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Friday, February 09, 2007


... into the sunset?

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..... ?

Sunset - yes, Flying - no
( ... I wish )

When I make the photo lighter you can see how high I wasn't:
... I was actually half way up a ladder beside the house - which is where I take a lot of my sunset photos from - I have to stand on something (in this case a ladder ;-) to be able to see any of the hills that the sun sets behind, over the horribly huge roof behind us ...

By the way ... hopefully you didn't even notice the change, but my blog has now moved/updated/whatever u call it to the new blogger ... I could have done it ages ago but I never bothered ... but now I kind of had to - I had been ignoring the link to change over, and signing in to the "old blogger" ... but when I went to sign in today there was an extra few words on that link ... that said "you can only do this once" ... so if I didn't do it this time, I would have had to do it next time I logged in anyway ...

Funny ... this bit I am using now (the page where we edit and create blog posts) looks just like the old one did ... LOL

... except it now has my gmail e-addy up the top instead of my blogger username ... but my blogger username was the same as my gmail one anyway ;-)

and ... the only thing I was worried about not working worked even better than I thought - I actually already had another blogger blog that I had created using my gmail sign in (so I could have a sticky beak at how the "new blogger" worked before I moved this blog and the other 2 I had on blogger before google owned it) and it didn't get confused and/or mess up or anything ... and it now lists that one along with the other 3 ... it is so nice to have things actually work like they should do.

Anyway ... I had better do the other thing that I came in and sat at the computer to do - I have some photos to put up somewhere.

- sorry ... unless you are a scquilter who is on my canberrascquilters yahoogroup you won't get to see them. (nor would you be that likely to be interested - they are just a few photos of a group of us who went to lunch together, to celebrate a member's birthday)

... and if you don't know what a "scquilter" is, then you are not one ... but if you are an Aussie or a Kiwi (or used to live there/were born there/etc) who is interested in being a member of a large quilty yahoogroup you can go to and join ...

I will try and post some more stuff here later tonight, or sometime this weekend - I have been doing some more stitching, and I have some other stuff to put here - stuff that I was too busy to put here during the week (I can't stay up until "stupid o'clock" posting to my blog every night now that my holidays are over and I am back at work ... sigh)

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  1. Oh, wow!! Great shots! I'm getting motion sickness looking at them (I don't fly well).


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