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Monday, May 04, 2015

Perhaps I Should Post Something?

I am Particularly Pleased with this Panorama :)

... and when I thought that to myself, I thought "I wonder what letter Wednesday ABC ( ) is up to? Perhaps I could Post this there? - if, Perchance, they are up to the letter P soon" so I looked, and what do you know?! - that is the current letter - seems I almost missed it, but looks like it will still let me Post, rather than waiting until next round - lol
(It has been a Preposterously long time since I have Posted to by blog ... I seem to be too busy doing stuff to get around to blogging about it :)

Hmmm ... was hoping the Blogger app had improved ... seems not a lot ... Sigh ... is still flakey, and still won't let me do stuff like make bits of text into hyperlinks (if the Blogger app worked better, I would Possibly blog more often :) oh well ... I wonder if it will actually Publish this Post for me? lol

btw - the Photo was taken on my iPhone, Paddling around in my kayak on a Particularly Pleasant evening (yesterday)

Edit: logged in on a work computer to do something, decided to check what this post looked like while I was here ... added the hyperlink the app wouldn't do for me, noticed the Panorama Photo doesn't fit on the Page ... at least not on my screen - so you will Probably need to click on the image to see the whole thing ;)
I also edited my Profile - a couple things in there were a bit out of date ... funny that ... lol


  1. Perfect! Thanks for participating!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  2. Wow. You show up so unexpectedly!


  3. Wow. You show up so unexpectedly!


  4. LOL ... been meaning to post something (and hopefully keep posting things) for ages ... but always seem to be busy with other things, or not on wifi/etc. ... I was thinking about all the Ps in Perfect Panorama Photo (my brain automatically does that with letters - Probably why I find things like Wednesday ABC to be so much fun :) and I realised I had a spare few minutes, the boss wasn't looking - why not check what letter it was up to - and when I saw that it was P, but Probably nearly too late to add a link later - I figured I might see if I could Pop up a Post right there and then (I work late/during lunch time for more than any time I do non work stuff in work time)
    My life is still a bit disorganised, but I will try and Post here a bit more often ...


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