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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Beam me up Scotty - there's no intelligent life down here"

Yes ... I am one of those weird people who like Star Trek ...

... which is probably why I end up doing strange things like this - lol

It is the result of me messing around with an already strange photo (of me with all my hair standing on end, because I had my hands on a Van de Graaff generator at the time) and noticing that when I did whatever it was I did to the photo it made me look a bit like a Klingon ... so I did a few more things to make the photo look even more like one - lol

this (below) was the original one ... doesn't look much better, does it? LOL

anyway ... where was I?

oh yes ... I was here typing a blog post actually ... lol

but, a few minutes ago (actually about 10 days ago now - I kind of copied something else to the "clipboard" before I pasted the comment in here so I had to wait until it appeard on the site, and then wait even longer until I remembered to go and look for it and copy it again and come back and finish this blog post - lol)

anyway ... doesn't really matter exactly when it was ... I was here reading this article -

and ... me being me ... I just had to leave a comment - LOL

This is what I said:

here we go again ... everyone arguing around in circles about UFOs and aliens and cover ups etc etc etc ... yes, there are a lot of fake/out of context bits of "evidence" ... and there are also a few things that are not fake/etc but nobody can explain ... yet ... - I guess we will eventually find out one way or the other then the crackpots and the devout skeptics will have to find something else to argue with each other about. hmmm ... if there are any aliens out there watching, and if said aliens are anything like us - I can just imagine the arguments as they email/twitter/whatever each other over the subspace communication network (or whatever) ... "yes they are intelligent" "no they are too primative lets hunt them for food" "maybe they are intelligent but they could be a threat to us, lets wipe them out now" "no - everything has a right to live, lets leave them alone" "but if we do that the bipeds will blow up the whole planet and all the other species will die out and/or we won't be able to use what is left" etc ... I hope that either they don't exist, or that if they do - then let's hope they are a lot more intelligent than us ... then again ... if they don't spend ages arguing about it they might just decide we are worthless vermin/too ratty/argumentative to be worth even making contact with and wipe us all out without even bothering to talk to us ... [aykayem ducks, and runs for cover]

btw ... this computer is searching for aliens too (running SETI when it isn't doing other stuff ... although some of the other stuff is actually other stuff like SETI - things like protien folding and other "projects" than one can donate computer time to ... not sure which ones are running right now - the ones we have running are whatever takes DH's fancy at the time - LOL)
... I wonder if SETI will actually find anything?
I wonder if I will actually post something a bit less weird/silly here sometime soon?

or should I post something more silly?

... hmmm ... I wonder ...?

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