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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Couch Potato?

This is another post that I started writing, and then left it sitting as draft because I had not yet taken the photos for it ...
(I stopped writing it when I realised I still needed to take a photo, so I am writing the second half, the bit I am writing today, in yellow to match this bit ... "baby poo yellow" I call it ... think "mustard" is the name most people would use ;-)

All this sitting and stitching I am doing, for the TAST challenge thingy, lately - I think I probably do spend too long on the couch (which, btw, I call a LOUNGE ... because that is what we call it here in Australia).

The TAST stitch for week 12 is ... couching ... which isn't named after a couch/lounge/settee/whatever else you call it, even though it does involve LAYING a thread over the work and sewing it down.

I probably do spend too much time sitting on the lounge and stitching (or crocheting/etc) ... but that is not really what I came in here to post about - so ... back to the real subject - I also couch threads/etc quite a lot too.

... in fact - on Monday [some Monday about 6 weeks ago] I was sitting at a friend's place doing this:

That coloured stuff is some fancy yarn my friend had given me on another visit - she crochets and gives me her "endy bits" to use in my weird creations.
This particular bit was actually one strand of some odd yarn that had a strand of fuzzy stuff and this one both twisted around each other, and the strand I used was actually made from 2 strands - a strand of plain black twisted around the coloured bit - so I pulled the black bit to bunch up the coloured stuff to make a coloured chenille like wormy looking thing and couched it down onto the black felt hexagon that I had found lying around in my sewing stuff.

Then, the next day when I looked to see what that week's TAST stitch was - I discovered that the stitch for week 12 was couching! LOL
so - I added some more couching around the edge -
the yellow yarn is sewn on with black thread where it overlaps and on the outside loops, and yellow thread on the inside ones. I added the dotted yellow line and the 2 red knots because once I did the yellow around the edge the heart in the middle was off centre ... oops ...

Then I had another play with couching (even though I already use it a lot ;-) and ended up with this:

The red and the yellow thread are those ones I think I mentioned before - that came from an Asian grocery shop! ... the yellow is similar to pearle 8 crochet thread (but a cheapy version) so I needed to twist 3 strands together to make it thick enough for what I wanted to do here, and the red is a bit thicker - it already was three strands wound together but I pulled one out and used it as 2 ... the white bits were how the thread came - that was part of what caught my interest enough for me to buy it (after seeing how this, and the few other things I have used it for, turned out - methinks I might have to buy some more next time I am there ;-)

anyway ... I think I will put the photos for week 13, etc in a different post - I am sure you are sick of reading this in "baby poo yellow" ...

btw - if you think that is weird what about this - my teenage daughter has made some merangues (cooking in the oven right now) ... and she asked if she could put some food colouring in them ... guess what colour she used? - BLACK ... LOL
... merangues are made from egg WHITES, so you can guess what colour the mixture ended up ... black + white = a rather stange looking grey! (although it is going a fair bit darker as they cook)

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