok ... I did ... LOL

If the above image isn't doing anything and doesn't have any "fireworks" - you will have to click on it (for some odd reason, and it might only be in the preview I can see before I post this and be ok once this is posted, it works when you just go to the direct link for the image, but not in the actual post)

and now ... I should stop messing around trying to teach myself to do transparent animated .gif images in GIMP (I learnt lots - like not to use white words when you are putting a picture with a transparent background in a place where, anywhere but this actual post, it will end up being displayed on a white page! lol) 
... and I should go do something useful ... like get ready and wander over to where I have been invited to celebrate the New Year - LOL

oh ... one other thing ... I can't do a post about X marking the spot without mentioning going fishing in the boat with Dad - where, if we actually caught any fish, he would always joke about putting an x on the side of the boat so we knew where to come back to next time ...

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  1. here's to the great unknown of 2011

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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