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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hyperbolic bloom (and btw - I am back from my trip)

... in fact I have been back for about 5 weeks - LOL
But I kind of hit the ground running ... went back to work, went to a heap of meetings, did a pile of stuff, and did a fair bit of doing nothing much in front of the TV with DH as well (but I did do some sewing and crocheting while I did that).

Basically I have been doing just about anything and everything except blogging!

Anyway ... I guess I really should mention the thing that the title of this post refers to ...

which is, sort of, this:

and this is the other side of it:

... with the hook I used to crochet it ... the "yarn" I used was actually cut up loops of plastic shopping bags.

Believe it or not, I actually paid money to take my own "yarn"/etc and sit and crochet that thing!
(but we did get to drink lots of coffe and eat a rather yummy afternoon tea ;-)

So why did I go and sit and crochet that?

- because it is now going to be part of this -

A group of us went to a workshop that was part of it - in fact I notice there is a sort of short blog post about it too - (I possibly in that top photo ... just ... I think ... although I can't see/zoom in enough to be sure if it isn't someone else who was beside me ... all you can see is a bit of the side of ?my head and shoulder in the distance behind someone else in the other group in the foreground - LOL)

I am also planning to crochet something for this -
and I have just found out about another one I might have to do something for as well -

... hmmm ... not forgetting that somewhere in there I have about 2 weeks to decide what to enter in the Canberra Quilters exhibition and submit my entry forms (including photo of finished or at least partly completed items! ... which could be a bit hard if I have not actually even started them!) ... and then I have to finish entered items in time to deliver them a week or 2 before the exhibition (in August) ... and then ... after these crochet things have happened, thank goodness - I will probably only have a few weeks to decide what to make and enter in the ACTTAA exhibition which happens at bit later in the year ...
And I also have a few other odd things to make - like a few sets of green "inchies" for a swap on a yahoogroup I am on, and a baby gift or 2 ... and who knows what else I have forgotten about right now ...

I wonder when I will find time to sort out my sewing/etc room?

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