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Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Purple Mountain's Majesty"? - Looks Like Lavender To Me

I guess there is more to making something look majestic than just telling the browser to display it in a particular hexadecimal colour code - LOL
Ok - so what am I waffling on about this time?! - I found a link to Project 64 on someone else's ABC Wednesday post, and that looked fun too, so I posted something for that a week or 2 ago, then forgot about it until I went looking at my blog to see what photos I posted recently so I would not post the same ones again for my ABC Wednesday letter "R" post (which I was doing, but the photo uploading seems to have decided to work for a while then have a really big go slow) so I decided to see what colour Project 64 was after for this week, and noticed that if I get in quick enough (and the photo uploading actually works) I can post a photo or 3 of my Lavender bush for "Purple Mountains Majesty" which is this colour of Crayola crayon, #9D81BA, according to the colour lovers website ... (yes - working our way through the colours of Crayola's box of 64 crayons sounds like a weird idea for a meme - but I think it is a good one - LOL)
I also think it is a bit pale to keep typing in that colour (if it is too pale against my background colour and you can't read that bit - highlight it with the mouse and you should be able to read what it says - lol)

Actually ... when I went hunting in my photos, I found a whole pile of purple ones that are the right colour - but I posted most of them in my ABC Wendesday letter "P" post - here ;-)

These 2 were not in there though:

Diesel the dog next to the rather bushy lavender bush ... which I am sure I have a better photo of - have taken lots of close ups with bees and stuff, and I am sure I was looking at one I took of a butterfly on a flower, that is the right colour for this, just today ... but do you think I can find it now?!

I must like laveder bush colours - lavender/purple and grayish green - becuase I seen to und up using those colours in all sorts of odd things - including this experimenting with acrylic pains and hair gel that we did at the art quilt group I am part of (which I intend to post about on that blog sometime in the next week or 2)

Ok ... found the one I was looking for ;-)

a cabbage white butterfly on my lavender plant

and a photo of the whole plant, taken just after the butterfly one.
 But ... somehow I think this one I posted in that other blog post is the one I want to submit to the linky thingy for Project 64 ... who else is going to have a photo of a sky this colour?! ;-)
A rather weird coloured sky - and yes it really did look that colour - that is why I took the photo!!!


  1. such a lot of that beautiful color! I've seen clouds looking like that in Indiana skies, but not that color. love it!

  2. Love your picture AND your post, looks like lavender to me too...almost exactly like the lavender crayon! Either way, you hit it spot on.


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