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Saturday, February 03, 2007

More stitches ...

Last week's "Take A Stitch Tuesday" stitch was Cretan Stitch and this week was Chevron Stitch ... I have been doing the stitches, but I have been busy posting about bugs and stuff instead of posting pictures of the stitching ;-)

< ... we interrupt this transmission for a slight side-track:>

hmmm ...

so much for an early night ... I just went and put some photos onto the other computer before deleting them off the memory card ... and I heard a loud bang and the sound of sirens, and dogs barking, outside and then another loud bang ... so I went out the front to see what was going on and it turns out there was a house burning (and several fire engines putting the fire out) over in a nearby street! (I hope there was nobody inside and/or they are ok, ... and insured - the houses in that area are all only about 2 or 3 years old ... it looks like it started in the garage but with huge flames like there were, the whole house is probably burnt/smoke damaged inside) ... after seeing that there is no way I will go to sleep for another hour or so ...

< "We now return you to normal transmission" >

Anyway ... where was I?

oh ... nowhere much yet ... tried to upload too many photos at once and left the room after I hit the upload button ... came back to find that they didn't work ... I might just stick to doing them one at a time ... (that seems to work better with big photos - which most of these are - if you click on them in here you should get to see the full sized versions of them, provided thay come up as clickable links like they usually do :-)

I did some more fiddling on that white bit of felt:

I finished the blanket stitch worm, and the yellow detached chain "forget me not" flower now has some black on it (so it doesn't really look like a "forget me not" any more) and I also did a yellow spider that is sort of based on detached chain stitch. I also added a yellow "lazy daisy" middle to the circle of detatched chain between the fish and the snake's head. Then (I think it was after I did the Cretan stitch on the purple felt in the next photo) I got carried away and did some Cretan stitch on the side of the odd bit of herringbone on the bottom right corner.

I did a little bit of herringbone stitch and a bit of detached chain (and some blanket and feather stitch/etc) on a bit of purple felt, then I did a whole pile of Cretan stitch (with the odd bit of detached chain/etc to decorate it) on there as well:

I think that the Cretan stitch makes better chicken wire than herringbone does! ... especially if I work it so the rows overlap and twist around each other like chicken wire does. Herringbone stitch makes good "Cyclone fence" wire though (I think Cyclone is actually a brand name for that sort of wire fencing - it is the stuff they often use around building sites/etc ... and I have seen it on fences around schools too - it is wire looped together but it is thicker wire and not twisted like chicken wire is ... still not with me? - think of that wire fence stuff that the "baddies" end up climbing over to escape in those TV shows/movies where the police chase someone on foot and loose them ;-)

Then I realised that Cretan stitch might also make a good fish, so I did one of those, and also "fiddled" a bit more with Cretan Stitch, on this bit of black felt:

Someone, who saw it at a quilt meeting last night, said it looked like a dragon (it must be those weird bits that look a bit like chicken legs in the middle at the bottom that do it ;-)

Then, once I had taken a photo of the purple felt, I added this fancy yarn to the weird round Cretan stitch thingy ... that was something that started small and then kind of grew until it was touching the curly thing beside it ... so now they kind of look like a sperm fertilizing an egg!

I am not sure if I like the fuzzy stuff on there or not ... but my original idea for the purple felt was to use the yellow thread for my stitches and this fuzzy thread and a few other things that looked good with it as well and make an interesting bit of "arty farty" felt ... I might add some more stuff to it later, if Sharon gives us any more stitches that I think would look good on/with it.

This one did:

I think this was my first fiddle with chevron stitch ... I did 2 rows mirror imaged and then added some lazy daisy and knots and stuff. It sort of looks like a drawing of a space ship (maybe it is "Yellow Dwarf" - sister ship to "Red Dwarf" LOL)

Then I decided to try some chevron stitch in a sort of square pattern and - in keeping with the space theme? - I ended up with a Borg cube! (maybe it is assimilating the yellow space ship at the top?)

I actually added more to this after I took that photo ... but I might put a photo of that here in my next post about "Take A Stitch Tuesday" stuff, because I have not taken another photo yet ... LOL


  1. I love those spiky, microscopic, creature like samples. The first one is just fabulous. The yellow on black one looks like strange deep sea fish! Will anticipate your next post!

  2. What a clever load of creatures! They are really original.


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