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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Yuck! ... i found a blog entry that defies description ;-)

The things I find when I am riffling around on people's blogs ... Touchwood: What Movie am I in?
... I am not sure what to actually say about that blog entry - LOL ... or the comment someone posted - and no - it was NOT me, even though she seems to have the same first name (I would not have posted as "anonymous" ... I would have logged in and posted as aykayem )
btw ... I actually found this blog by following a link from someone else's blog ... but I actually know both the person whose blog I followed the link from, and one of the members of the band whose blog this is (but not the one who posted about the pink vomit ), from a Quilting yahoogroup ...

Now I suppose I should go and find the thing I was going to post yesterday (i didn't get around to it then ) ... and post it now ... if I don't get side-tracked again first ... LOL

actually I got side-tracked before I sent this off ...
... and I should be asleep
and the B#$^%^& washing still needs hanging up
(and it won't hang itself up ... grrrrrr)

the thing I was going to put here yesterday will probably end up being tomorrow ... or later ... LOL


(maybe ;-)

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