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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Have A Nice Nifty New Camera

... Not that I Needed it ... well ... I probably do, or would soon - the other one is getting older, and was Not going to last forever - although it is still working fine for Now, except that the shutter button was getting a bit temperamental sometimes ... which is Not what one Needs ...

[Note: there are some (hopefully) Nice photos in this post ... so if you don't want to read all this stuff I am Nattering on about just scroll down Nearer to the bottom]

Isn't it Neat how DH just happened to have gone to the shop and bought it just in time for me to be able to use it for my letter N post for ABC Wednesday? LOL
(It was ordered ages ago, after DH found out it online and went and asked the shop if they had one to look at - they didn't so they said they would get one or 2 in and contact us when it arrived, a few weeks passed and he went in and asked and the order had been cancelled by person(s) unknown - so they ordered it again ... aparently it arrived a while back but stupid shop forgot to tell us it was here! I thought we were going to look at it before buying, but I was away for the weekend, and he liked it so he bought it - after that stuffing around I asked why he didn't go and buy it elsewhere, but it turns out that was the only shop where one can buy that particular camera ... although he might have been able to find one online - I found them here - Pentax Optio WG-1 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and 5xOptical Zoom - Gray ... that particular listing says they don't ship them outside the USA ... not much use to me here, but fine if you are there, and I am sure there would have been a listing where they do ship to Australia, but I just decided to stop looking and just link to this one because it has all the info about it and I did have fun reading the reviews (both good and bad) that people had written about the camera on this particular listing ;-)

What I do Need (for this blog post) is some Nice photos ... which I will first Need to take ...

(I am starting this Now, while I am here doing my Late M post, just in the Nick of time ;-)

? (well ... you Never know - I might get half organised ... or I might not ... reminds me of something someone posted on FB:

10 Reasons why I procrastinate.



(when I have taken photos, but not put them on computer yet)

Now that I have a Nice New camera - I have to work out how to USE the darn thing! ... one almost needs a pilots licence to "fly" the old camera ... for this one I think i need certification to fly a Jet plane as well!
... and I still have not got the hang of how to do all the stuff I can do on my Nearly New mobile phone!
(I got that about 3 months ago - DH took me shopping to "have a look at what sort of phone I might want later/when my old one dies ... I had some cold/flu bug, but figured I may as well go out and do stuff rather than stay home feeling miserable ... so maybe that is why I ended up coming home with the fancy new phone, and a phone plan with calls and data and stuff, that HE likes - LOL  
Mind you - it IS a nice phone - it has a better camera than our first digital camera was, also takes HD movies, lets me do stuff like google/etc if I need to, lets me do Facebook and Twitter for free (it is free if I use the "Tribe" app, but that only does the basic stuff ... but that does include posting photos to FB ;-) and i can dowload Android apps ... oh - and it also does text messages and phone calls - lol

Anyway ... I have been having a bit of a fiddle ... including some silly stuff involving 2 cameras and a phone ... now I just have to put the phone photos and the new camera photos onto the computer ... I did the other ones last night ... well ... early hours of this morning actually ("this morning" being the morning before I wrote this bit of the blog post ... which I will not be finishing and posting tonight because I kind of need some sleep ... I was going to have an early night ... and I was also going to walk the dog ... and, seeing it is after 11pm, I am not sure there is enough of this evening left to do either, let alone both!

... so I will put the photos in here later ... and rather than trying to make everything line up/etc I might do what I did for my last post - and put whatever I want to say about the photos in as captions (pity the captions don't show up in that new thingy - having the caption on the bottom of each photo... or at least the first line or 2 if it was a long one ... could be a good thing .. )

b4 I go - for Now I do have one or 2 pictures already on the computer that I can/want to include in here - so I decided to stick one here Now, and do what I have Normally been doing in my blog posts and Not do a caption using the thingy for it in the post editor thingy.

This photo was taken with the Now Not so New camera - which actually can take quite Nice pictures ... as long as they are not messed up by the Nut on the back of the camera ... who tends to choose really weird subject matter, and/or do silly things like change settings and forget to change them back and take scenery shots with the camera in macro mode or something stupid like that ;-)

hmmm ... I don't think I ever got around to taking a photo of the iPad ... or did I? [goes and looks at blog posts for about July sometime] no ... the photo I was thinking about was one I took WITH the iPad (a photo of DH's laptop and a whole pile of cords and chargers and phones and stuff in a hotel room in Tasmania) ... the iPad is another New thing we got this year - LOL
... I think I have just realised one reason why the computer is full of folders of photos (and once I put a whole pile more on here, from my phone and the iPad, it will be even worse!) - the iPad takes photos - it has 2 cameras in it - one on the back for taking photos of stuff, and one on the front for taking photos/video for chat/Facebook/etc. My phone takes photos/movies - actually my phone has 2 cameras too (same idea as iPad- front and back ones) ... and there is my old phone (which had one camera, but wasn't a very good one - but better than no camera so it did get used to take a few photos/movies the few times I had the phone but had forgotten the camera ... which only really happened if I had been putting photos on the computer and left it in here by mistake) I am not sure I even know how many cameras/things with cameras in them we have in the house - there is also DH's laptop and iphone, and his digital SLR camera (bought second hand from eBay several years ago) ... and one or both of the 2 almost dead old laptops might have cameras (but I can't be stuffed looking) and if DD's laptop is not off somewhere with her - there is another camera ... this computer doesn't have a camera, nor do the other old desktop computers we have hanging around
btw, we still have the original digital camera we bought about 10 years ago (still works but is a bit dodgy) ... but I don't still have the second digital camera we got (the not quite an SLR but almost as fancy one that I took overseas and used for scenic pictures because it had wide angle - the one I have been using also went with me, and when it wasn't in (almost constant) use it usually lived in my pocket ;-)

yikes ... I am getting confused just trying to count all those things - let alone remembering/learning how to USE them all!!!

Btw ... you may have Noticed that Blogger seems to have something New too - the "Lightbox" thingy to look at the photos in blog posts (unless the person blogging has gone in to their settings and said no to it) which means if you click on any one of my photos you see that, and thumbnails of all the others below it, so you can look at them all in the same place. The only thing I wasn't sure I liked is that they don't show up as the original size of the image, like they used to when they just came up as a .jpg on a page - but I decided to try something and found a way to look at them that old way if you want a really close look at something in my photo - rather than doing a normal left click on the photo - do a right click and then click on "open in new tab" - and it comes up as just the photo (like it used to for a left click)

[even later]

I reall Need to put those photos in and post this - so that all 5 of you who read this will actually have some photos to look at using Bloggers New thingy ;-)

the new camera (taken with older one ;-)

leaves - on plant next to my desk at work - taken with phone

more leaves, also taken with phone - works quite well actually ...

I uploaded this one by mistake (was in wrong folder and didn't notice) but will leave it here - was a photo (of what I spent my $100 quilt shop voucher on ;-)  that I took with my phone, so I could post it to Facebook using my phone rather than waiting until I get around to putting photos onto the computer - one of at least a few reasons why having a camera phone is handy ;-)

those leaves near my desk at work - taken with new camera (at the same time as I took the phone photos)

another photo of the leaves at work (with new camera)

a bee ... and me discovering one problem with the super duper macro settings on the camera - not much use if one can't get your subject to stay still, or get close enough to it without if flying away - most bees tend to fly away from something coming as close as 1cm away from them!

a bee bum ;-)

and ... still messing around with new camera - the dog and cat just happened to stand in the right spot ... or is that the wrong spot - seeing the dog has a car wheel on his head - LOL (I tend to take the photo first, then try and frame a better shot if the subject is still where it was/needs to be ... which in most cases it isn't, where dogs and/or cats are involved ...

testing out the macro lights on a spider at night - has several LEDs around the lens so I don't get the weird shadows I got with the other camera ;-)

my trusty not so new camera ... and the crochet "sock" I made for it after someone borrowed the case ... I only really used the case, or the sock, to keep it in when in my bag ... but most of the time I am out and about the camera lives in my pocket, ready to whip it out and take a photo ;-)

taking the dog for a walk, while fiddling with the new camera ... I think I was also fiddling with the phone too - posting weird stuff to twitter actually ;-)

silly photo time? - using new camera to take a photo of using phone to take a photo of old camera ... except I didn't bother to actually take the photo with the phone, because I had just taken a photo of the old camera with the new one ;-)

I knew I made that crochet "pencil case" for something ... not that good for pencils (they wou.ld poke out) or my crocheting (the hooks would poke out, and probably totally escape) ... but just the perfect size for all the cords and charger and stuff that came with the new camera (and still has enough room for the spare battery DH has ordered online ;-)

the stuff laid out on the desk for the previous photo - I decided to take one of the mess/stuff I had ready for uploading photos etc ... there are memory cards from the old camera in the little fabric thingy I sewed to keep them in, and the phone cord and phone (and a few other weird things, like a bit of old telephone cable that I grabbed and tied some knots in when I found a "how to" video about those knots on Youtube ;-) ... and a few other odd things all over the desk, including the other keyboard for the other computer that is connected to this monitor, and a nifty little photo printer that we got for free a couple years ago (I don't actually use it, but I might one day - could come in handy if I am travelling and want to make a print to give to someone I meet or something ... if I get to travel again and IF I remember to take the thing - LOL)

OK ... that is probably more than enough photos, and probably more stuff in the captions than anyone wanted to know - LOL

... time I went and did something useful ... the stuff I was going to do a couple hours ago but this took longer than planned (B$%^%$& windows or something - found all the  photos and got them half uploaded and the browser crashed and I had to start again ...grrrr) ... I have some weeding to do in the garden, and a lawn to mow ... a lawn that looks more like a jungle than a lawn, because it has got rather long - the dog almost gets lost in there and the cat probably does!

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