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Friday, December 26, 2008

Exhibiting Myself

I still have not blogged about the other 3 quilts I had in the Canberra Quilters Exhibition back in August ... so it is about time I did!

The quilt I did blog about was the Bookworms one that I blogged about here.

I also entered this:

Which is actually a re-arranged/added to version of the quilt that I Entered in the Tasda (now called ACTTAA) exhibition a couple years earlier - and blogged about here [note to self - add link]

... later, when I found this saved as a draft and actually posted it: er ... actually I don't think I did blog about that!

so ... I went and found a photo:

hmmm - I didn't realise how much better the new version looks! (although it was only meant to be, and look, temporary ... and the quilt show version was hung a bit better too ... and I have also decided that it is not temporary any more - I plan to leave it as it is and hang it up on a wall somewhere in the house - lol)
btw, it still has the same name as it originally did - "Exhibiting Myself"
(and it wasn't meant to sound rude ... really ... why don't you belive me? - LOL)

For the "Tiny Treasures" (miniature quilts) I entered this:

... which I actually made back in 200something - when it was the "International Year Of Rice" ... the idea for it came to me when i was wondering how on Earth one would make a quilt with that for a theme ... and the idea came to me when my mind was wandering while I was walking around the supermarket, so I just had to make it! The background fabric was a bit that I dyed at the Scquilters "Fringe Retreat" a few years ago, I drew the rice plants after spending some time "googling" pictures of rice plants, and I used stitches that look like rice grains (I think it is called seed stitch?) to quilt the bits of the quilt that didn't have the rice plants or the ripples to hold the layers together.

Yes - I sometimes have fun thinking up interesting names for my quilts/etc - lol

The other quilt I entered was another one I made a couple years ago - it was actually done as a mystery quilt on the mq yahoogroup ... this one was MQ9 which we made one day in the middle of 2003 (sewing instructions posted to the list bit by bit - every hour or 2 - during the day) ... it was probably a month or 10 later before I actually finished the quilt - lol

(probably about March 2005 - because that is when I took a photo of it finished ... it is also when I took photos of the fabric I chose/used for MQ10 - and I vaguely remeber deciding to get MQ9 finished before we started doing MQ10 - lol)

This is it hanging in the quilt show - and as you can probably tell - it is the one I need a better photo of - this one is a bit blurry (which is why I made it a small size)

I did take a few other photos of it (including those I took in March 2004) ... but they are all either just as blurry/etc

... or the quilt is underneath the dog!

[where IS that photo?!!!]

... 2 1/2 months pass by ...

(I must have had other things to do besides hunting around for a photo ... or spent too long getting distracted while looking for it ... so I had saved this blog post and then forgot about it ... I was originally doing it back at the start of OCTOBER ... and Christmas got here before I got around to posting it - LOL)

anyway ... this time it only took me a couple of minutes to actually find the photo I was thinking of!

well ... now I have at least made a start on catching up with one of the heaps of things I intended to post to my blog a lot sooner than this but still have not posted yet ... maybe I will get around to posting a few more things sometime in the near future ... or maybe not ... life is still a bit busy ... and I still have a couple of journal quilts I should have finished a week ago, and one more of them that isn't even started yet! (so of course I came in here and did this tonight, instead of going out to my sewing room and doing that - LOL)

Talking about "tonight" - it no longer is ... is is now well and truly morning (3:30am actually)
so I probably should go to bed and try not to sleep in all day tomorrow - LOL

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