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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

Hi All ... I figured I had better post something "Aussie" seeing today is Australia Day

[Andrea digs around in her photos]


I guess Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are fairly recognisable as "Aussie" ...

(probably not so recognisable in the photo though - you can probably see the bridge on the right but the opera house is kind of hiding on the horizon, in between that and the city buildings on the left)
This was a couple of weeks ago, while I was up there on the Scout camp - we had a wonderful veiw of a sunset from the Manly Ferry - lol

... now what else can I find?

(maybe something here in Canberra?)

Ah - here is one of Canberra's more prominent landmarks

but this day (sometime last year) it was sort of hiding! ... which makes a way more interesting photo than one on a normal sunny day, when it just looks like an odd shaped tower thing sticking up from the top of the hill.
It is actually visible from a lot of places in/around Canberra, and when we used to go on car trips interstate when the kids were little, they could see it in the distance, before we got back in to Canberra, and they would suddenly cheer up (from being so bored and grizzly from travelling) when they saw it because they knew we were almost home again.

now surely I must be able to find at least one photo of a kangaroo or something ...?

Ahh yes - I took a few photos of a kangaroo last Febuary - I was staying down at the coast (doing some volunteer stuff with Greening Australia actually) and I was walking back along the path from the beach (where I had been taking a pile of other photos ;-) when I spotted this 'roo beside me ...

it looks like he was trying to decide if he should cross the road ...

... but he decided to cross the path (in front of me) instead

... and he walked (they don't always hop, sometimes they kind of "walk" slowly on all fours) through the fence as if it wasn't there, hopped up the path for a bit, then stood in the paddock ... posing for my photo?

I also took some video of him ... including this one - when he decided he had finished "posing" for my photos, and walked/hopped away - straight through an electric fence! LOL

(actually the fence was probably just there to keep the cows in ... keeping 'roos in/out requires a much more serious effort of fence building!)

Ok ... is that enough Aussie stuff for now?


then I guess you will just have to go search on google or something - I have other stuff to go and do ... lol
(like hang up the B$^%&^% washing and put yet another load in the machine ... and take what is on the line off, because that lot is dry and I need room for the next 2 or 3 loads! ... DS cleaned his room - the usual result of that is about 3 or 4 loads of washing just magically "appear" in the laundry! ... sigh)

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