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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

eek! - loonies on the road!

There are 2, soon to be 3, reasons why the roads around here have just become a more scary place to be ...

1. DD got her "learner's" licence (to drive a car) today! (she has not actually got behind the wheel yet though - she got it just before she started work so she has not had time to have a driving lesson yet).

2. Last week I did the motorcycle "pre - learners" course (we have to do the course before we get the learners permit) and then I got my motorcycle learners licence
(I have had a car licence for about 30 years)
... and today I rode this home from the shop DH and I bought it from:

mmmmm shiny new (well new to me - it is actually second hand but only a year old) bike ... and no I am not going to go and get a pile of weird piercings and some "tatts" (not that there is anything wrong with that ... except that DH, and my parents, would probably definitely freak out if I did - lol ... DD may or may not mind and DS would probably think it was weird but cool - with DD and DS - it is probably a case of "piercings/tattoos are great" - but on Mum?! - not so sure there - lol)

3. DS, who has had his drivers licence for a year now, decided that he wants his motorcycle licence - so his Christmas present was that we paid for him to do the pre - learners course (which is not cheap, but one has to do it before one can get their motorcycle learners permit here - it is a 9 hour course (1 day or 2 x 1/2 day) where, in a group, you get taught the basics of how to ride a motorcycle and how to do it safely ... and you ride their bikes so you can do the course before you buy one of your own) ... he does his course in just over a week's time - and if he passes it (most likely, unless he is stupid and doesn't do what they say or something) he can then get his motorcycle learners permit and then he will probably get to borrow my bike to practice on because at the moment he can't afford his own ... in fact I am not sure if he has the money to buy himself a helmet that fits him (the law, and common sense, says you need one), and some gloves and a bike jacket, (they don't call people who ride in shorts and t shirts "squids" for nothing - that is what they look like after they fall off - lol) and possibly some boots (unless he already has some that are ok or he fits an old pair of DH's or something) ... he had a helmet and jacket (for when he went on the back of DH's bike) but he has grown a lot taller/etc in the last couple of years and they don't fit him any more (but they do fit me ;-)

so ... at any given time in the next year - there could be one or 2 (or even 3 if DS finds a mate who lets him ride their motorbike) of us out on the road in/on vehicles with with "L" plates on ... but at least one of them (DD) will have someone sitting beside her to tell her what to do ... lol)

yikes! - both kids old enough to be driving?! - when did that happen? - I am sure they were still playing in the sandpit and learning to read and write, and needed an adult to take them across the road safely, just a couple of years ago ...

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