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Monday, January 07, 2008

Here, there and (not quite) everywhere

... I have been a bit too busy to post that TAST stuff ... and - more to the point - I have not been here to use the computer ...

What have I been busy doing?

- Flew to Adelaide!
(the 2 kids and I flew there on Christmas Day - DH stayed home/went to work)

I got to go to a beach I had not been to for 21 years
(had not been to Adelaide for 21 years either - and I was born there!)

... caught up with a few relatives

(no these are not my relatives, they are cows waiting to be milked at the dairy on my great uncle's farm)

Did the usual New Year's Eve stuff ...

visited a few more relatives,
and went to the beach a few more times

Visited even more relatives and did some touristy stuff on the way ...
saw some dam wall ;-)
(actually it is the "Whispering Wall" in the Adelaide Hills somewhere.)
It was hot in Adelaide so we went to the beach a lot

and I took a lot of weird photos

come on in - the water is nice!

trouble is - we had to fly home again ...

got home yesterday evening ... spent today unpacking, washing and packing - DD (Dear Daughter) and I are going to Sydney tomorrow - for a scout camp.
it is not very likely that I will find a computer to use up there (didn't get onto one to post stuff here or whatever while I was in Adelaide - some of my relatives have computers, but they only have dial up internet) ... the chances of there being an internet connected computer in some Scout hall that we are staying in are about zilch! ... so my post about the last several TAST stitches etc (which I have already uploaded the photos/scans for) will have to wait until I get back - it took long enough to throw these few pictures up here and write the little bit of nonsense about them ... so it will take way too long to write all the stuff I want to write about the TAST stitches. (it is now after 1am and I still have a few things to organise and a dog to take for a walk!)
btw, I still have not even started the other arty/quilty stuff - sort of did something small and silly for December's chooseday challenge (, but I did not even find out what the theme for January was until today ... have not done a January journal quilt or anything for the Take it Further challenge (only just saw the theme for that today too) ... and I have 2 other small quilts to finish by the end of January too ... looks like I will be busy for a few days when I get back! ... just realised i also have to "un-decorate" my blog too, and there are also a few comments that I have only glanced at (will read them again later) ... nice to see someone is enjoying all this junk I post here! LOL
Anyway ... time to go do that other stuff - before I "loose" a couple more hours and it is time to get up again or something!

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